How does the web design process work?

There are now so many different Cardiff web design companies that you can choose from, some specialise in building large e-commerce websites, some high-quality WordPress websites, and some have web developers with knowledge of JavaScript, PHP and HTML to totally build your company’s website from scratch.

Therefore if you are a business looking to have your current website redesigned, or to have a new website built for your business, you will have many hundreds of different businesses to pick from here in Cardiff, South Wales.

For example, there are agencies which specialise in certain business sectors as well, such as web designers that just build websites for car dealers, then there are agencies which employ many staff, and can offer you a wide range of different marketing services, and then there are also freelancers.

Different types of web designers

There are therefore many different types of web designers, yet even though there are so many companies, the business may not know how the web design process works.

Therefore for example, business owners often have the same questions, such as who writes the text for the new website (Content Marketing)?  And if you do not know how you would like your website to look, how does the design process work?

For example, you might run a solicitor’s practice, and you might just be starting your solicitors practice here in Cardiff, let’s say in Cardiff Bay, yet you do not know how you would like your company website to look.

You are therefore looking for a local marketing agency which can offer you different design ideas for your new company website, that’s the say you want to whittle down a selection of design ideas, so that you can get the ideal design of your business. That’s to say you dont want to  hear about PHP, SEO, JavaScript, no you just want a design company that makes things simple, that can just come up with design ideas, that you can pick, and then the web designers can then get to work on building your website, that’s exactly what our Cardiff web designers can do for your business.

Our web design agency

We work with many different businesses that are based all across Cardiff, we offer WordPress web design, link building, content marketing, logo design and company branding as well.


This article is therefore going to explain how our web design process works:

How does your company’s web design process work?

If you need a high-quality CMS website built for your business, then we are the business to contact. We build high-quality WordPress websites here in Cardiff.

We therefore have staff which can offer the following services:

  • WordPress websites
  • Web design Cardiff
  • Organic SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • We can build a mobile version of your website
  • AMP websites


We can therefore build high-quality CMS websites

We have built a wide range of different websites, ranging from CMS websites for car dealers, right through to the websites for construction businesses.


We can therefore build a high quality website your business


Has your company obtained branding advice?

One of the first things that we often ask a business owner is have they got a set of brand guidelines?

Some business owners simply do not know what brand guidelines mean, they are simply a set of guidelines which set out which hex codes to use, which company logo to use and which font to use.

We can then give this to our web developer, so that they can build your website using the right hex codes and the right company logo.

For example, let’s say that you run a construction business, you are construction business that uses a bright colour yellow on your business cards, you might want this bright colour yellow then used on your company website.

We can therefore replicate the exact colour that is used on your business cards, that it the colour can be used on your company website.

For this to happen, we need to know which hex codes to use, if you do not know what “hex codes” mean, hex codes simply allow the exact colour to be used across your website.

For example, you may see some businesses use a different colour on their business cards, and there company vans and the company website.

However as any good marketing company will tell you, it’s important to consistent marketing.

That’s to say it is really important that you use the same colour scheme across your website, as you do the rest of your company’s marketing.

For example, you may have had a company logo designed a long time ago, you may wish for us to take the colours from the company logo and to use this colour scheme across the rest of your website.

We can do this once we know which hex codes to use.

Therefore often businesses in Cardiff will use a branding company, so that the branding company sets out which colour to use on your website, which company logos, and which font to use.

Hex colours

If you are just starting your business, you may not know which colours (hex codes) to use, we can therefore offer ideas of which colours your business might wish to use. So, our web developers may ask you which hex codes that you wish to use say in the following parts of your company’s website:

  • Hex codes for the header and footer
  • Hex codes for the font
  • Hex codes for the titles
  • Hex codes to use when designing your company logo

For example, some businesses will want a minimalistic website, that’s to say they will not want bright colours to be used, however if you wish your website to be different, and use of bright colour scheme, we can recommend different hex codes that you may wish to use.

We can then use these hex codes to design the whole of your WordPress website, for example so the same hex codes are used throughout all of the website header and footer. Our Cardiff web design company will then use these hex codes to start to build your website, we may use “wire-frames” to do this.

Also so the hex codes are used on your company blog, and to make sure that the same hex codes are used to design the homepage of your website.

We will use the same hex codes, so that your website has a consistent styling throughout the whole of the website.

Often the business will need to hire a branding company, or to hire our company so that we can come up with a set of brand guidelines for your business.

This often means that a company logo also needs to be built. We can design a high-quality company logo for your business.

Company logo

It’s really important that your business invests in a high-quality company logo.

It doesn’t matter if you run a construction company, or you run a dental practice, you should invest in a high-quality logo.

So many businesses here in Cardiff opt for the cheapest logo design quote, however if you opt for the cheapest quote, often your business will end up with a company logo that will look like a logo that many other businesses use.

Therefore the logo will often not be memorable.

However, when you choose a digital marketing agency like us, we will be able to build a high-quality logo for your business.

