We need a website designed quickly can you help?


Let’s say you are launching a new business here within South Wales, and to get the business up and running you’ve had to secure a business loan, find a businesses premises, hire staff and sort our your marketing.

Well, as you can imagine, sometimes a business will be in a rush to get a website designed because they have so much to do.

And this is where we can help, so if your shopping around currently for web design quotes, and the various website designers are coming back to you with vague estimates how long it will take to build your new website, well why not give us a ring instead.

Here’s how we can cut the time down it takes to obtain a new website:

WordPress websites

Okay, so some digital marketing agencies may want to invite you to a meeting, then you may have a long winded conversation about which format the website should be designed in.

Yet, we often say that this is sometimes not necessary for most businesses that get in contact with us.

That’s because WordPress we believe is proven, its used across the whole world by a range of different businesses, and its not an understatement to say that WordPress is used and approved by so many businesses across Cardiff.

So this is why we say let’s not complicate things to our customers who are unsure how their website should be designed, WordPress is simply brilliant and will suit the requirements of most businesses that get in contact with us.

Stock images

Okay, so your about to open your new shop or business, and you may want photography completed by a local photographer, but they have said that you may have to wait many weeks before they can get to your business.

Yet, in the meantime you need a website up and running, so what’s the solution?

Well, often businesses that are not willing to wait for the photographer, or simply do not have the budget to pay what can sometimes be thousands of pounds on a photo shoot, will instead ask us to use stock photos.

We can sort this out for you, we can use photos that will make your website look brilliant, yet the business owner will not have to go through the effort of getting photos sorted.

Often the business owner when they have more time, will then send us the photos they wish to use, and we can swap the photos for the business.

Website designers

We have clever website designers that work for us, we can build WordPress websites quickly.

Often we can write the content marketing for the business also, so instead of a business owner having to draft the writing for their website, we can do this for them quite often for an additional charge.


If your busy setting up your business, for example interviewing staff and meeting suppliers and customers to start to think about being creative in terms of how your website should look.

So if you need inspiration, well why not get in contact with us. Quickly we can get to know your business, and what it offers, then in a short space of time we can come up with many ideas, which you can select, and we can then often build your new website quickly.


We have talented website designers that work for us, so we can build websites quickly and therefore offer you an affordable price.


Most businesses now understand that they don’t just need a website, quite often they will need SEO if there business is to get ranked on the first page of Google.

So instead of trying to find a website designer and then a separate SEO agency, well we can instead offer both services.

This can help many businesses to save time, as soon as the website is built, then we can get to work on improving your companies SEO.

So let’s say for example you run a solicitors practice, and you know that you operate in a very competitive business sector. Let’s say you specialise in offering advice to divorcing couples, so you run a family law practice.

Well as soon as your website is built, we can then offer you a cost to fully take care of your businesses SEO.

Or quite possibly you may want us to just concentrate on link building or content marketing.

So we could write content marketing for your business every month.


Some website design companies have a massive influx of work during the summer, with many businesses wanting websites built to promote events over the summer, or just a website built during for what is many the busiest time of the year.

As often summer is when construction companies, and other businesses such as hotels are at their most busiest. So its often when we gain the most enquiries from customers.

Instead of taking on a mass of work, then stalling customers like some website designers do, we instead have a team that can build your website quickly and they do this by being efficient.