How long do you think it would take to build our website?


So, you may have a business idea that you want to get off the ground quickly?

Or perhaps you’ve been in business for quite a while, yet you now appreciate the fact that your company’s website is not gaining you much business and needs redesigning.

So, it’s time for a new website, yet when you ask around all the various website designers how long it will take to build your new website, well, the answers coming back might be a bit vague.

And this is no good, as if it’s a new website, well it often has to pass through what is called a “Google Sandbox period”- but what does that even mean?

Well, it simply means that it can take longer to implement SEO, so this is why you really need to choose a website design company here in Cardiff that does not take forever and a day building your new website.

So, what’s the solution?

Well here at CF24 we build websites that are focused on offering you a quality website, but also for the client to get a new website finished as soon as possible.

Therefore, in order to give you an idea of how long it will take us to build your WordPress website, we have written this blog post to give you an idea of timescales.

Basic websites

Often we can build a basic WordPress website in under 4 weeks, often returning a finished website back in under 3 weeks sometimes.

However, sometimes it will take longer if the client wishes for the website to be more detailed, for example the client may wish for more pages to be added, and for extra wording to be added.

WordPress websites

We can often build WordPress websites quickly. We can build WordPress websites for many different businesses, that’s ranging from builders through to solicitors.

Why are WordPress websites so good?

WordPress websites designed by us we believe offer fantastic value for money, but why do we believe this?

Well, sometimes you may approach a website design company here within Cardiff for a quote, and they build a website using their own CMS.

And CMS stands for content management system, so sometimes some website designers don’t design a website in say WordPress, they instead have their own CMS.

Yet, a CMS that’s built by some website designers can offer the customer limited functionality sometimes.

So this means that the CMS may allow the customer to add a blog post themselves, yet not to edit the wording of main pages for example.

And this can sometimes be annoying for the customer, as to do something as simple as change the companies phone number or business address on the website, well, sometimes that means going back to the website designers and asking for it do be done, which can obviously mean more cost.

When often with a WordPress website a business could do this themselves quite often. So with WordPress often its easy to add a blog post, edit the wording of a main page, even add a new page to the website is easy.

E-commerce websites

An e-commerce website often takes much longer to build, sometimes many months. The reason for this is that a business may sell many thousands of products sometimes, so for example imagine for a second a business that sells bathroom suites, showers and also baths, the business may have many thousands of products to sell, so it could take a long time to build this website.

Are you supplying the photos?

Sometimes a business will want us to select stock photos for the business, this often this allows us to build a WordPress website much faster. The reason being is that we can select stock photos straightaway instead of waiting for the client to supply us with photos.

However, if the business is hiring a photography company, then often we will have to wait for that business to send us the photos.

Are you supplying the text?

Sometimes some businesses simply do not have the time to write the text for their new website, so sometimes they hire us to do that for them.

For an extra charge we can write the text for each page on your website.

How many pages?

We can often build a website that has 5 to 20 pages quickly. However, if the website is an e-commerce website, well this can often take longer.

What features do you want your website to have?

So, let’s say you run a hotel, and you want your new website to take bookings through your website, well, this would take longer to build than say a website that is what us website designers refer to as a “brochure website”. 

Do you only work with businesses within Cardiff?

No, we also work with companies that are located in Newport, as well as other businesses all over the U.K that require a WordPress website to be built.

Are you purchasing the domain name?

If we are purchasing the domain name then we can often start to build your new website straightaway.

However, if you’re still thinking about which name to choose, then we will have to wait until you choose the business name, plus also check that the domain name is available for you.

What’s the fastest time frame that you can offer us a website?

We can sometimes build a basic WordPress website in under 2 weeks, to find out if we can build your website in under 2 weeks, why not e-mail us?

How we can help:

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