Once we have designed the company logo we can then give it to our web developers, so that they can embed it on to your website, this is so that it appears across all of your website.

For example, when you land on the home page the logo should appear on the home page of the website.


Sometimes a business here in Cardiff will use one font on the company’s flyers, another font on the company’s business cards, and another font on the company’s website.

Therefore this is not consistent marketing, because ideally the same font should be used across all of the businesses marketing. Therefore a branding company, or our marketing agency can recommend a font that your business may wish to opt for.

We can then use this font across all of your businesses marketing.


Who will be writing the text for your new website?

When having your website built, often many thousands of words need to be written.

For example, the evergreen content marketing for the main pages needs to be written.

Also the text will need to be written for the product descriptions, and sometimes writing these thousands of words will take a long period of time.

For example, sometimes the business owners will not have the time to write the product descriptions, the evergreen content marketing, or the businesses blog posts.

This is when you might wish to hire a marketing agency, which employs copywriters which can do this work for you.

Content marketing

If your business requires content marketing to be written for your business, then you should pick a Cardiff website design company which has copywriters. Our marketing agency has copywriters that can write all of the text for your new WordPress CMS website.

Evergreen content marketing

We can write the evergreen content marketing for your business. For example, let’s say that you are setting up a construction business here in Cardiff, and if you have not got the time to write the text for the main pages of your new construction website, then we can write the text, for your business.

For example, if you want a page created for loft conversions, then we can write the text for that page.

This often speeds up the entire web design process. As some business owners will not have the time to write the text themselves, for example it can sometimes take many days worth of work, to write the text for the main pages of your new website.

However, we can do this for you, then our web developers can start to build your website.

Blog posts

A lot of businesses here in Wales hire us to build a WordPress CMS website, then once we have built the WordPress website, often the business will hire us to write the content marketing. Our Cardiff web designers, can therefore build a WordPress website and also write all of the text for the main pages of your new website, this may save you time from having to write that text.

For those businesses that do not know what “content marketing” means, it is simply used by a lot of businesses to improve the company’s organic SEO.


Company terms and conditions

Before a company sets their new CMS website live, often the company will need to add it’s terms and conditions, these are normally added to to the footer of the website.

This is something worth thinking about, as if a solicitor is drafting your businesses terms and conditions, then you might wish to have this ready so that we can add this to the footer of your website when designing your company website.

For some businesses, it could delay the website from going live, that’s because you may not want the website to go live, until we have added your company’s terms and conditions.

Once we have your businesses terms and conditions, we can add these to the footer of your website.

Where will your business be based?

Often NAP information needs to be added to the footer of your website. If you do not know what “NAP” means, it simply means the name of your business, it’s address and phone number.

However, some businesses, such as a mobile car mechanic, may not have a business address, so often we will need the business owners to tell us which address we should add to the website.

How do you want the website to look?

Sometimes some business owners will come to us with a really clear idea of how they would like their new company website to look.

For example, some business owners will know how they want the homepage to look, main pages, the main menu and also the mobile version of their website should be designed. Then our Cardiff web designers can start writing the PHP, the HTML and also the JavaScript so that we can start building your new CMS website, so if the customer has a really good idea for how they would like the company website to look, this can often make building the website a lot quicker. Otherwise often our web designers will need to meet with the businessowners, so that we can offer some design ideas, and this might slow the whole web design process down, and it may take us many months to build the WordPress website.

However, some other business owners simply may not know how they would like the website to look, this is when our website designers can offer you many different ideas.



It’s really important that you work with your web designers to get the homepage designed the way your business wants.

If you were to opt for a cheap website, then the homepage might look really basic, if your homepage looks really basic then this could contribute to your businesses bounce rate increasing.

Main pages

You should have a good idea of how many pages your website requires, sometimes some web designers will offer a really low price, but this is to build a brochure website that only has say four or sometimes five pages.

For most companies, this is not enough pages.

For example, let’s say that you run a plumbing business, often you will need a homepage, an about us page, and also six different pages to describe the services that your company offers, such as boiler repair, boiler replacement, emergency callout, general plumbing work, and also to install commercial boilers.

Therefore you should have a good idea of how many pages your business will require.

E-commerce vs brochure

You should also be able to tell your web designer’s whether you wish to have a brochure or an e-commerce website built, for example sometimes a web designer will quote for a brochure website, when sometimes the business will want a brochure website built and also to sell a few products on the website as well.

As soon as the website is built to take a payment, then it’s an e-commerce website, and often a lot more work needs to be done to build an e-commerce website.

Mobile version of the website


Does your business need a mobile version of the website built?

Sometimes a business will ask quite a few web design companies for a quote, there might be one that stands out as being particularly cheap.

However, sometimes the quote is sometimes lower because the web design company has excluded for example the cost to build a mobile version of the website.

Yet most businesses will need a mobile version of the website, so you must make sure this is included.

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