Run a small business? Thinking of investing in a new website? Here’s 6 things you may wish to consider


Often a business when is getting up and running will invest in a rather inexpensive website- a website that may well be rather basic.

That’s to say as your company grows, and as your business then offers even more services or products, well your website may quickly become obsolete?

So, now’s the time to invest in a brand-new website, perhaps a website that is a CMS, such as a Joomla website or a WordPress website?

You may want your new website to  have an admin panel, or a Dashboard?

For example, if you do opt for a WordPress website, then you will have a Dashboard, this then makes it super easy to add blog posts, or to make changes to say the wording of a page.

So, if you run a small business here in Cardiff, here’s six things that we think are essential if you are thinking of investing in a new website.

#1 Responsive, but also have a mobile version of the website that’s easy to use

Okay, it’s fair to say that it is an absolute must that your new website is “responsive”- that’s just something your business must have, otherwise your company’s website will not work on smartphones or on tablets.

So, your businesses website could incur a very high-bounce rate, plus, this could negatively affect your businesses seo if the new website is not responsive.

So it’s absolutely essential that the website is responsive, however your website should have a mobile version that’s designed so that it’s easy to use as well.

By this we mean, is the main menu easy to use?

Can your customers get to a product or a service easily? Does the checkout work easily?

Also, your business may wish to consider whether it requires an AMP version of the website?

That’s to say would your business benefit from having accelerated mobile pages?

This is so the mobile version of your website loads quickly, often a web design agency will charge extra for designing an AMP version of your website, but this might be worth the investment, that’s if it means that the bounce rate on your website decreases, and you are able to attract more visitors, you can easily track this using Google Analytics, so you can see if the number of organic visitors is increasing, and whether you are getting more shoppers using the mobile version of your website?

Your website designer may also offer split testing, sometimes called A/B testing to see if customers purchase more using the mobile version of your website, or the AMP version of your website?

#2 CMS

Which CMS is your business going to use?

If you hire a website design company like CF24 then we can offer you many different options, perhaps your business would like a WordPress website, or perhaps your business would like a Joomla website?

WordPress is very popular, many businesses in Cardiff right now use WordPress for the company’s website.

And there’s many really good reasons to invest in a WordPress website, here’s some of the main reasons:

·        Can be made so the website is responsive

·        Has a really easy to use Dashboard

·        Easy to add blog posts to

·        Easy to edit meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text

·        Many company’s use WordPress here in Cardiff

#3 Social media accounts

Often when a business hires us, they will just be setting up their business, and therefore the business will want to heavily advertise the business, and one way that a business often promotes its services, or its products is via social media, such as Facebook.

So, its important that when you choose a website design agency, that you make sure that the web developer can add buttons, so that your customers can click the link, to say your businesses Facebook account, and they can read more about your business.

Our website developers that are based here in Cardiff and can add every social media account that your business has to your homepage.

This is so that visitors come to your website, they can then see your company’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then they can follow your business, which may mean that they purchase something from your business at a later date when they are ready to make a purchase?

#4 Has your business thought about a domain name that you are going to use?

Okay, so let’s say that you want to hire a construction business, and you see a builder that’s building a home not far from your house, and their work looks good.

So, you drive past, yet the website address, well, its really long, and by the time you’ve got home you’ve forgotten the name of the business and what the web address is- does this sound familiar?

Well, this is why you should think long and hard about the domain name, as you should opt for something that’s really easy to remember, and short enough that you don’t forget it as you as you drive away.

So, this is why we think you should think of which domain name you want for your company for quite a while.

Then once you have a domain name our web design agency can start to build your new website.

#5 Choose a CMS like Joomla or WordPress that you can add pages to at a later date

So, let’s say you start a business, lets say a fencing business, and then after a few months of trading you also want to sell wooden decking and also summerhouses as well, so you return to your web designer, and they then state a very high cost for adding these additional pages.

So, if you were to choose a CMS, which simply means content management system, then you could choose a CMS such as WordPress, or another good CMS is Joomla, once this has been built, it’s easy to find website developer who specialises in working on WordPress and Joomla websites- so then its more affordable sometimes to add a new page.

This is compared to a CMS that the web design agency may have built in house, using their own website developers.

This CMS, or content management system may well be rather difficult to use, and you may therefore find it much harder sometimes to find a website developer that can help the business, as the CMS may just be too difficult to edit, and more difficult to use than say WordPress.

#6 Has your business thought about SEO?

So, you’ve got your new website, and you are very happy with the design, and the work the website designer has done, its just after a few months, well you notice that no one is calling your company.

That’s to say the phone is really quiet, and you think well how can we get our company onto the first page of Google?

So this is when the business may start thinking about hiring an SEO agency.

So, we would recommend that your business thinks about hiring a web design company that also offers quality SEO.

As sometimes a business will not want to hire a web designer, then have to find a separate business that offers seo.

Here at CF24 we can offer web design and SEO.

How we can help?

If you run a company here in Cardiff, and your business needs help to improve its seo, or perhaps you want to have a website redesigned, or perhaps your company requires a new website?

We here at CF24 can help your business.

So why not give us a call?