How can a business create “brand guidelines”?


So, your business is looking to hire a web design company? Yet you don’t just want a new website built for your company, no, that’s because you also want help to create a brand.

That’s to say you want commuters on their way home from work to spot your company logo and to then instantly know what your business offers.

And how will they know this?

Well, it can because you’ve hired the right marketing agency, one which has developed a brand which helps your company to stand out from the crowd.

So many businesses hire a web designer to design a website that doesn’t really standout, so for example, you may well run a business that sells bikes, but your website just looks the same and rather bland as so many other businesses.

However, teaming up with a marketing team, and a good website developer  you can build a brand, so you are the go to place for when someone wants to purchase say an electric bike.

And why is that?

Well, your marketing agency should be able to come up with good quality “brand guidelines”- so a really basic example of these could be as follows:

·        We have a clearly distinguishable logo, this will centre around selling electric bikes

·        How do we differentiate ourselves? We will do this through offering a lot of free advice, which answers questions we get commonly asked

·        We will have a consistent colour scheme across our website, social media and in store

·        We will come up with a slogan which summarises our business in a few words

·        We will promote protecting the environment through traveling using electric bikes

·        We will support charities that align with our company vision of protecting the environment

·        We will use a colour scheme that is different from every major competitor

This is a very basic example of “brand guidelines”– yet if this is issued to your website designers right from the start, then this can help focus both the marketing company, but every other business that works for your company also, that this is your company vision, and this is what your business wants to use when advertising your business.

Company mission

One of the first things that we would recommend you do, if you are creating “brand guidelines” for your business, is to sit down with your team, and you should come up with what is your company vision?

Now, this may sound really basic, yet so many businesses contact a website design company, and then do not put across a clear vision of what their business is about.

This often then means that the web design agency may create a website that’s rather bland, and your website may not standout.

Often a business will use its company website as the main way of advertising the business, whether that’s achieved via organic seo, ppc or placing adverts on social media, its so important that your business instantly communicates what your brand is about, this should be shown in the website, your logo, and especially on the homepage.

So, you should come up with a company vision, and you may think, well, this is only needed for say a large business, like a business that owns thousands of coffee shops?

Well, no a company vision is important even if you’re a sole trader business.

That’s because without a company vision you may not attract the customers you want, so let’s give you a quick example.

You want to set-up your own construction company, so you should just ask various web designers for quotes, and then opt for the cheapest quote?

No, most definitely not.

That’s because in a capital city like Cardiff there will be hundreds of other construction businesses, if not thousands, so you must define more clearly the work that you want, so for example, you may just want to concentrate on attic conversions.

So, you may therefore decide to construct your whole website around offering attic conversions, and your company name, logo and your website is then focused on offering attic conversions.

Now this brand and company is more focused, so if you compare this with say hiring a web designer to set-up a website for a construction business, well your business is likely to just be another business that offers building services, and may not standout.

At least by concentrating on one area, converting attics, your business stands an increased chance of being seen as a specialist, and then your marketing can be built up from there.

Logo, fonts and colours

It’s important to think about which colours you want to use?

What you want your company logo to look like?

Which fonts do you want to use?

You may not know the name of the font, or which hex code you want your website designer to use, but you may spot a font on another company’s website, and you may know the colour that you want to use because you have seen it used in say a magazine, if you then tell your web design agency this, they can start to build your website around exactly what you want.

Now this may sound really basic, but sometimes some businesses just hand all decisions over to the website design company, with the advice that they want to website to look “modern”.

Yet, often this is too vague, that’s because if you do not create a set of brand guidelines right at the start then its entirely possible that your businesses marketing starts to look, well, disjointed.

That’s to say the social media accounts do not look as though they are owned by your business- that’s because one colour and logo is used on your website, then another on your social media accounts you use another colour and logo?

So, this is why you may wish to hire us so that we can create a company logo, WordPress website and a set of brand guidelines so that you have high-quality marketing in place for your business.

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