When designing a website which parts in particular are important to get right?


Sometimes a business will need a new website designed, yet only let one factor influence which business they choose- that’s price.

However, is this the best strategy?

Well, we are a web design company, so we are a bit biased when we say businesses should invest more when having a website built.

But this does stand to reason, and we say that for two main reasons, one is often your website will be your main marketing tool, second is sure you can find a million and one web designers that build websites cheaply- but what’s the point if all the work need’s to be redone if the website is basic, or the SEO agency is struggling to work with the site, because it doesn’t have the functionality that they need, such as something as basic as adding meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, a new main menu.

So, pay cheap, pay twice, that’s what we think- with that said, when you do find a web design agency that looks like they can do a good job, what should your company look for when having a website built?

Well, this will of course depend on your business, every business is different, however with that said, we would say these factors are important:

The whole business

Don’t invest in a website that just has a few pages, then a few months down the line think, well the website doesn’t promote that side of the business, and what do we mean by that?

Well, let’s say you run a construction business, and you specialise in domestic construction contracts, that’s to say you can complete loft conversions, new build properties, new garden walls, that sort of thing.

Yet a website designer has talked you into getting a one-page website, is this a good idea?

Well, if you were to ask our web design company we would say no, most definitely not, that’s because when it comes to improving your company’s seo, at a later date, well its more difficult to optimise a one-page website.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, we would recommend that every service that your business offers has its own page, for example, let’s say that you run a plumbing business, you should have a separate page for boiler repair, central heating installation, emergency plumbers.

And why do we recommend that each service has its own page?

Well, this is so that each page can have its own:

·        Meta title

·        Meta description

·        Alt tag

·        Anchor text

·        Title

·        URL

Don’t scrimp

So, your just about to get a business up and running here in Cardiff, and you think, well let’s just get a basic website for now- but is this the solution?

Well, we would say no.

We would say that because we think its far better to get a high-quality website built right from the start, this is so that the SEO agency or your web design company can start applying SEO to that site.

Sure, the site could be redesigned, yet if the migration of the site is not handled correctly, for example the web design company removes the links that lead to each page, well sometimes the site could drop in terms of where it ranks.

Don’t rush writing the text

So your web designer drops you an e-mail, it may go something like this, “hi, we have the wireframes sorted, and the design of the site is almost complete, can you send us the content marketing for each page”.

And you know that this means that the web designer wants over 3000 words written, and you’ve got loads of work on at the moment, so you grab an espresso, you start to write the text for your website quickly.

Yet, once the website goes live, you notice the text is a rather dull read, that’s to say it doesn’t really get across what your business can offer, but you think, well will it really matter that much?

Well it matters for a number of reasons, that’s because some businesses think the design of the website is more important, that’s to say if the website looks good, then the text isn’t really that important-is this true?

Well, we would say no, its not true, the text is really important, that’s because if you do not communicate to customers what they want to know, for example the exact specification of a product, well you could end up having a high bounce rate for your website.

That’s to say, you may log into your Google Analytics account, and see that your website bounce rate is high, and sustained.

And what does this mean?

Well, it means a lot of your visitors are leaving your website, that’s without looking at another page.

So, your web design agency should work hard with your business to reduce the company’s bounce rate, and often this is achieved through gradual improvements, such as improving how the menu works.

Some web design businesses may offer split testing, or A/B testing, that’s in order to see if the improvements have worked, and whether or not the bounce rate is decreasing.


Before your web designer starts to build the website, that’s to say before they start writing code, such as HTML and CSS to design your website, they should create a sitemap, this doesn’t have to be anything too complicated, for a simple site it could even be designed on a piece of A4 paper.

Reduce that bounce rate

Okay, so the sites built, the web developers have built the site, they have spent may days writing code such as Javascript, CSS and the HTML, the sites now complete.

So that’s it, the job is complete- well not quite.

That’s because most businesses will then refine the design, that’s by working closely with the web design agency to reduce the company’s bounce rate.

A/B or split testing

A lot of web design company’s use split testing, or A/B testing to see if a change to the company’s website is an improvement, for example, are more sales being made? Has the bounce rate reduced?

CMS that’s easy to use

Make sure that your web designers offer you a few different CMS to choose from, then choose one that’s easy for your company to use, for example is adding a blog post easy to do? Is changing a meta title or meta description easy to do?

Navigation Bar

Make sure that your website has a navigation bar that is easy to use, for example, can you get to another page on the website easily? Or has the main navigation bar been built so its minimalistic but doesn’t allow you to get to another page easily, so example instead of making a menu for “formal men’s shoes”, “trainers”, “casual men’s shoes”- has the company just opted for men’s shoes?

Would the business benefit from A/B testing to see if splitting the shoes onto their own category on the main menu would improve sales?


Having a fast website is important, if your shoppers are made to wait just a few seconds longer than they need to, well this could mean that your website incurs a high bounce rate. This means that your web developers should work hard to make your company’s website fast, and why not also think about getting an AMP version of the website?

User experience (UX)

You really do have to make your website as easy to use as possible, for example, if the shopping cart insists on obtaining say your customers phone numbers, or requests that opt into a weekly newsletter too many times, well, this could be enough to stop a customer making a purchase.

Tracking and Analytics

Don’t make the mistake of hiring a web designer in Cardiff, having a flash website built and thinking well that’s it, there’s nothing more to do, no instead make sure that you use Google Analytics, and other really good SEO tools like AHrefs to improve your company’s seo.

Strong Security

Make sure that your company’s website has strong security in place.