Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We can offer your business many different content management systems to choose from. Each of our content management systems (CMS) will come complete with a “Dashboard” making it easy for you to add blog posts.
What does “CMS” mean?

CMS simply means content management system, which means that most CMS websites will have a “Dashboard” yet this depends on which CMS your business chooses.

One of the most popular content management systems is WordPress.

WordPress is great for businesses that want to add blog posts themselves.

So this means that it is super easy to add a blog post when you opt for a WordPress website.

Okay, but why do so many businesses opt for WordPress?
Easy to use

The Dashboard makes it super easy to add blog posts or install a plugin


 Widely used

Many businesses right across the world rely on WordPress



Many E-commerce websites have been built using WordPress



We can offer your business an affordable WordPress website


Whichever CMS your business decides to choose, we can design a great looking website for your business.

We have talented website designers which can build your new website at an affordable price.

Plus, we can also offer content marketing as well, so if you haven’t got the time to write the content marketing yourself, well we can also help with that also

Sometimes some web design companies can build an affordable website, say using WordPress, yet then charge a high monthly fee for hosting and the domain name, which can simply mean that the website becomes expensive.

However, we provide the first years hosting for free, plus we then only charge for hosting and domain name renewal once a year, we only charge a fixed affordable fee.

Website design 100%
SEO 100%
Content Marketing 100%
WordPress 100%
What does CMS mean?

Okay, so you might have called a few web designers and one of the first questions that they have asked was this- which CMS are you going to opt for?

And you are unsure

Well do not worry- that’s because what you need is a web design business, like CF24 which will walk you through all the various options

And there’s many CMS options to choose from, that’s to say there’s WordPress right through to Joomla and many, many options to choose from

What’s essential is that the web designers stop to listen to what you want your company website to do, for example do you want to sell products or do you want a simple 10-page website? Perhaps you want a website that has a Dashboard that’s really simple to use?

Therefore as a well-known web design agency our web designers will be able to listen to you, we will then recommend which options would work best for your company

That’s to say a CMS that’s perfect for say a 10-page website may not work best for a CMS that’s needed to sell thousands of different products

So our web developers and designers can recommend which option would work best for your business once we’ve met or had a chat with you on the phone