Our business requires a new website to be built- which features might our company require?


There are now so many web design businesses to choose from here in the city of Cardiff.

That’s to say some design agencies may specialise in building “Joomla websites”, and some “WordPress websites”.

You will also have some agencies that have built their own content management systems (CMS)– and therefore they may have designed their own Dashboards for their websites as well.

However, with that said, when your business requires a brand-new website to be built, you may ask several different design company’s for a quote? That’s before you design which web design company to choose.

Yet, when the quotes are then returned into your inbox, you may find that they are all quite different, and the quotes include different features that the web design agency has deemed your business may need?

For example, one agency may presume that your business requires content marketing to be written, so this has been included within the quote, that’s to write the text for your new website, where another business may have excluded this as a cost?

Also, one business that’s based in Cardiff may have included within the quote to make your website “responsive”- that’s so that your website is built using HTML and CSS, so that it can work on mobile phones and also on tablets.

Another business may charge extra for this, and may not have included this within the quote?

This simply means for the business owners here in Cardiff, when comparing web design quotes on a like for like basis can sometimes be a rather difficult task.

However, there is a way around this, that is the business owner can instead specify exactly what features their business requires when asking the web design company for a quote, such as specifying that they want an “AMP” or a “Responsive” website built.

And this guide is therefore aimed at explaining some of the features that your business may require when you are having a brand-new website built.

Of course, every single business is going to be different, by that we mean that different businesses will require different features for their company website.

For example, a business that plans on selling thousands of different products will often need a different set of features than a simple brochure website that has only say four pages.

This means that the e-commerce shop will often need a shopping cart built, and a website developer will need to build features that allow the customer to select which type of products that they want to purchase-  for example to sort products by brand or by type such as “freestanding fridge /freezers” or “integrated fridge /freezers”.

The web developer may well need to design the website so that the shopper can specify which colour of shirt and which size shirt they wish to purchase for example.

However, a simple brochure website is often much easier and quicker to build, and therefore will require less time from a website designer.

Our design agency that’s based here in Cardiff has put together this blog post to highlight some of the common features that many businesses may wish to opt for, that’s when they are having a new website built.

Which Content Management System- (CMS) does your business want?

When you call a website designer for a quote, one of the first questions that they might ask you is which content management system (CMS) does your business wish to opt for?

One of the most popular options is “WordPress”, however there are many other options as well such as “Joomla”.

You may be unsure as to which content management system, CMS your business wishes to opt for.

However, your digital marketing agency should be able to explain which CMS might best suit your businesses requirements.

For example, WordPress has a really easy-to-use Dashboard, so that you can add content marketing very easily and also quickly.

Also, if you opt for a WordPress website, you can often edit the wording on the main pages that’s without having to ask a web developer for help.

Of course, a web designer and a web developer will often be needed for more complicated changes to your website, yet with WordPress, often the business can make simple changes themselves, such as changing the businesses address or phone number in the footer of the website for example.

A lot of businesses here in Cardiff that use WordPress or Joomla like the fact that they can edit the text on their website themselves, so for example if the opening hours were to change they can change the WordPress website or Joomla website, in terms of the wording themselves.

Also, the Dashboard is very easy to use, so you do not need to have any coding knowledge, such as knowledge of HTML, to change the company’s address within the footer for example.

WordPress is therefore a very popular option along many businesses here in Cardiff, however your web designer should be able to offer you many different CMS options as well, which you may prefer to opt for.

It’s important to remember that often a business will need to add company news or blog posts to their website on a regular basis.

This means that to improve the businesses search engine optimisation (SEO), often the business will need to add content marketing on a regular basis.

This means that the website, needs to be easy-to-use, so that a member of your staff within your company in Cardiff can then add a blog post themselves.

Therefore, often an employee will want to add a title and to also highlight the meta title and meta descriptions.

They may also wish to add internal backlinks, and to use anchor text.

However, often the employee will not have any coding knowledge, for example knowledge of HTML and CSS- so the often they will need a CMS, content management system, that is easy-to-use and this is why many businesses here in Cardiff opt for WordPress.

Here at our web design agency, we are able to build “WordPress websites”, and also e-commerce websites for your business as well.

However, if your business wishes to use a different type of CMS, we can offer this to you as well.

For a quote for a WordPress website, or a different type of CMS website, then why not give us a ring today?

Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

When you have your new website built, you should ask whether the quote includes to integrate your company’s social media accounts within your website’s design?

For example, some businesses here within Cardiff, will want their Facebook and also Twitter accounts linked to the homepage of their website.

This can sometimes be a set of social media icons that are added into the footer of the website, or sometimes they can be a part of the homepage’s design that shows the businesses latest Facebook posts for example.

You should ask whether this web design work is included within the quote, and you may at the same time want your web designers to set up social media accounts for your business as well?

