Content Marketing

Content Marketing

For those that already know a thing or two about SEO, well these people will know that content marketing is a really big deal. We are experts when it comes to implementing content marketing that really works.
What on earth does content marketing actually mean?

Well to be fair, when investing in seo there are so many terms that can confuse and baffle. One such term, that can sound super complicated, is the term “content marketing”.

But fear not, as this term simply means written text. Described like that, well it sounds pretty simple right?

Well, not really, because there’s a huge difference between content marketing that works, and the rubbish content marketing that can even cause penalties.

This means that for this form of marketing to work, it must be really useful to your customers. Then all the seo goodness can be added, like the meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, anchor text and so on.

Thankfully there’s a super friendly team that can help you with your businesses content marketing requirements (that’s us by the way).

Why should we choose your seo company?
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How can content marketing actually help my business?


You may already be aware, that in order for a business to improve where it ranks, it needs to invest in a process that’s called “white hat seo”.

A large part of that whole SEO process is to create content marketing.

Content marketing can be anything from blog posts added to your website, or perhaps an article posted on another website in order to obtain a backlink.

The whole point of this is to help a business to improve where it ranks. So perhaps you make the tastiest dog treats in the whole world, well quite possibly you would like to rank higher for “dog treat suppliers”.

Therefore seo can help you do this. So when somebody is looking for what your business offers, you appear higher, and can therefore can gain more sales.

Content marketing
White Hat
What makes your SEO agency so good?

Some of our consultants have over 10 years’ worth of experience


Content Marketing

We’ve written so many articles, for so many businesses we have actually lost count!


White Hat

Like the best agencies in the business, we don’t cut any corners. We only use the best white hat methods. 


Let’s face it some agencies can charge an absolute arm and a leg! We don’t, our service is affordable


We know what your thinking! Your thinking this, why would my business pay a marketing agency to create content marketing, which essentially gives away advice for free on our website.

Well, you could look at it like that. Or alternatively, you may wish to take this perspective, and that is in order to draw in more customers, your website has to be better than your competitors website.

Most businesses will be looking to improve their own websites with seo. This means in order to stand head and shoulders above your competitors, well you need content marketing.

The next thing that’s likely to be on your mind is this, how much does this service cost? This does depend on your business sector.

For example, the quantity of content marketing needed for a car insurance business will be a lot higher than if it was for a local pizza company.

This means it depends on how much competition your business is up againist.

With that said, you should never sacrifice quality for quantity. Instead the work must be of top quality- this is where we can help.


Choose your next seo agency wisely


It’s absolutely essential that you pick your next seo company wisely. The reason being is that low quality seo will get caught out by Google’s spam filters.

You’ve probably already heard of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, these are old news now.

Well, these are pretty good examples of spam filters that weed out websites which use naff seo methods.

This is why when you choose your next Cardiff digital marketing agency, you should choose one that only offers quality work.

This is especially important when it comes to content marketing, as if the writing and onsite seo is not up to scratch, well it’s your website may incur a penalty. A penalty can be costly and also time consuming to recover from.

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Now is the time to invest

Have you ever had a good look at your competitors’ websites? The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that they may have tons of writing added to their blogs, and their article section on a regular basis. They may have even possibly published in-depth articles that you can download and have a good read of.

Well this means one thing, their content marketing strength may well be stronger than yours. We don’t want to rub it in too much, but you better get a blooming move on if you want to rank higher than your competitors. So, to get the process underway why not get on the dog and bone to us?

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You may well be thinking why is there such a price disparity between what one agency charges and another?

Well the answer to that question is rather simple, often the quality difference can be truly massive.

Where one SEO company within Cardiff may churn out content marketing as if it was on a production line, another may spend hours, if not days writing a true masterpiece.

And what it all boils down to is whether or not the work will help the businesses customers.

So, put yourself in their shoes for a second, and let’s say you have had a little DIY disaster over the weekend.

To save a few quid you’ve had a bash at fitting the kitchen taps yourself, it’s just now the taps don’t work, and the floor looks like a low budget swimming pool.

You turn to your smartphone for answers naturally. You could always phone a plumber, but to be frank your too embarrassed for that, so you try and fix the problem yourself.

Would you prefer to take advice from an article that’s been written in 10 minutes flat, lacks any solid advice and leaves you scratching your head none the wiser?

Or, would you prefer a really good article, it provides step by step advice, a video explaining how to get the taps on easily. Plus, it’s allowed good comments to be added, and the author has spent great time and effort answering the question.

Well the answer is obvious. But what’s not so obvious is that behind the scenes there may well be an seo agency that’s doing all this work, and improving the website to draw in more customers.

So, the old saying rings true here, you do get what you pay for.

Not just a wordpress theme. A real design jewel!

You may have been looking for a new marketing agency for a while now, well no look no further as here we are.We can offer to create content marketing for your business, or instead take care of your businesses entire seo requirements.

No matter if you run a small business, or your business is known all over the world, we have the seo solutions for you.

Why not get on the phone, and have a chat with us today?