How much do your websites cost?

There are now so many web design agencies to choose from within Cardiff, so when your business decides it needs a new website, well you may contact quite a few agencies, but this is when businesses can sometimes get quite confused.

Confused because quite often prices can differ massively between the various website designers.

So, in order to explain how we arrive at our prices, here’s how we work out how much to charge:


Affordable websites


If a business wants a website that only has say 5 pages, they want a professional website, but don’t want to pay too much, then we may offer a website designed in WordPress which is affordable.



However, if the customer wants to spend a bit more, and have a bespoke website, then we can offer to build a bespoke website.



A lot of our customers request that the website is designed in WordPress, we can design affordable websites using WordPress.

So, for example a business here in Cardiff may get in contact with our marketing agency, and they may explain that the business is a new business venture and they have a low marketing budget.

We are often able to build an affordable website using WordPress.


How many pages are required?

The main factor that will decide on how much we need to charge a customer is how many pages do you require?

For example, some customers may just want say a simple 5 page website, yet if you are selling different products, well you may want say 1000 pages.

So this will determine how much we need to charge, as a website that has a lot of different pages will often require more time from our website developers.




If the website is an e-commerce website, meaning that business wants to sells products online, then an e-commerce website will be more expensive, than if you were to hire us to build say a 5 page website for a builder for example.


We can offer your business an affordable quote

No matter if you’re a sole trader just setting up your own business in Cardiff, or let’s say you’re a large business setting up in Cardiff, we can help. We can offer affordable quotes.

So, whether you want a bespoke website, or a website built using WordPress we can help.


Free quotes

We can offer free quotes, so why not call or send our digital marketing agency a e-mail today?