What are “Hex Codes” and why are they important when it comes to web design?


It’s really important to consider what colours you want to use on your new website, that’s to say bright colours such as purple can convey a perception that the company is modern.

Yet, minimalistic websites may just use black and grey fonts and colours to convey a more traditional style, for example an architects’ practice may choose this style.

And why is this so important, well a good web design company will want the colour scheme used on your website to match other items used for marketing purposes for your business, such as your business cars, your shop front and even the colour that the company cars are.

So its important that the business and the web designers agree on what colours to use, and this is where Hex Codes are often used. 

What are Hex Codes?

Hex Codes are simply a colour code that are normally shown through a # and then followed by a combination of six letters and numbers.

This hex code, such as #000000 will then refer to an exact shade of colour, this colour code can then be used by say the website designers, the marketing company and perhaps a logo designer, so the colour used should then be the same.

Why it’s like mixing paints

One digit different and your then looking at a different colour, okay so on some screens such as on a mobile phone, by changing just one digit the colour may not look that different, but if you look on a super sharp screen you can normally see the difference.

So this is why we always say before you settle on one hex colour, why not check out the colour on several different screens, so that you can make sure that your business is using the right colour for your new website.

Using a CMS such as WordPress makes it super easy for your web design business to change the hex codes, so why not ask your web developer or web design company to try a few different hex codes on the website, so you can see how the website looks when you change the colour.

Free resource to help you find the right colour for your new website

There are a lot of free resources that can help you to find the hex colour that you may want to use, for example you could use this website.

Need a website designer?

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