Here are some design issues that you really should try and avoid!

Okay, so we know what it’s like, your about to start your brand-new business venture right here in Cardiff, and quite simply put there’s a million and one things to get sorted- are we right?

That’s to say, you may well be busy trying to find suitable office space to run your business from, not to mention you may well be super busy trying to find the right staff as well?

So, there’s a lot to think about at the moment…

This means that it would seem a good idea to find a website designer, and then just go for the cheapest quote, that’s so that you can spend money on other areas of the business- sound like a good idea?

Umm, well sometimes that approach to finding a website design company might work, but sometimes a business can end up with a website that they wished they had paid a bit more for.

So, as we are a helpful web design agency, we thought that we would help you my recommending some design flaws that some websites can have.

That’s to say some websites that are cheap can sometimes have there limitations, which means that sooner rather than later you might be looking for a company to redesign the website. Whether that’s because the website is not responsive, or because it is simply a CMS that’s really difficult to use, sometimes a cheap website is a total false economy.

So yes, that old saying sometimes does ring true, “if you pay cheap- you do end up paying twice.”

But we know what your thinking, well, where a web design agency, where bound to say that you should pay more for a new CMS WordPress website, right?

Well, that’s why we’ve come up with a few good reasons why, whatever price you do end up paying, why you should avoid the following pitfalls that some businesses fall into when having a new website designed. So we asked our team of web developers what are some of the more common problems that you think occur, when a business does not partner with a good web design agency.

One-page websites

Okay, so let’s be fair, one-page websites have a purpose, so let’s say you are a member of a band, and you are about to play a gig right here in Cardiff, well, a one-page website may well be great.

And why would it be great?

Well, because the website may only be needed for a few months, then the band may decide to just get rid of that website, that’s because it may have only been used to promote a series of live shows and take bookings. SEO wasn’t really much of an issue, that’s because most of your websites visitors came via direct visitors, who were typing the URL directly into the website, that’s because at all your gigs you put your website URL up on the posters, so you didnt need to fork out on organic SEO.

But if your setting up a business here in Cardiff, and you want to improve your businesses SEO, well a one-page website can be very difficult to optimise.

And why is that so?

Well, without a blog on your website and without each main service having its own seperate page, its very hard to implement white hat seo.

So let’s give you a good example, lets take our business for example- we do not just offer web design, nope we also offer the following services as well:

·        Link building

·        Content marketing

·        WordPress web design

·        Joomla websites

·        Bespoke websites

·        Organic SEO

·        Social media advertising

·        Website development and design

So, would it be a good idea for us to build a one page website, no, it would most definitely would not be a good idea for this business, that’s because each main service would need its own page, so we would never use a one page website.

So why would we opt for a website that has many different pages?

That’s so we can add a different meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, url, content marketing, anchor text, internal and external links to each page.

And if we didn’t have each main service on its own page, then this would make it very difficult for our business to improve our SEO.

So this is why when a business calls us for a website redesign, or for say a new CMS website to be built, we never recommend a one-page website if the business offers a few different services.

(CMS) Content Management Systems built by the web design agency

Okay, so not all CMS, which stands for content management systems, which are built by a web design agency are bad- in matter of fact some web design companies can build their own CMS which can sometimes be really good.

However, some other CMS built by some website designers may not be so good, again making it very hard to implement SEO, so we always recommend using a quality CMS, like Joomla.

Plus here’s another thing to think about, some CMS have free updates, yet some CMS built by some web design agencies do not, so what happens when the website develops glitches?

That’s to say what happens when the main menu stops working?

What happens when the mobile version of the website does not load on smartphone correctly?

What happens when the admin area doesn’t allow you to log in? Even though you haven’t changed your password, and you want to add a blog post?

Well, these can all be problems that a CMS can incur, that’s if it is not updated, sure all CMS, content management systems can develop glitches, yet a website that is not kept updated is more likely to.

So, if the web design company was to close, or simply does not roll-out updates, then this can be an issue. This is why we recommend WordPress instead.

A website that’s cheap because it only has a few pages

So, let’s say that you’re a plumber, and you opt to use this one marketing company because they are offering a super low cost for a website that only has 5-pages.

But as the businessowner you may later want to add more pages, such as for “emergency plumbing” services- so you should find out how much it would cost to add additional pages at a later date, if you were to use that web design company, as sometimes additional pages can be expensive to add when using some businesses.

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