Most businesses will want a bespoke website, however some businesses that want to spend less often opt for a website that’s built using a template.

Our digital marketing agency offers both bespoke and also WordPress websites.

A bespoke websites great if you have a vision for how you want your website to look.

However, with that said, many businesses also opt for a template website, say built using WordPress and then customise the design.


Why are bespoke websites more expensive?

Bespoke websites often require more time to be built, this means a website will often require sometimes many website developers to build the website.

This therefore increases the cost.

With a template website, well a lot of the coding is already done, so its just a matter of customising the website, which means that less time is spent building the website, so often the website can be offered at a lower cost.


What does CMS mean?

CMS stands for content management system, whether your business opts for say a bespoke website, or say a template design, we would highly recommend that your business opts for a CMS website that offers a dashboard that’s easy to use.

Sometimes some web design companies offer their own CMS, yet these can sometimes be difficult to use, so we would recommend before purchasing the website, that you ask the web design company if you could see how the dashboard works.

This will give you an idea of how easy it is to say add blog posts yourself, or make changes to the main pages.

This is important, as some website design companies have CMS dashboards that are difficult to use, plus may not offer may edit options.

So for something as simple as changing the businesses address, or say phone number, well you may be required to use the website design company or a developer.

This can sometimes mean that it can be expensive for some businesses, as if the website had a dashboard that easily allows you the customer to make edits, well this can save the business money.


How long does it take to build a bespoke website?

Well, this does depend on how many pages need to be designed, plus is the website just a brochure website, or is it to be more complicated?

For example, let’s say the website compares quotes of different insurance companies, well this type of website is going to need a lot of work, and therefore will take longer to build.


But what if we haven’t got the marketing budget for a bespoke website?

Bespoke websites can sometimes be expensive to build, so if you want to spend less, well why not talk to us about getting a WordPress website instead?

We can offer WordPress websites which are affordable for most businesses.