What does CSS mean?


If you’ve ever visited your web design agency, that’s to have had a meeting about how you would like your new CMS website to look, well you may have heard CSS being mentioned


Within this article we will mention a bit about HTML, yet we will concentrate on CSS and explain how it is used to customise a website.

So, what does CSS mean?

CSS simply stands for cascading style sheets, and this will be used by your website designer to add stylistic instructions for your website.

So what does that mean exactly?

Well, a web developer will use the back-end of your website to add HTML and CSS code, and its this code then is used to tell your web browser exactly what a website should look like.

The most common type of coding that your web developer will use is called “HTML” and this simply means hyper text mark-up language.

Now, your website designer will use HTML to code where every element should be placed onto your website. HTML therefore is the main frame that is used to put all the different elements together. So think of HTML as you would the plans to put your house together, it would explain where the main parts go, such as the windows, doors and the dimensions, and this is exactly what HTML does for your website.

Then CSS is the finer details such as which colour paint you are going to use on your house, and CSS is used to explain what colour font you are going to use.

You may have also heard of your web developer mention wireframes as well?

Well, wireframes is quite simply a way of laying out the different elements, such as the text, and your designer will use HTML code to do this.

So for example HTML will be used to specify where a heading should be placed, plus when a break should occur within a large section of text.

CSS is an extension of HTML

CSS is used so that a designer can specify the different stylistic elements that are used to design your website.

For example, CSS is used to specify the colour of the text, or let’s say the heading of the anchor text on each page.

Also, many company’s will now use a font across their businesses website, letters and on business cards, so CSS can be used to choose a font.

The three elements that make-up CSS

There are three main elements that make-up CSS, they are “Selectors”, “Properties” and “Values”.

A selector simply uses the HTML code to choose the part of your company’s website that you wish to style.

So then the properties and the values are then used to apply stylistic instructions to the selector.

And its as simple as that.

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