Are you thinking of having your website redesigned?


Sometimes some businesses know that their website looks rather dated, and doesn’t really portray the business as it stands today. That’s to say the business may have a static HTML website, one which cant be updated easily, and one where the business cannot add blog posts.

That’s to say sometimes a business will hire a website designer, and get the website built just when the business is starting up. That’s to say it may well just be a cheap website that’s just to get the business up and running, yet later the business may want a quality CMS, such as a Joomla website or a WordPress website, that’s of high quality and SEO can be applied to.

So when the company expands, well the company website may stay looking the same, so it may not reflect what the business can offer, and this is why we think cheap websites are often a false economy, that’s if they are really basic, and then need completely redoing again by another web design agency.

For instance some website designers will use their own CMS, that’s a CMS they have built from scratch, implemented all the HTML coding themselves, and this might work well, but what if that design agency was to close its doors?

That’s to say the CMS may not be as popular as say WordPress, or Joomla which are widely regarded as brilliant CMS, so if you were to choose a CMS that the web design company has built themselves, well you should make sure you can obtain updates, plus think about if the company was to close, could you get many web developers to help you make changes to the website, as sometimes some web developers just want to work on a popular CMS, such as Joomla which is used all over the world.

So what’s the solution?

Well, which ever CMS you do opt for you must make sure its quality, these are some of the really basic features the website should have:

Must be responsive

Simply put its no longer a case that a website should be responsive, it’s now a must. It’s a must because of mobile first indexing, and also its widely thought that over 50% of visitors is now via a mobile phone or tablet.

So you should invest in a website that’s responsive, but also make sure your business, plus the design agency does testing. That’s to make sure the website works on different smartphones and tablets.

So, if your website is not responsive, well you may wish to invest in making your current website responsive, or alternatively invest in a CMS that is responsive. There are many design companies in Cardiff that can redesign your website, or work with your business to make sure your current website is responsive.

Main menu doesn’t work on smartphones?

Sometimes a menu may not work on some smartphones, sometimes this can be fixed, yet sometimes some businesses may want the entire website redesigned at the same time.

Make sure which ever menu you use that it’s easy to use, a lot of businesses have opted for a minimalistic menu, one which you click on, and the main menu appears as an overlap of the homepage.

This can look great if done right, yet you should think does the main menu work well on smartphones.

Think of when someone quickly wants to find your company’s phone number, do they really want to be spending extra time trying to use the menu?

Well, no, so this is why we always say use a main menu that’s super easy to use, plus in the CMS header stick the company’s phone number right in front of the visitor, this way, with one click they can often grab the phone number and call you, if they cant, well many seo agencies think that if you don’t make it easy for a visitor to make a purchase easily, or get your businesses phone number that this could increase your businesses bounce rate.

Many web design businesses therefore work with seo agencies to reduce a businesses bounce rate, as a high bounce rate could potentially mean that you are missing out on missed sales opportunities, due to poor quality web design.

Require a WordPress / Joomla website?

Many businesses here within Cardiff call us because they want their current website switched to a WordPress website or a Joomla website.

If you run a business here in Cardiff, and you want your website redesigned, then why not call us?

Need a content management system?

Some businesses will have a very old website, a website that is not a CMS, so many businesses then want to add company news articles themselves, so they require a CMS. This is when we often recommend switching to WordPress.

WordPress makes adding a post very easy, WordPress has a Dashboard which is super easy to use, this is why many businesses opt for WordPress, for example there’s loads of free plugins, you can add a post and page without a website developer, plus to say change the company’s phone number, or the company’s address, well you do not need any HTML coding skills, that’s because the WordPress Dashboard makes it an absolute piece of cake, this is why so many businesses in Cardiff choose a WordPress website.

Need a local web design company?

As Cardiff is a capital city, this city is home to many businesses, yet often businesses want a web design company that makes the website design process easy.

And we make the web design process very easy, we do this by quickly ascertaining how you would like your website to look, we can also write the content marketing, then many businesses hire us to also implement quality white hat seo.

So as you can see if you need an agency that can offer everything under one roof, then we are the marketing agency for you.

Is your current website difficult to use?

Is your current website difficult to use? For example is the menu confusing?

Does it make it hard to find a product that you want, for example, perhaps you want a formal brown shoes, does the website allow you to sort the shoes by colour and style of shoe?

Perhaps you’ve decided that you do not want your entire WordPress website redesigned, your just not happy with how say the main menu works, or your now selling even more items, and you want an option so that the customer can sort all of your products by say colour, whether they are in stock and also the size of say the shoes, well our web developers can help you with this.

Old static website?

Is your website an old static website? If so you may wish to switch to a CMS website? We can build WordPress, Joomla, or a totally bespoke website for your company.

Want to add plugins?

There are a lot of really good free plugins when you switch to WordPress, for example Yoast is a very good free plugin. This is why many businesses choose WordPress, as if you want a plugin, its as simple as adding the free plugin, this means that in some cases you may not need to always hire a web developer, as sometimes there will be a plugin to help you, if there’s not a plugin, we can offer our web developers to your business for an affordable hourly fee.

SEO business requires a CMS website?

Some SEO agencies simply will not work with businesses that do not have a CMS website, and this is understandable, that’s because you often cannot add blog posts, which is an essential part of the SEO process.

So if your business has decided to invest in seo, and you require a CMS website, then we can build a WordPress website for your business.

Want to add blog posts to your website?

Often a business will have a CMS website, but the website has been built by a web developer or web design company that may have closed.

This means that the CMS is no longer being updated, and glitches may have developed, meaning that some businesses will have to have the glitches fixed by another web developer, or alternatively have the website redesigned.

We can build a new website for your business, so this means registering a domain name, supplying hosting and building the website. Alternatively if you want us to redesign your website, we can do this also, and just switch your domain name to a new website.

Does the homepage sell your business?

Does your current homepage sell your business, or does it need improving?

Does your website need a slider? Or perhaps you would like a video of your business, perhaps your offices and your staff you like to appear on a video on the homepage, so that they appear as the customer first lands on your website?

We can help you to achieve this.

Does the website even reflect what your business can offer?

Does your current website make your business look a bit old fashioned? Does the website look dated? Well, it might be time to invest in a new WordPress or a Joomla website built by us at CF24.

How we can help:

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