Why you should choose us as your web design agency


There are now so many web design company’s to choose from, that’s to say here in Cardiff the city has many web design agencies to choose from.

Yet here at CF24 we believe we have the edge; we can offer your business:

·        Quality websites

·        White hat SEO

·        Content marketing

·        WordPress specialists

·        Joomla websites

·        Affordable prices

High-Quality Websites

For some businesses a website has become the only way that they advertise the business.

That’s to say for some businesses, they need a quality website, one which allows them to standout from the competition.

Plus, businesses here in Cardiff do not want to pay for a website that is built by a website designer, that is difficult to use, in terms of adding blog posts, or making amendments, so a business owner often wants to add a blog post, and to only do this with a few clicks.

So what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is simple, hire us here at CF24, we can build a high-quality WordPress, or alternatively you may want a Joomla website?

We can design a quality website for your business, best of all our prices are affordable.

We can offer quality CMS websites, such as Joomla and WordPress

Sometimes a business will be in a rush to obtain a website, so for example, let’s say you are setting up a recruitment business here in Wales, then you may ask a few web design businesses for quote.

Then you may opt for the cheapest quote, yet, you may then obtain a website that’s built by the web design business, and is built using their own CMS.

So, what does that mean?

Well, many businesses all over Wales rely on a WordPress website, that’s because its one of the most popular types of content management systems there is, which means that there’s a lot of website developers.

So, this means that instead of a web design company building their own CMS, and the company may closedown, and no longer issue updates or support for their website, you can invest in a website where there are thousands, if not millions of WordPress developers world wide that can help your business.

We can build your website quickly

So let’s say that you have a new business idea, and you want to get this idea off the ground as soon as possible, and you have concluded that the best way to do this is to invest in a new website, plus also white hat seo.

Yet when you ask for web design and seo quotes from web designers here in Cardiff, they say it will take many months to build your website.

Well, this is where we can help, we can often build most website quickly. Sure, some websites will take longer than others to build.

So for example, if your setting up an e-commerce business, lets say you are going to sell running trainers, and you are planning on selling over 1000 pairs of trainers, well, this will take us quite a while to build that site.

Yet, for the majority of our customers, they will want what is called a brochure website, that’s a website that normally has 20 pages of less, and for this sort of website, we can build this sort of website quickly.

So whether you run a car dealership and you need a new website, or you’re a plumber here in Cardiff and you need a WordPress website we can help.

We can offer white hat SEO

What does SEO mean?

SEO simply means “search engine optimisation” and this means that an SEO consultant can work on your website, that’s so that it moves closer to the first page of Google.

Is this a fast process?

No, most definitely not, organic seo is a slow process, it means an SEO agency will need to implement work every single month, and then your website will move closer to the first page of Google, however, that’s if you choose the right seo agency.

Many company’s here in Wales have chosen the wrong web design business, and the wrong seo agency, which can result in the business incurring what is called an algorithmic penalty.

So your business may have heard about the Google Panda penalty? And the Google Penguin penalties, well this means that the SEO agency or the business has been implementing low quality seo.

We can offer content marketing

So let’s say your about to launch a new business, lets say your about to start your own solicitors practice.

Yet, you do not have the time to write all of the text for your new website, well this is where we can help.

We have some talented writers that work for us, so we can write all of the text for your new website for an additional fee.

Our prices are affordable

We offer affordable prices for white hat SEO, web design and also content marketing.

So if you run a business here in Cardiff, and you would like a quote for a new WordPress website, well why not give us a ring.

We work with small businesses, plus we can also work for large businesses as well.

So whether you want a WordPress website with just say 5 pages, or you would like an e-commerce website with 1000 pages, we are the web design company that can help.

We often offer the first year domain for free

Often we can offer the first years domain name for free, however this would only be for some domain names.

We would need to check whether we can offer a domain name for free, if the domain name cannot be offered for free, we will offer it for the first year at the cost it costs us to register the domain name for you.

So, some domain names as you would expect can be rather expensive, for example if it’s a domain name that a lot of other company’s want, then these can often be expensive, however with that said, for the vast majority of domain names that we apply to a WordPress website, these domain names can be offered for the first year for free.

We often offer the first years hosting for free

That is right, we don’t just offer the first years domain name for free, for most businesses, but we also offer the first years hosting for free as well.

This is why so many businesses in Wales hire us to be their web designers.

We have and continue to work with many businesses in Cardiff, South Wales

Where you’re a dentist, a builder or a hairdresser we can build a high-quality website for your business.

Plus, also web design is often not a one-off process, that’s because a large number of our customers also hire us to apply SEO.

And as SEO is needed every month, we therefore work with many businesses, and have done so for a long time.

We have many experienced web designers that work for us

If you are looking for a business that has many experienced web designers, then why not call us?

We have web designers that have been building WordPress, as well as also Joomla websites for many years.

We have many experienced web developers that work for us

We have experienced web developers that work for us, so no matter if you want a relatively basic website, or you want us to build a large e-commerce business, that sells for example thousands of products, then we can help.

We work with businesses of all sizes in Cardiff

We are WordPress specialists

We are WordPress specialists, and we think that WordPress websites are brilliant, they come with a very easy to use Dashboard, so you can add blog posts, obtain free plugins, such as Yoast, and also you can often make simple amendments without the need for a website designer, for example you can change the company’s address in the footer of the website, and often a website developer is not needed.

All websites will be responsive as standard

All of our websites are responsive, this means that all of our WordPress websites will work on smartphones, as well as tablets.

All websites will have a Dashboard

All of our websites will have an easy to use Dashboard, so you can add a new blog post easily.

All websites can be linked to your social media accounts

Does your business want a Twitter, Facebook or an Instagram account that’s linked to your website?

This simply means that icons can be added to your company’s website, so that your customers can easily click the links, and follow your company’s social media accounts.

Why not call CF24 for a quote today?

If your business requires a new website, or your business requires help to improve its seo, then why not call us?