We listen


There are so many companies that offer cheap web design prices, and this is great for businesses that are just setting up in business- or is it?

Well, we would say this, it does depend.

We say it depends because if the website is cheap in terms of how much it costs, yet high-quality, then great.

Yet, often the website is not high-quality, it will often be really, really basic, and it may well be very difficult to apply organic SEO to.

So you may end up with a website that is about as much use as your business card.

That’s to say you may have a website that your SEO agency later states they cannot work with, or a CMS which is so hard to use that you the business owner cannot even add a blog post.

Plus the CMS may well have been built by the web design company, so it may not receive updates, which means that the website could incur glitches, so for example, the main menu may not work on the mobile version of the website.

So, nobody wants to invest in a CMS that may well be full of glitches, so this is why so many company’s here in Cardiff, South Wales call us.

Here at CF24 we use quality CMS websites, plus we have highly- experienced web developers that work for us. We can therefore build high-quality websites.

We listen

Okay, so no business owner wants to  have to waste time meeting at the web designers offices, to go over pointless details in terms of how the new website should look.

Yet, with that said, you will need a web design agency that can build your new website, and also understand what your business can offer quickly.

This is why we are able to listen to our customers, quickly ascertain what they need their website to do, offer many suggestions, then task our web designers to quickly build the website.

Plus, we can offer extra services, so for example we can even write the content marketing for your business. We can also build your website quickly, that’s because here in Cardiff we have website designers that can build a CMS website quickly.

Our designers can e-mail or call you, and we can quickly ascertain how you would like the website to look, and our designers can then get to work on building your new website.

Plus, our designers will not use marketing jargon, such as do you need your website to have AMP or be responsive. Instead our designers will simply ask, do you want your website to work on a tablet, or mobile, if so the website will need to be made mobile friendly.  

Which features does your business require?

CMS websites, seo, content marketing, logo design and link building

One of the great things about choosing CF24 is we are not like some web design agencies, that’s because we can offer many additional services, for example, we can build websites, that’s the core of our business, yet we can also offer link building, content marketing, logo design as well as help with your businesses organic seo.


Do you need your website to work on tablets or a mobile phone?

Some website designers charge an additional fee for making the website responsive, yet here at CF24 we do not, this can sometimes save the business hundreds of pounds.

Sometimes the business will not be aware that the web design agency charges extra for making the website responsive, sometimes there’s so much information sent over, that is attached with the quote, that the business owner may not see the extra charge of say £700.00 for making the website responsive.

However, this is another reason why so many company’s here in Cardiff hire us, that’s because we make our websites responsive for no additional cost, plus we make our quotes very clear, so you know exactly how much your website will cost.

Design ideas

Some business owners will call us, and they would like a website designed, however they may not know how they would like the website to look.

That’s to say, they may have a vague idea, but they would like the web design agency to help.

This is where our website developers and our designers can start to come up with ideas.

Sometimes this will involve brain-storming using a white board, and sometimes it might well mean looking at your direct competitors and picking which elements of their websites you like, for example, on one website you may like that they have a really simple to use menu.

On another website you may spot that the business is using AMP, so your business may also want an AMP version of the website.

Sometimes a business will have a mobile version of the website, a website that is responsive, yet is very easy to use.

So for example, perhaps the company sells clothing, yet you sell over 2000 products, yet the web designers may have designed a menu that’s so easy to use, it allows a shopper to find a product very easily.

We can use these ideas to form a design specification, and then our website designers will be asked to design a website that incorporating all of those features.

So for example, after a meeting we may have worked out that your business requires the following:

·        Joomla website

·        Responsive

·        An AMP version of the website

·        For us to write the content marketing

·        Header and footer to be bright orange

·        The menu to be a drop-down menu


As we mentioned earlier, it can sometimes be hard to brain storm different ideas without having some inspiration.

So sometimes our clients will want their website designed so that the final design incorporates different elements that they have seen on their competitors’ websites.

And so the client may say to us, to build the menu the same as another business, and to have the homepage in the same style as another business.

Our web designers can then use this page as a point of reference and then build your website so that it has a similar style.


We mostly work with businesses that are based here in Cardiff, and because we work with local businesses we are here if you want to meet us.

Marketing budget

We will work hard to make sure that we maximise your marketing budget as much as possible, so for example if you would like us to  build a WordPress website, we will make sure that we are able to incorporate as many features that you want, that’s feasible with your businesses marketing budget.

This is the same for SEO, we offer packages which offer great value for money.

How many pages?

Some web design businesses offer really cheap web design prices, yet sometimes this is because they may state the price is just for a four- or five-page website.

Now when you consider that most businesses, even small businesses will require at least 10 pages, a 4 page website is often not enough.

So for example, lets say you run a plumbing business, you will have a homepage, a contact us page and an about us page, yet you may also want pages for “boiler repair”, “boiler replacement”, “emergency call outs” and also complete central heating replacement service.

Now this amounts to seven pages, so you can see that with a cheap web design price, of say just a few hundreds of pounds for a 5 page website, you may well not get all of the pages that you require.

Which CMS will work best for your business?

This is something that your business should think about, as if the web design agency builds the website using a CMS which you find difficult to use, well you may find it hard to add say a blog post, change the meta titles, and meta descriptions and also edit the main pages.

So this is why so many company’s here in Cardiff opt for a high-quality WordPress website.


So once you’ve got your website designed, will your business then require SEO?

With some web designers this then means finding an SEO agency, or perhaps using the company that your website designer has recommend.

However, if you choose CF24 we can offer you organic, white hat seo, plus you will not need to find another agency, as we can offer to build your CMS website, then if you wish to hire us to improve your company’s seo, we can get straight to work on improving your company’s seo.

Organic seo requires a monthly investment, how much this costs does depend on how much work we will need to do each month, however our costs are always fixed, so why not give us a ring for a quote?

Content marketing?

So you’ve found a web designer that you wish to use, its just now they have asked you to write the content marketing, and this means that you will have to write thousands, and thousands of words.

And for some business owners, they will simply not have the time it takes to write thousands of words.

So, why not let us do this for you? We can build your website, plus one of our copywriters can be writing the text at the same time, this way we can get your new website back to you quicker.

Quality websites

We only build high-quality websites; this means that we can build a website for your company, that will be designed to a high standard, plus it will incorporate the features that your company will need, such as being responsive.

How our web design company can help:

If you require a new website for your business, or you would like your current website to be redesigned, then why not call us?