You’ve got a website built, but does it promote every single service that your business offers?


Often a business doesn’t just offer one thing, a solicitor practice normally offers different types of services, such as employment law advice or family law advice.

A landscape gardener normally doesn’t just offer to lay a patio for you, often they can build wooden fences, build decking and often offer to build summerhouses as well.

So, this therefore should make you think, well, is my website correctly advertising every service that our business offers?

Or have you opted for a low-cost website, where the website designer here in Cardiff has set up a website that only has a few pages?

So, for example, do you may run a car dealership and you’ve just focused on selling used cars on your website, yet the website designer and your business may have forgot to mention that you also have an MOT station, that you can offer servicing of cars and that you can also buy used cars?

Well sometimes the website designer will not forget, and the business owner will instruct them to mention that they offer a wide range of services such as MOT testing and servicing, but often the website design company just merely mentions this is one line of text on the website, yet because we are an SEO agency as well, we would say this is not enough.

In order to promote each service that your business offers, we believe that each main service should have its own page.

So, if your digital marketing agency is designing the website in WordPress, then the website designers should set up a different page in WordPress for each service that the business offers.

Why does each main service that your business offers need to have its own page?

Let’s say your business sells double glazing, well the website design company should work with the business to make sure that each product range that they sell has its own page.

For example, the UPVC doors should have its own page, commercial windows should have its own page and so should double glazing for homes have its own page.

And why should each product have its own page? Well, if you ask any good SEO company then they will tell you that its important that each main service has its own page so the following can be added:

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Alt tag

·        Product description

·        Anchor text

·        Internal backlinks

·        Opportunity to build quality backlinks to each page

Why its worth hiring a website design company that also offers quality SEO

Most businesses want to work with a website designer that can also offer SEO, and we can offer this.

However, your business really does need to invest in quality SEO.

The reason that your business needs quality SEO is simply because if you partner with an SEO agency that offers rubbish SEO, then your business could incur a penalty.

A Google Panda or a Google Penguin penalty can mean that your website drops down the ranks, or sometimes is completely removed from Google altogether.

So, if you do choose a website design business, that also offers SEO, well do make sure that your business obtains quality SEO.

Why we wouldn’t recommend opting for a one-page website

A website design business may recommend to your company that you opt for a one-page website, however we would often strongly recommend against this.

The reason why is it is very difficult sometimes to apply SEO to a one-page website.

So, let’s say you run a scaffolding business, here in Cardiff, and your hire a digital marketing agency to build a WordPress website for your scaffolding business.

And let’s say your business offers scaffolding to businesses, it also offers scaffolding for domestic customers who are say having an attic conversion completed.

Well, someone landing on your WordPress website may want to see a page dedicated to residential scaffolding, showing homes that you have worked on.

Then separately they if a customer was looking for a scaffolding company to scaffold a large building in the centre of a town, around a large tower block, well the customer will often want to see that they have completed similar work, so they would expect to see a page on the website showing other tower blocks where they have completed scaffolding around a tower block.

So, our website design company, here in Cardiff, South Wales would recommend that for each different service that your company offers, that the website designers design a different page on the website.

How we can help

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