How we ensure that our clients obtain a high-quality website at an affordable price

There are now so many web designers here in the city of Cardiff, South Wales this means that as a business, you are quite simply spoilt for choice.

However, with that said, here at CF24 we believe we have the edge, here’s why so many businesses in Cardiff choose us:

·        We are an established web design company

·        We offer affordable prices

·        We build websites using content management systems (CMS) that are used by many leading company’s

·        We have highly-experienced web designers that work for us

·        We wont use complicated jargon such as Javascript, CSS, AMP, or HTML when discussing with you how you would like your website built- we instead make things simple

We design high-quality websites

Often a web design company here in Cardiff will pitch their brand so it attracts one of two types of clients, that is the first group of clients will want a website built as cheap as possible, they may well be getting the business up and running here in Cardiff, so they do not want to spend that much.

That’s to say they don’t mind which CMS is used, or if the website has an AMP version of the website or not.

Instead the business just wants a cheap website, built as quickly as possible. And with that said, there are many web design agencies that will cater for that type of customer.

Then you have your other agencies, these may well be established, and they now just want large businesses.

However here at CF24 we are a web design company that’s a bit different, that’s because we work with businesses of all sizes, that’s to say we work with sole traders that want a relatively simple 5-page website built.

Yet, we then have web developers that understand CSS, HTML and Javascript, and can code a website so that it meets the specification that a large business requires.

For example, a large business may want an e-commerce website, they may want every element built from scratch- so they will need web developers that have a vast knowledge of CSS and HTML and also how to build an AMP version of the website, and we can offer our web design services to that company as well.

So, with that said, we can work with large and small businesses here in Cardiff.

We ensure that every website that we build is responsive and mobile friendly and we do that for free

So lets say that you ask a web designer for a quote, and they e-mail you back within a few hours, the quote doesn’t look that bad, it’s more or less what you had expected and budgeted for.

Yet, the web designer has also included a break down of the quote, and you see a part called “optional extras”.

It’s here that the web designer mentions a supplementary fee for making the website responsive.

And what does that mean?

Well, it basically means an extra fee for making sure that the website works on your smartphone, and also your tablet– and should this be an additional extra?

Well, when you think that now over 50% of your visitors will come via your smartphone, or your tablet, well, this means that its not so much optional, but we think it’s essential.

This is why when you contact CF24, we don’t charge you extra for making your website responsive, no instead we include this in our fee.

On most domain names that we supply, we can offer the domain name for free for the first year* (dependent on the domain name)

For some website designers, they will charge a monthly fee, this is for website hosting and also the domain name.

Now, the monthly fee may well be low, but when you consider that you may have the website for say six years, well, that monthly fee can then accumulate into a considerable cost.

However, when you choose CF24, we are a web design company that does things a bit different.

That’s because for most businesses that we build a website for, we can offer the domain name, and the hosting free for a year. However, this would be dependent on the domain name, some domain names can be expensive, in which case, if the domain name is more expensive, we would need to offer a quote to register some domain names.

We even offer free website hosting for the first year*

Cardiff based web designers

We are a web design business that’s based in Cardiff

We can even write the text

Lets say your starting a business here in Wales, let’s say in Cardiff Bay, well, you’ve mostly likely got a lot of work to do, that’s to say finding a business premises, finding staff and suppliers.

So you need a new website, but you may not have the time to be writing thousands of words, that’s to say, you need to hire a web design business that also has copywriters working for the business?

And we can offer this, so not only can we build the CMS website for you, plus build a mobile version of the website, but we can also write the text as well.

This often allows the website to be built more quickly, as once our web designers have built the website, we can then start to write the text.

Quality CMS

We can build your website using a content management system that is very easy to use, so for example your business may opt for a Joomla website, or your business may opt for a WordPress website.

We can build your website, and then send login details, this is so you can login to the Dashboard, and you can easily add blog posts to your website.

Web design agency

If you are looking for a local web design business, and your company is based in Cardiff, then why not call CF24?

We make the entire web design process a piece of cake

We aim to make the entire web design process a piece of cake, that’s to say our web designers wont use jargon, such as HTML and CSS when discussing how you would like your website to look, instead we explain everything really clearly.

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