Why do so many web design companies recommend WordPress?


You may well be about to start a new business, and because of this your business requires a new website.

But you are unsure which CMS, (Content Management System) to opt for? That’s to say, does your business opt for a WordPress website, or perhaps another CMS?

Well, here at our web design agency we are big fans of WordPress, so we thought we would be in a good place to explain why WordPress is so good.


So, you have a dashboard on your car right, which obviously explains important things like how much fuel you have, and water temperature and yes, your dashboard will also tell you how fast you are going.

All important things when you are driving along the road, but there’s another type of dashboard, and this dashboard is connected to your WordPress website.

Which means that when you login through the WP login screen, you will then be greeted by the Dashboard, which is really easy to use.

And why would you want to use the dashboard? Well, for loads of different reasons really, such as:

·        You might wish to add a blog post

·        You may wish to add a plugin

·        You may wish to edit a page

·        You may wish to update WordPress?


So, let’s say you contact a web designer in Cardiff to build a new website for your business, and let’s say that you run a construction business.

Now, you learn that meta titles, and meta descriptions are quite important, so you wish to add one to every page on your website, so do you need your web designer for this, right?

Well, with most WordPress websites you could just add a useful plugin, such as SEO Yoast, and then you could add the meta titles and meta descriptions to every page, which would obviously save you money, rather than having to pay a web design agency to do this work for you.

Simple to use

WordPress is very easy to use, whether it’s the dashboard your using to add a plugin, or your adding a new blog post, WordPress is very easy to use.

Some web design agencies just make their websites too complicated

Okay, so let’s say your about to start a new business, and you are about to start your business here in Cardiff, yet you haven’t a clue about websites.

So, you contact a few website designers, and then you just opt for the cheapest quote, that’s to say you do not care which CMS the website is built in, you just want the cheapest quote, so you ask that company to then build the website.

Yet, some businesses then discover that the website they have had built is hard to edit, and its built in a CMS which means that its hard for the business owner to make edits without the help of the website design agency.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is simple, opt for a WordPress website, as a WordPress website comes complete with a dashboard, so the business owner can often make certain changes, such as adding blog posts or adding say a plugin, WordPress makes making certain changes easy.

Add pages

With most WordPress websites its easy to add new pages, so for example, lets say that you are a locksmith and you have a page which advertises your emergency locksmith services, yet you also offer a key cutting service at your shop, so with WordPress you may wish to add a new page, so that you can advertise your key cutting services as well.


Many businesses here within Cardiff use WordPress, it’s a very commonly used content management system.

Blog posts

It’s easy to add blog posts with WordPress.

Impressive websites

With WordPress a website design company can build an impressive looking website for your business.

Cost effective

We offer low prices for a business that wants a website built in WordPress.

Many web designers can build a WordPress website

Even if a business wishes to switch website designers, there are many website design agencies that build websites using WordPress.

E-commerce and simple websites

Large e-commerce websites, or simple websites can be built using WordPress.

If your business requires a WordPress website, then why not call us?

If you would like a quote then why not call us?