For example, you may require Facebook and also Twitter accounts set-up, so that the designers can add your company logo, and complete the information that is needed to set up your social media accounts such as Facebook?

Some businesses will not just want their website designed, instead they may want to partner with a digital marketing agency that offers “organic SEO” as well as maintaining the businesses social media accounts such as Facebook.

For example, the business may ask the web designers to add regular posts to businesses social media accounts.

When a business posts a piece of content marketing onto their company website, they may want to promote that piece of work using social media.

For example, let’s say the business is a web design company, they may write a new article about “why WordPress makes such a good option” for a business owner, that’s when they want a new website built.

Then the web design business may then promote that article using social media, such as Facebook and also Twitter.

The business may also use hashtags, so anybody that is interested in #WordPress may read the article. If the articles then get linked to with a good quality “do-follow backlink” then this can also help to improve the businesses search engine optimisation SEO.

However often many businesses use social media, such as Facebook and also Twitter to promote their business and also to promote the articles that the company has written.  

A well-designed homepage

It’s really important that your business has a well-designed homepage, that’s to say a homepage that has been designed so that it instantly communicates what your business can offer.

If a visitor to your website cannot easily find what they want to purchase, then they may leave the website which may contribute to increasing the business’s “bounce rate”.

This is why it’s so important that a business uses a good website designer here in Cardiff, that uses HTML and CSS to design a homepage for your company that will help you to sell your products and services.

For example, if the homepage has a main menu that is very difficult to use, in that the main menu has been poorly designed so that somebody cannot find the product that they want easily, then this may mean the businesses bounce rate may increase substantially.

It is therefore really important that the designers design a website that has a main menu that works easily. Also, the web design agency should do testing of your company’s website to make sure that the website works correctly on smartphones, and also tablets.

That’s the say the website should be “responsive”.


It’s important that your website is “responsive”, but also the designers design a mobile version of your website which is fast.

If your company’s website is slow, that’s to say website cannot be loaded onto a smartphone quickly then this may contribute to the businesses “bounce rate” increasing.

It’s really important that the businesses mobile version of the website is able to sort products, let’s say that your business sells thousands of different products, if they cannot be sorted by a customer on the mobile version of your website, then this may mean that you are losing out on customers.

It may also mean that you are possibly increasing your businesses “bounce rate”.

Therefore, often a web developer is needed, that so they can integrate into the design of the website a way of sorting the thousands of different products, by brand, size or perhaps even the colour of the item.

Easy to add blog posts

You should also think about which CMS that your business wishes to use, that’s because often the business will be adding blog posts on a regular basis.

For example, the business will often be adding blog posts say once a week, you may therefore be adding meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, title tags and anchor text.

You need to opt for a CMS that’s easy-to-use, that’s to say your business should opt for a CMS  that has a dashboard that is easy to use by your business.

Your digital marketing agency should be able to recommend a CMS, such as “WordPress” that your business may wish to opt for.

Then once you have opted for a CMS, the web designers can then start building what are called “wireframes” that’s to say, they can start to use HTML as well as CSS to design how you would like your website to look.

Our web design agency can offer you many different CMS options that you may wish to opt for.

Reduce the bounce rate

Quite often the business will not hire a digital marketing agency just to build the website, often they will look to work with the company closely over a long period of time in order to further enhance the website as well, such as working with the business in order to reduce the company’s bounce rate.

For example, a business in Cardiff that sells many thousands of products, may partner with digital marketing company in order to improve the design of the website on an ongoing basis.

For example, the company may hire the digital marketing agency to reduce the company’s bounce rate. Also, the business may partner with the marketing agency in order to do split testing, that’s to see if any change to the website’s design has improved the sales of the company for example.

Content Marketing

When a business needs a brand-new website to be built, the business is normally asked to also write the text for the business.

However sometimes the business will ask the digital marketing agency to write the text.

For example, let’s say that you are setting up a business that was going to sell kitchen appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and fridge freezers for example.

If your business is planning on selling hundreds of items, then the business may not have the resources to write all of the product descriptions and content marketing that is needed.

This is when the business may ask the digital marketing agency to write the content marketing.

Sometimes some agencies will have a team of copywriters within the company that can write product descriptions and the content marketing for the business.

For example, thousands of words may need to be written for all of the pages. Then the business may wish to hire a marketing agency to write thousands of words for the product descriptions.

Now if the web design company was waiting for the business to write this text this may take many weeks or even months to write the work.

This is why a lot of businesses in Cardiff ask their marketing company to include a price for writing the content marketing.

Also an important part of the SEO process is to add content marketing to the businesses website.

So even when the marketing agency has added the content marketing for the main pages, the business may continue to hire the agency to keep writing content marketing for the businesses block.

The work should be white hat, and the content marketing should be written to a high standard.


Will your business require AMP?

