How we make the website design process super easy for our customers…


There are loads of Cardiff website design companies, so how do you pick between them all?

Well, many companies here in Cardiff choose us for one simple reason, we make the whole process very simple.

That’s to say, some website designers may draw the process out, plus the customer often gets annoyed when they suddenly realise there’s loads of hidden costs, such as having to pay extra to make the website responsive, or that the website hosting costs are super expensive.

So, this is where CF24 is different, so here’s how we make the process very easy for our customers.


It’s as easy as 1,2,3

1 Find out whether you want a bespoke or template design

Do you want a website built from scratch, so it built by a website developer? This type of website normally costs more, that’s because these websites take longer to build.

However, your business may want to spend less, so you may opt for a WordPress website.


2 Offer some suggestions

Once we’ve gained an understanding of what you want your website to do, i.e do you want to sell products, or just have a simple 5-page website?

Once our website developers understand what your business wants, we can sent over some design ideas.

If approved, we can start to build your new website.


3 Build your website

Whether we are building the website from scratch, or we are building a WordPress website, we can start to build your new website.

The customer may ask us to write the content, or you may be writing this for us, we can then add the content to your website.

It’s as easy as that


How do you make your websites so affordable?

Well, our bespoke websites these often require a lot of time to build, so we would need to offer a quote accordingly.

However, we also build WordPress websites, so we can build WordPress websites which can save your business a lot of money.

Plus these websites offer excellent value for money, that’s because we can offer a quote to include:


·        Website is responsive

·        Low cost website hosting

·        Low cost domain renewal

·        We can offer low cost stock images


Why are the quotes that I am getting from other Cardiff website design companies so high?

Some website design companies only want to deal with large businesses, that’s to say they may have a minimum charge whatever business contacts them, and they may well not work for any less.

Often this is not affordable for some businesses, yet we offer many affordable options.


So how long will it take to build my website?

This will all depend on how much work is needed, for example a WordPress website, well we often complete these websites in under 3 weeks, however a website made from scratch, we often take around 4 to 6 weeks, and that’s because often more work is required.

Why do you recommend building in WordPress?

So many businesses contact us to say that they have had a website designed by a website design agency in Cardiff previously, and that the website designers had their own CMS.

Now CMS stands for content management system, and they sometimes tell us that the CMS had limited functionality, meaning that they could add blog posts, but couldn’t make changes to the main pages.

This can frustrate some business owners, as let’s say they have a meet the team page, well if staff members start the business or leave, well to make changes to the website, they may have to go through the website design company.

This can prove expensive, so this is why many companies here in Cardiff contact us, and they say how can I get a website built that we have more control over.

And by control they often mean, how can they make changes to the business website’s main pages, without having to contact the website designers, and this is when we recommend WordPress.


Okay, so how can I obtain a quote?

Just drop us a message, and explain how you would like your website designed, and then we can often offer a quote more or less straightaway.