Should you lazy-load your content?


If you already own a website, and especially if your business is trying to improve its SEO, then you may already know that having a website which loads quickly is important. So whether you own a Joomla website, a WordPress website, or a different type of CMS, its important that your website loads quickly.

And this is where you may have heard about “lazy-loading”- yet what does this even mean?

How can lazy loading help your business- well this blog post will give you a good idea about what lazy loading means.

Page Speed

Did you know that 40% of people will abandon a company’s website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

Also a mere 1 second delay and this can reduce conversions by 7%- now that’s definitely something worth thinking about for a second.

That’s because you may have spent a lot on getting your website built, plus you may well be forking out a small fortune on SEO, yet if your website is not fast, well, your business could possibly be loosing customers? If your company’s website is slow, this could mean that your business has a high bounce rate, so its worth talking to your website developer if improvements can be made to your company’s website, so that you can speed the website up.

The marketing agency may recommend what is called “Split Testing” or “A/B Testing” as a way of seeing if design changes improve your website, and sometimes this can speed the website up, for example the parts that slow the website down, such as a lot of information on your company’s homepage, well this could slow the company’s website down, so your website developer may do split testing to see if the bounce rate reduces, and if the web design company can get the website to load faster.

Conversion rates

So there you have it, as our previous point alludes, this is where web designers, and SEO consultants must work together, that’s to see if you can get your company’s website to load much faster, so that your business can improve your conversion rate.

Okay, but what does “lazy loading” actually mean?

Lazy loading is quite simply a method where elements on a website are not loaded until they are needed.

Think of a factory, where the factory uses just in time methods of parts being delivered to the factory, this is to make the operation more efficient and lean. Well this is the same when a business implements lazy loading, as it can make a website more efficient, as it only loads in elements when the reader requires.

So, in other words, text, contact forms, and also graphs that are below the fold are cached by your browser.

Yet, here’s the really clever bit, they will not start to load, until the reader starts to scroll down the page.

So this obviously speeds up the entire website, and where a lot of digital marketing company’s like ours are looking for ways they can speed up a website, this is a good way of doing just that.

However, we wouldn’t recommend implementing lazy loading without speaking to a respected SEO agency and your web developer first.

The reason is you want to make absolutely sure that this wont adversely affect your businesses seo, that’s to say you should make sure that GoogleBot can most definitely crawl and index your website.

For example, if lazy loading is implemented incorrectly, and then this causes glitches, so say some of your main pages, only the top section of text loads, well this could cause seo problems, increase your businesses bounce rate, and therefore could be problematic, so always speak to your web developer, and do weigh up the pros and also the cons of implementing lazy loading for your business. 

Reasons why businesses use lazy loading

Faster website

If implemented correctly, so by a web developer, then you could speed up your website, which may reduce the businesses bounce rate.

Improved user experience

So let’s say your on the train on your way home from work, you need to buy a new pair of trainers, as your old ones are looking worse for wear.

So you find one website, but its just super slow, so don’t purchase from them, yet you find another business it has AMP and uses lazy loading, so it loads lightening fast, well, you will be more likely to purchase from them as that business offers an improved user experience.

More Responsive

If lazy loading is implemented correctly it can make the website more responsive, so for example, lets say your business sells hundreds of different products, and someone is looking to purchase a new jacket.

But you have asked your web developer to only load say only 50 jackets at a time, this is so that the website loads more quickly, you could use lazy loading so that only 50 winter jackets load at a time.

To improve SEO

You could therefore use lazy-loading to improve your businesses seo, that’s if it helps to reduce your businesses bounce rate.


There are plugins that can be used to implement lazy-loading, however we would recommend you speak to a web developer before you implement lazy loading.


Lazy loading can also be added to your website, that’s if its coded into your company’s website script. For this you will need a website design company.

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