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If your planning on launching a new business venture here within Cardiff, then we can help you by building a brand-new shinny website for your business. If however your simply fed-up with your business’s current website, well why not change it? We can help with that also.
What are WordPress Websites?

Whether you’re planning on opening a new solicitor’s practice, or perhaps your planning on going self-employed, well you’ll need a new website- this is where we can help.

We can offer impressive websites that are built from scratch, however often the cost for these websites is a bit more. Afterall, the websites will need to have many hours spent on building them, that’s in terms of constructing the website, so a website developer will often have to work a long time building the site.

But what if there was another way, a way of getting a website that looks blooming amazing yet doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Well, thankfully there is, that’s why we build many websites using WordPress.


So, what is WordPress?

Well it’s a super popular type of website that used by web design agencies all around the globe.


But why is it so popular?

Well, that’s because WordPress just makes things easy, and when we say easy we mean easy for you the customer.

That’s because some websites can be coded by a web design agency, and for every single tweak or improvement that your company wants at a later date, well, sometimes this is followed by a rather handsome invoice that swiftly follows.

However, with WordPress, well things are different, that’s to say it’s easy to make simple changes yourself and add the odd blog post yourself as well.

So if you’ve had a website designed by a website design company, and they have charged you for say changing the companies address, well it’s time to forget all that and to start thinking about hiring us to build you a brand new WordPress site.

This type of website has a login area, which then opens the Dashboard area, and this is an area where you can change the wording of each page, change the pictures and also change a lot of other things easily.

This means that some stuff you may need us for, but more often than not if your making a simple change, such as changing the companies phone number on the contact us page, well, that’s an absolute piece of cake to do, so our customers can do that themselves.

So, don’t want to be tied to a website design company in Cardiff? Well, you haven’t got to be, get a website designed in WordPress by us.

Okay, so loads of people are recommending WordPress but why?
Great designs

Whether your launching a construction company, solicitors’ practice or hairdressers we will be able to make a WordPress website for your business.



Sure, we can design a website for your business from scratch, our website developers can offer a bespoke website for your business. However, if you want a great looking website for your business, and you have less of a marketing budget, well why not opt for a WordPress site?




Cardiff sure is one busy city, which means its more than likely your business will be up against a lot of competition. So why have your website designed in a CMS you’ve never heard of? Businesses all-round the world use WordPress, it’s proven, it’s a good option so why opt for something else, we recommend opting for WordPress




We listen carefully to what our customers want, we can then offer you a WordPress website which will offer you excellent value for money.



Sometimes some website design companies want you to use their own CMS, now for those that don’t know what CMS means, well, it simply means content management system.

Now this sounds, well complicated, right? Trust us, it’s not, all it means is that most CMS offer a login area, so most websites therefore allow you to make changes to your website.

This is good right?

Well, yes, its good as long as the CMS works correctly. Sometimes some website designers use their own CMS, which becomes outdated, full of glitches and difficult to use, and guess what?

That’s right, they then try and flog you a new website.

Well, we think its far better not use to use a CMS that the website design company has made, we would recommend opting for something like WordPress.

Why do we think that?

Well, WordPress is a proven type of website, used by businesses all across the world, and also used by countless website design companies.

So, WordPress has regular updates, and it’s not just used by our website design business, nope, its also used by thousands, if not millions of other website designers.

Why opt for a CMS offered by a website design agency that may not get updated? That may not have the functionality that WordPress offers also.

So for example, sure some website design agencies may offer their own CMS, but you may only be able to add blog posts, not to alter the main pages, we don’t think this is not very good, so why not consider getting a WordPress website instead?

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Whether you’re a sole trader looking to start your own business, or perhaps you’re a large company based here in Cardiff, well, we would love to hear from you.

We can offer free quotes, so what you waiting for, why not drop us a line?