How much does web hosting cost?


Sometimes a business will ask several web design companies for a quote, and one business may well offer a very low quote- but why is that?

Well, sometimes some website designers make their money by charging for extras, such as charging a monthly fee for web hosting.

Sometimes a business may well also charge a lot of money to make the website “responsive” meaning so it can work on mobile phones.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to write an article on how our business charges our customers for web hosting.


First year is free

For most websites that we build, we often offer the first year’s web hosting absolutely fee.

Now this is worth bearing in mind if our quote is similar to a competitor’s quote, as some competitors may charge a fee per month for web hosting.

So sometimes a business may charge a low fee, say £12.99 per month up to say £50.00 per month.

Yet, if you take the lower amount at £12.99 per month, and then multiply this by 12 months, and then multiply this by how long the website is live, lets say 5 years, well that comes to £779.40 and that’s a cost that some customers do not consider when picking which Cardiff website design to choose.

So often we offer the first year for free, then each year is £60.00 per year.

This is a very affordable way of obtaining hosting for your new website.


Is £60.00 a year after the first year reasonable?

One of the reasons why CF24 has so many customers is because we offer low prices for web hosting.

Some businesses say to us that some quotes that they have had for building the website were low, but when they factored in hosting costs over a few years, they were actually end up paying a lot for what can sometimes be a very basic website.

With CF24 you will be obtaining a well-designed website, plus we can then host your website for a very low cost.


What about domain renewal how much does that cost?

Some domains cost more to renew that others, so for certain domains we offer the first year free, which is included in your web design cost, then after that we will charge a fixed year fee, which can vary from 12.99 a year upwards depending on the domain name that needs to be renewed.

Can you arrange to host my website, so that my website goes live straightaway?

Yes, once your happy with your new website, we will set it live, so it hosted straightaway.

This way there’s no delays between having your new website designed, and then the customer having to find their own hosting company.