Some web design companies will offer AMP, for those that do not know what “AMP” stands for, it simply means accelerated mobile pages.

Businesses now recognise that the company needs to reduce its bounce rate, the company’s website must be fast.

This is especially so when somebody is looking to purchase a product or service on their smart phone.

For example, imagine somebody that works in a busy city like Cardiff, and are looking to purchase an item on the way home from work. They will want to purchase from a company that has a fast website.

It’s possible to increase the speed of your website by investing in an accelerated mobile page website.

Meta titles and meta descriptions

You may wish to obtain a quote web designer, to add meta titles and meta descriptions to your website.

If you run an e-commerce business that sells thousands of different products, you may ask your web designer to add meta titles and meta descriptions to every page on your website.

If your business has thousands of products that it sells, then adding a meta title and meta descriptions to each page may take quite a bit of time.

Internal links

If you have paid a low-cost to have your website built, then sometimes the business will miss some of the work that some other agencies might have offered.

For example, if you sell many hundreds of different products, the business knows that often too broad products are bought together, then sometimes the web designers will offer internal links on the website to that other product.

This could increase the chances of the other products being sold, because you might say that if a customer was to purchase a new fridge freezer, they may also purchase an extended warranty for that item.

For example, you may notice that when you sell an expensive fridge freezer, often the customer will want an extended warranty. Therefore, the web designers could add an internal link on each page of your website the cells fridge freezers over the value of £500.

This may increase your businesses chances are selling an extended warranty.

Therefore you should ask your digital marketing agency whether the quote includes adding internal links?

Search engine optimisation

do you wish to hire a marketing agency that can build your website, but also start work on improving your businesses SEO?

Not all marketing agencies will offer SEO, so you may wish to pick a marketing business here in Cardiff that can build a website but also offer SEO.

A well-designed main menu

It’s really important that the main menu is designed so that it can help your customers find the product that they are looking for easily.

This may sound really basic, but so many businesses have main menu is which are difficult to use. For example, somebody may be looking for a pair of running trainers, the business has grouped casual trainers and running trainers together.

Therefore, this could increase the businesses bounce rate, as the shopper may just go to another business.

However, if you have worked with your web design agency to offer many different ways where the customer can sort items, then this will make it much easier for the shopper to purchase the item that they want.

For example, you may allow the shopper to sort running trainers by brand, size and also type of training for example casual shoes, running trainers and also hiking trainers.

If you also allow the shopper to sort items by price this may be another reason why the shopper might stay on your company’s website for longer.

However, if you compare this with a website that is been built quickly, and it does not allow your customers to sort the hundreds of products, then the customer may get annoyed that they cannot find the product they want and this could increase your businesses bounce rate.

This is why many businesses in the city of Cardiff, will choose a web design agency that can build an e-commerce website, where the shopper can sort the items and easily find the product they are looking for.

A menu that works easily on mobile phones

It’s really important that the main menu on your website works easily on smartphones and also on tablets.

Sometimes a web developer will build a menu which is difficult to use, for example the mobile version of the website may have a menu that has a drop-down box which is difficult to press on.

Therefore, your design agency should design a menu which is easy-to-use. For example, the drop-down menu is easy-to-use, and to say it’s simple to get to the page that you want.

A/B testing

let’s say that you choose a web designer to build an e-commerce website for your business. Yet you notice in the first month of your company’s website going live that your business has a very high bounce rate.

You may therefore partner with a marketing agency, which can work with your business on a monthly basis to improve the design and the SCO of your website.

For example, a web developer may recommend that the homepage needs some improvements, for example, the main menu needs redesigning.

You may therefore use “split testing”, sometimes called “A/B testing” that’s to see if the improvements have lowered the businesses bounce rate.

For example, the web design agency may recommend that the homepage is completely redesigned?

You may then use A/B testing to see if your business is able to generate more sales after the homepage is redesigned- you may therefore wish to use a marketing agency that offers A/B testing.

A local web designer

your business will need to think whether you wish to employ a local web designer or to pick a marketing agency that’s based further away.

Many businesses choose a web design business that is based close to their business, this just makes it easier to have meetings and to plan how the website should look.

For example, it’s all well and good having multiple telephone conversation with your designer to discuss how you would like your website to look, but often it’s much easier to discuss how you would like your website to look in person.

For example, the web design company can show you various hex codes for the header and the footer of the website, also by meeting your web developer in person, you can often work with the developer there and then to build the website.

So, for example, the web developer can show you how the website would look when the social media icons added to the top header of the website compare to the footer of the website.

By working with your developer, you will be able to make decisions as to where you would like certain elements, such as your businesses social media icons and we would like the is placed on the page.


It’s also important to think about whether you wish to employ a marketing agency for a number of freelancers.

Sometimes it may be more cost-effective to use a number of freelancers, but sometimes some businesses have not got the time to manage multiple freelancers.

