Why it’s important that your web design company carries out the correct testing


It’s all well and good hiring the best web design company you can afford, yet if the website has a glitch that doesn’t get discovered before its set live, well this could mean that you have some disgruntled customers.

Sure you may hire a digital marketing agency and they may design a website that looks great, for example there might be an introductory video which shows your offices, your staff, plus also it may convey what your business is all about, for example a car dealership.

Yet, after the initial positive impression a website may have many glitches, and this is why a website should be tested.

So for example, there are many tests that a web design business should do, but here are just some of them:

·        Does the shopping cart work correctly?

·        Is the website responsive?

·        Does the contact form work?

·        Does the navigation work?

These are just some of the questions a web design company should be asking, so to give you a better idea of some of the testing that we do, here’s how we ensure we offer quality work.


Ask any good web designer and they will say that an absolute top priority is that a website is mobile ready, and that it works well across various smartphones and tablets.

For example, if your website has a glitch which means that the menu doesn’t work on certain smart phones, well this means that there could be a big problem.

This could mean that shoppers are landing on your website, and then not able to get to the correct page, which could result in a very high bounce rate, which means that if you know a thing or two about SEO, well  this could mean that your businesses SEO is negatively affected.

Contact forms

Now this sounds really basic, but imagine that you have a website designed, and you have asked the website designers to add a contact form onto every page on the website.

Let’s say that the website you have had designed is in WordPress, but your website designer has not set-up the contact us form correctly, now this means that customers could possibly be sending messages, but these are not arriving in your inbox.


Now this might be super simple to fix, but if you have hired a cheap website design company, or a company that builds websites in an absolute rush, well this might occur, so that’s right your customers may well be sending e-mails, but they might not be coming through because the web design company has possibly caused a coding issue.


It’s all well and good opting for a website design business that has built their own CMS, that CMS may well be very good.

The business may have even worked for some national brands or company’s that are large businesses, but what some businesses may incur is that the website because its built using a CMS that’s unique to that company, well it might become outdated.

That’s to say will the web design business offer free updates? What if the web design company goes bankrupt, who will update the CMS?

These are all things to consider when choosing a web design business.

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