Why do so many businesses choose WordPress?


Whatever business sector you operate within, whether you run a hotel or you run a large manufacturing business, you will normally be able to find other businesses in your business sector that rely on WordPress.

We think that WordPress is great, we think that a website designed with WordPress can look great, but not just that it’s super easy for businesses to use.

So say your business wants to publish a regular news article, this is to help improve your businesses SEO, well WordPress, through its easy to use dashboard makes it a piece of cake to add a new blog post.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS, this means that WordPress is a content management system.

WordPress is popular because its easy to use, and a business can easily add blog posts, or sometimes make simple changes to the website themselves, for example, if you change address, well you can often change the address on your website yourself easily.

Why do so many businesses choose WordPress?

Easy to use Dashboard

It’s worth mentioning this point in some more detail, the dashboard is basically like the area of the website that the business can log into to make changes.

So for example, to add a blog post, or to change the wording on a main page for example.

However, here’s the really important part, its very easy to use, and some CMS are not easy to use, they can be overly complicated, and this is why WordPress is used by so many businesses instead.


Plugins can be added to WordPress, so for example, you may have had your website built but you now want to add a new contact form, well by using a plugin its really simple to do.

This means that for some edits to your company’s website, you sometimes will not need the help of a website designer.


Let’s say your about to launch a new business here in Cardiff, let’s say a new restaurant, well you may not want to fork out a large sum on a new website. So with WordPress often a website can be built at an affordable cost.

This will depend as you would expect on which marketing agency you hire, however often a WordPress website can normally be obtained at an affordable price.

Great designs

We have built many websites using WordPress, we like how an impressive website can be built and how the website can often be edited later on, as some businesses often return to our web design agency so we can add extra pages, or SEO as the business expands.

Can be updated

WordPress can be easily updated.

Many businesses within Cardiff rely on WordPress

If your business requires a new website, then why not give us a ring?