Reasons why businesses often have their website redesigned


As a business owner you may well be keeping an eye on what the competition is doing from a marketing perspective.

And you may notice that a lot of your competitors here within Cardiff are having their websites redesigned by Cardiff web designers.

And you may well be asking yourself, well why are these businesses having their websites redesigned?

Well, to help you to understand why so many businesses are having their websites redesigned, we have listed some common reasons for why businesses contact us to have a new website built.

Not mobile friendly

So many websites are still not mobile friendly, and if you speak to any digital marketing agency, well, they will tell you that’s really important to get a website that’s responsive, and mobile friendly.

And what happens if your company website is not “mobile friendly”- well, this could mean your businesses SEO could suffer.

So for example, lets say you run a construction business here within Cardiff, and you have a website, but you are getting less calls, you’ve asked a website designer to see if your website is “mobile friendly”- but it is not, well now its time you switched to a website that is mobile friendly, why not talk to us about getting a WordPress website built?

Can not add blog posts

Here’s another reason why so many businesses within Cardiff have their websites redesigned, and that’s so that they can switch to a website where they can add blog posts, and have a website that has a dashboard, or admin area so that a staff member can add blog posts easily themselves.


Does your current website look outdated? Does your business here in Cardiff need a new website?

One that more reflects what your company can offer now?

Well, this is another reason why so many businesses call us, that’s because they have a website, but they had the website built when the business first started, since then the business has expanded, so often a new website is needed so that the website now reflects what the business can offer.

Built using a CMS that a web design agency has built

Sometimes a business will have a website, but the websites been built by a web design agency using their own CMS.

The website may have worked great to start, yet the web designers do not provide updates, so the CMS may have developed glitches, for example the main menu may not work on smart phones, and the cost to repair this coding issue may mean that the business just wishes to have the whole website redesigned.

The business wants to invest in WordPress

Many businesses within Cardiff will have heard of WordPress, many business owners will know of other businesses that use WordPress, and will know how easy the dashboard is to use, so adding a new blog post is a piece of cake.

Plus WordPress has regular updates, this is another reason why businesses in Cardiff ask us to build their new company website using WordPress.

Calls to action

Okay, so you may have a website, but your website may well be weak in terms of encouraging visitors to call your business.

For example, say you sell double glazing, but you notice that competitors all have “contact us” boxes on their websites which simply state, “want us to call you back?”.

And you know that this may help your business to generate more sales, so you may want a new website designed that has this on the website.

How our Cardiff web design agency can help:

If you want to get your website redesigned, then why not call us?