Whether you’re a plumber here in Cardiff or a solicitor, you may want your website designed using WordPress.

WordPress allows brilliant websites to be designed, that are sometimes a lot cheaper than having a bespoke website built.

Why are WordPress websites sometimes cheaper than bespoke websites?

Well, often many businesses, especially when they are just starting the business will not have the marketing budget to afford a bespoke website.

This is why some companies choose a WordPress website, often the web design agency will have templates, or coding that they can add to WordPress so it speeds up the time it takes to build a brand new website.

This is why sometimes WordPress websites are cheaper to build.


What are the advantages of opting for a WordPress website?

Many websites are built using WordPress, but what are the advantages of opting for a WordPress website for your business?

Well, why not let us explain the advantages of opting for a WordPress website?


Easy to use dashboard

Okay so you may contact a few Cardiff web design companies, and all state that they can offer a website, but its built using their own CMS.

Is this a good thing?

Well, yes sometimes it is, some website designers have built their own CMS, and they are easy for their customers to use.

However, some are just difficult to use, plus sometimes the website design company may have built a CMS that really doesn’t allow you to edit the website much.

That’s to say there might be a way of easily adding a new blog post, but its difficult to say edit a main page.

So this why we recommend opting for a WordPress website, because the dashboard on the CMS is very easy to use.


Easy to edit

Therefore whether you want to change your businesses address, add a blog post, install a new plugin- well its normally super simple to do when you have a WordPress website.

Widely used by many web design companies across the whole world

Okay its all well and your website designers recommending that you opt for their own CMS, or say that you use a CMS that’s built by another company, but not widely used.

What happens if you want to make changes to the website in the future, but you cant find a developer as they do no work with that CMS?

That’s right, it’s a bit like having a classic car, but finding spare parts, well that could prove difficult.

So, why not opt for WordPress, that’s because even if you don’t want to stick to the same website design company, well there are literally thousands of businesses that specialise in building WordPress websites, so you will be able to find the help that your business requires, when you opt for a WordPress website.


You could have a bespoke website built

Sometimes when a business thinks of WordPress, well they think of templates, and this can sometimes put some businesses off opting for a WordPress website.

But, what if we said you can have a bespoke website, but have it built in WordPress?

Well, we can offer this.


You could opt for a template

Are you just starting a business here in Cardiff? And you don’t have the money to spend on an expensive bespoke website?

Well, why not get your website designed in WordPress and use a template?


Can we help?

Whether you want a bespoke WordPress website, or a WordPress website built using a template, we can help. We are website designers based within Cardiff.