How having a list of company websites that you like can help to accelerate the web design process


Sometimes a web design company will ask you to come into their offices, that’s so you can both brainstorm ideas, and start to come up with a plan as to how you would like your new company website to look.

However, we believe what can greatly help our web designers is this, that is having a list of competitors websites that you like, and this will allow us a really good idea as to how you may like your website to look.

For example, do you like the slider on the homepage, or perhaps a business is using a colour that you also want to use.

Obviously no business wants to look too similar to another business, that goes without saying, however it can be a good way of getting the ball rolling so that your web design company and your business is on the same page as to how you may want your new website to look.

What aspects do you like, what don’t you like?

So, why not make a list of businesses throughout the U.K that you like there websites, so this list is ready for our website designers.

For instance, you may like where the business has put a contact us form on their website, you may like the font that the business has used, this will give our web design team an idea as to how you would like your new website to look, and we can then come back to you with design ideas.

Which features does your business need?

Do you want your website to have a slider on the homepage? Do you want your business to be an e-commerce website, and you want the products to have a menu similar to a competitors website, well having a list of businesses that you like would help our web design team.

Which CMS are your competitors using?

Are your competitors mostly using WordPress, or another CMS? Does your business also want a WordPress website?

Ask your web designer to detail what features that a competitor’s website has that you may also want for your business

Here’s another really good idea, your web designer may spot that your competitors are using a website that helps to improve their website design or seo, so why not ask your digital marketing agency to pick out which features that the competition are using, that your business may wish to use.

So for example, are all of your main competitors using a website that has AMP, (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

If so, does your business wish to have an AMP website as well?

Are they investing in SEO?

Are all of your main competitors investing in SEO, does your business also require SEO?

Does your website need a redesign?

If your website requires a redesign, then why not call us?

Do you need a website designer?

If your business requires a website designer, then why not call us?