Why you shouldn’t rush writing the content marketing for your website


You may have already hired a web design agency to build your new website?

So at this point you may now be writing the text for each page?

However, it’s important to pause for a second, and that’s because we believe you shouldn’t rush writing the content marketing for your new website, and here’s why we think that.


·        Content marketing if written poorly could increase your websites bounce rate

·        Content marketing that’s well written could help you to increase your number of sales

·        Can have a direct bearing on how strong your businesses SEO is.


Could increase your businesses bounce rate

Sometimes a web design company will want the written text as soon as possible, that’s so they can get the website built and finish the design quickly.

Some website designers may refer to the written text as the “copy” for your website. This doesn’t mean that the content marketing should be copied, no it refers to the written text that’s needed in order to build your website.

It’s also important to know this, that is you shouldn’t copy text from another website, as this could lead to what is called “duplication issues”- which could result in a penalty.

Sometimes a web designer will state “we have nearly finished the design, we just need your content marketing now”- in which case you as the business owner may feel under pressure to get text back to your web design company, however do not rush writing the text, or copy the text, as this could damage your businesses SEO.

However, if the web design business, or your company writes the text quickly, and misses important details then this could increase your companies bounce rate.


And what does “bounce rate” mean?

Well that’s simple, it’s the percentage of visitors that land on your companies website, yet then leave more or less straightaway.

So, for example, let’s say someone is looking for a web design business within Cardiff that specialises in building WordPress websites.

If the web design business does not make clear on the homepage that they specialise in building WordPress websites, then this could mean that the visitor to that website leaves more or less straightaway.

Which can mean that the businesses bounce rate shoots up, this is why its important that if the business does specialise in WordPress websites, that they make this clear on the website, and a good way of doing this is to make sure the content marketing is well written.

So we always describe to clients that having a bounce rate is like owning a shop, and having a lot of people enter the shop, yet leave in seconds, this is the same as having a high bounce rate for your website.



If the text is written in a rush, for example each page only has one or two lines of text, then this could mean that the SEO for that business could be very weak.

You should therefore choose a digital marketing agency that can design your website, and offer white hat seo. 

Often a marketing agency will recommend that the text that’s placed on each page on your website is written to a sufficient word count.

And what do we mean by sufficient, well this will depend from industry to industry, but its often a balance of offering good quality information about a product or service, but not having to make the reader read say 2000 words for each product.


Also this is why its so important to carefully consider what design you want for your new website.

The reason being is a lot of businesses here in Cardiff may have opted for a minimalist website, or let’s say a one-page website, as they like the design, yet because both types of website are likely to have only a few lines of text on each page, well, this could make implementing SEO a lot harder.

This is often where the skill of a website designer is needed, that’s so they can design say a WordPress website, yet offer enough text, but make sure that this doesn’t compromise in terms of the design of the website, so that it doesn’t look like there’s too much text, which might be off putting to some shoppers, who just want to quickly make a purchase.


You shouldn’t copy the text

If the text is duplicated then this could mean your business could incur a penalty, such as a Google Panda penalty.

It’s worth mentioning at this point again, as its something that we see happen time and time again, that is a business will invest in say a new website, that sells many products.

So, let’s say you sell electrical goods, like fridge freezers, so often a business, or sometimes even the website design company will just copy and past the product description from the manufacturer’s website, this could cause “duplication issues”, which could cause the business which to incur a penalty.


One or two lines is not going to be enough

Often a lot of text is needed in order to improve the seo for each page, in order to work out a suitable word count you should ask a white hat seo company.



Sometimes a business owner will write large blocks of text that they want added to their website, however as most web design agencies will tell you, its often far better to use smaller paragraphs of text and to split large blocks of text in different sections on the website.

This way you will not overwhelm a reader, and you add the same word count, its just the design looks a lot better if the text is split.


Put yourself in your customers shoes

It’s all well and good writing a lot of information about your business, and its products, but you must ensure that the text will be answering your customers questions.

For example, does the customer want to read say 2000 words written about the history of the company?

Alternatively, would it not be better to have a timeline, and to write paragraphs for each major milestone that the company has achieved?

So, you must put yourself in your customers shoes, and you must make the text easy to read. 2000 words or more in one giant block of text is likely to be off putting for a reader as most customers want the text broken into paragraphs to make it more readable.


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