For example, you may have one freelancer that is helping to improve your businesses SCO, another that is writing the content marketing and another that is building the website.

However, managing all these different can sometimes be time-consuming for some businesses, this is why some businesses instead us.

Web design agency?

Do you wish to opt for a web design agency?

Often a lot of web design agencies do not just build websites, they can also offer help to manage your businesses social media, they can also write the content marketing, plus they can also help to improve your businesses SEO.

Therefore, a lot of businesses within Cardiff instead prefer to work with a business that can offer multiple services such as SEO and to build the website as well.


There are many different marketing businesses to choose from in Cardiff, however sometimes you may wish to pick a business that has built a website for a similar company.

For example, let’s say that you run a construction business here in Cardiff, you may wish to choose a web design company that has built multiple websites for construction companies.

We say this because that company might be better suited to writing the content marketing for the website, plus they will also should have a good idea of how to promote the business using Facebook and also Twitter.

Able to sort items

If your business is building a large e-commerce website, let’s say for example a e-commerce website that is going to sell bathroom products such as shower trays, bath and also electric showers.

And in each category, for example freestanding baths you may sell hundreds of different darts.

You should therefore work with a web design company that can add to your website a way of sorting the products.

For example, you may wish to sort the products by via price, whether they are in stock and also the brand.

This will make it easier for the customer to find the product that they are looking for, therefore helping to potentially reduce the businesses bounce rate.

easy-to-use payment system

it’s really important that your web developer is able to build a shopping cart that allows your customers to pay quickly and easily.

If the shopping cart is difficult to remove items for example, or the shopping cart is slow then this could increase your businesses bounce rate. This could potentially mean that your business is missing out on sales.

Therefore, you should work with your web design business to make sure that your shopping cart is easy to use.

digital marketing agency?

A lot of businesses are increasingly partnering with a digital marketing agency that employs web designers, web developers, copywriters, link builders, SEO experts.

Therefore, often a lot of businesses want to work with a marketing agency which has employees which can offer a broad range of marketing services to the company. Again, it can be complicated managing different businesses, for example a business which is offering SCO, a separate business which is offering web design and another business that specialises in link building

Often what is needed instead is a business that can manage all of these services.

Evergreen content marketing

let’s say your company is having a new website built, and you run a plumbing business here in Cardiff.

Some businesses may say that they can design a new website in the WordPress in under two weeks.

However, what can often slow the web design process down, is the web designer is waiting for the customer to write the text for the website.

The text that is placed on the main pages of the website, is referred to as the evergreen content marketing.

The text that is written for the main pages of your company’s website needs to be well written, as if it’s not then this could increase your businesses bounce rate.

Therefore, you may wish to hire a web designer that can also offer copywriting services.

Blog post

Your business will often need to be adding blog posts on a regular basis, this is to try and improve your businesses seo.


If you hear your web designer mentioning HTML or CSS, as well as JavaScript, then this is simply the coding that is used to build your website.

However, once the website is built, a customer will not be able to see the coding, however your web designer may talk about how they will build your website using HTML.

Therefore, HTML is like building blocks that are used to construct your website.


You may also hear your web developer talk about wireframes, wireframes are simply used to construct your website so that you can obtain a rough idea of what the website will look like will stop

For example, if your business was to run an e-commerce website, selling many different products, then it may take many weeks if not months to build the entire website.

Then at the end of the web design process, customer may want a lot of changes, so often a web developer will build wireframes so that the customer can get a good idea of how the website will look without building the entire website.

For example, the customer may decide that they want the homepage design differently, is therefore quicker to change the wireframes that it would be to redesign the page once it has been fully designed.

Therefore a lot of web designers use wireframes, that’s to build the website using HTML, so that the customer can get a rough idea of what the website will look like.

Domain name

before your company’s website can be set live, your business will need a domain name. It’s important that your business chooses a domain name that is easy to remember.

For example, some businesses opt for a domain name that is too long, so once it is added to the company vehicle, for example a van sometimes the domain name will not be memorable.

For example, let’s say that you run a plumbing business in the city of Cardiff, you will want a domain name that is easy to remember, so once it is added to the van somebody can quickly memorise businesses domain name and then contact your business.

However, if the domain name is too long example there is to many hyphens and there’s too many words then the domain name is less memorable and the customer may forget the address for your business.

Therefore, your business should choose a domain name which is easy to remember.

Affordable hourly rate

It’s all well and good choosing a cheap web design business, yet if the hourly rate is really expensive to make changes to the website later on then you may deem the low price at the start a false economy.

Therefore, you should ask what the hourly rate is for amendments to your website. For example, if a business was to keep their website livea a number of years often a number of amendments need to be made, for example such as the company address.

Therefore, you should ask your web designers how much they charge per hour making amendments to the website.

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