How much does domain renewal cost each year?


You may be about to start a new business here in Cardiff, and after some time thinking about what to call your business, you’ve now arrived at a name.

After you’ve checked that the name is not registered with another business, or infringing on another businesses name, then you may instruct us to register the domain.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is simply the web address that you use to visit that website, so it normally ends with a .com or

With that said many different domain names can be selected, for example the websites address could end with a .Cymru or .Biz.

However, if your business is based here in the U.K, and your only planning on selling your goods here in Britain, then we would recommend just opting for a .com or address.


Why must these be updated?

A business must keep their domain name registered to that business, meaning that you can renew it every year, or say every 2 years or every 3 years.

What’s important is that the domain name is registered, and that the fee is paid to keep that domain name, if you plan on keeping that website.


How much does it cost each year for the domain name?

This does vary depending on the domain name, for example if many businesses would also like that same domain name, because for example it may be the word, or multiple words that describe a business sector, then that domain may well be quite expensive to renew every year.

However, most domains are inexpensive to renew each year, and we only charge £25.00 for most domain names.

Plus if you choose our Cardiff web design and SEO company, then the first year is free for most domain names, that’s for your businesses domain name and also hosting.

We say for most domains it’s free for the first year, because for some domains we do have to charge more. For example, some domain names can cost a few hundred or a few thousand per year to renew, so these domains are not free for the first year.

However, most domain names that we register, we offer the first year for free. If you would like to see if we can offer you a free domain name for the first year, then e-mail us first.


Can CF24 sort this out for me?

Yes, we can build your new website, we can offer to register your domain name, plus we can offer affordable website hosting.

“We can offer to build your website, as well as offering affordable web hosting and we can also register domain names”


Would you like a quote for a new website?

Whether you’re a car dealer, solicitor or perhaps a builder within Cardiff that requires a new website to be built, then why not give us a call?

Why not get in contact?

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