What does CMS mean?


It used to be the case, that most businesses would have a website designed, and that the website could not be altered by the business, instead if the business say wanted to change the address on the website, well they would need to ask the website design company to do this.

Now, when you think of the changes that most company website’s require, whether this to be to add an address, change a phone number or say add a new page describing a new service, well it may start to get expensive for the business.


So what’s the solution?

Well, this is why many businesses now opt for a CMS website, or content management system. This often means that the website can sometimes have a dashboard.

If the website does have a dashboard, or an admin area then quite often the business can also make edits to the website, therefore meaning that sometimes they do not need the help of a website designer.

What does CMS mean?

CMS simply means content management system.


How much does a CMS website cost?

Even though CMS may sound like an expensive type of website, because it has a dashboard that allows the customer to make changes to the website, as well as the website designers in Cardiff, this hasn’t got to be the case.

That’s because WordPress is a type of CMS, so a WordPress website could be built for the business, and a WordPress website, if designed by us can often be very affordable.


How we can help:

If you would therefore like a website that you the business owner can also edit, well why not opt for say a WordPress website?

With a WordPress website it becomes easy to say add a blog post, change some of the main pages in terms of wording for example, and this is why many companies here in Cardiff opt for a WordPress website.