So you’ve got a pretty swanky website, yet it’s not drawing in the customers that you had hoped for? Well now’s the time to get in touch with us. When it comes to SEO we simply know our stuff. In a nutshell, if you want to do more business online, then you need our Cardiff SEO service.
What on earth does SEO mean?

SEO is a continuous process that never comes to a stop. This means that businesses all over the globe partner with digital marketing agencies, in order to improve where their business is placed within Google.

And this makes sense, as most people don’t look beyond the first page of Google. So if you want your goods to fly off the shelf, or to generate more calls for your services, well simply put you need seo.

Now, we don’t want to baffle your brains, but we need to get technical for a second. Every single website is rated and ranked according to the strength of the websites “ranking signals”.

There are over 200 “ranking signals” and these are constantly monitored by Google, by a piece of code that’s called “Googlebot”.

Googlebot then reports back to an algorithm, and the algorithm calculates and compares your websites ranking signals with your direct competitors.

The businesses that have the strongest ranking signals, will rank the highest for terms that are relevant to that business.

So, as you could imagine, a double glazing business being ranked at the top for “double glazing companies + an area name” well, that business is going to do pretty well for itself.

We hear you? Your thinking well why is this process continuous, surely once you’ve reached the top of Google, you can sit back and reap the rewards?

Well, if only it was that easy. What actually happens is your direct competitors will want a slice of the action.

That is your direct competitors, and new start-up businesses will also want to be at the top. So, basically you will be in competition all of the time.

The businesses that take their eye off the ball, will result in the algorithm demoting that website accordingly.

Now, the second most commonly asked question is this:


Surely its better to go with the cheapest seo agency that you can find?

Hmm, well the answer to that is another big fat no. That’s because if a Cardiff SEO company was to compete solely on price, then they often have to cut corners.

They will not have some hotshot seo consultant working for them thats for sure. No, instead there likely to use automated seo methods, which can sometimes mean trouble.

And when we say trouble, we mean a Google penalty. This can be costly to recover from, and be a headache to fix.

So, a word to the wise, choose an agency that is respected, and is established and say hello to CF24.

What areas are you particularly good at?
Content Marketing
Link Building
Local SEO

Why should we choose your SEO agency?


Within Cardiff there are now more seo companies than you can shake a stick at! It can therefore be difficult to know who to choose.

However, with that said, when it comes to seo, quality is the most important factor.

There’s a rather silly term that’s used in the seo game, and that’s called “white hat seo”. This term means that the agency doesn’t cut corners, instead it implements quality seo.

Now, with that said you might think it would suffice to just look for a Cardiff white hat seo company?

Hmm, no unfortunately there are rubbish agencies that use low quality seo methods, yet still say they are white hat, that’s when they are not.

So who do you trust?

Well, there is one agency that will only ever use the best methods. That agency is called CF24.

Ryan runs CF24, and has over 10 years seo experience, and is one of the most experienced SEO consultants within Wales.

We can catapult your website onto the first page. Best of all, we will only ever use white hat methods.

This means that Google’s algorithm will like the way that we implement seo.

We think you will as well, so why not get on the dog and bone, and give us a bell today?

Here’s what our digital marketing agency has to offer

Local seo

Run a local business? Yet the phones gathering dust? Well we can help you.


Organic seo

  Organic seo can help drive more customers to your website


Cardiff SEO

If you run a business within Cardiff, South Wales, then we bet you will need SEO. To standout in a capital city you need a switched on seo agency, that’s us.


 Fair Prices

Organic and local seo when implemented correctly is never going to be cheap. But, with that said, we offer fair prices that will not cost an arm and a leg


Local seo- what’s that all about then? It’s fair to say that when investing in seo it can be a blooming confusing experience from a customers perspective. But we make it easier than what many other marketing agencies do.

That’s because we explain everything in plain English.

Local seo is slightly different from organic seo, that’s because if you’ve ever searched to find local businesses, then you may have been greeted by the map listings.

A map, that normally has 3 businesses listed underneath. If you would like your business to be listed here, then you need us.

We are the local seo experts.

Organic seo- what’s that all about then? The vast majority of Google’s results are what are called “organic search results”. This means once you’ve waded through the PPC ads at the top, the Google My Business results, you will arrive at the organic business listings. There are 10 results normally, and in order to rank on the first page you will need to partner with an seo agency.

This is where we can help. We can get to work on improving your websites “ranking signals”. Now this may sound like complicated stuff, but ranking signals are what are used to determine how good your website actually is.

Organic SEO100%
Local SEO 100%
Content marketing 100%
Link building 100%

Why does my business need to invest every single month?


It’s a question that’s asked to seo agencies all of the time. And this is understandably so, after all, someone that’s new to the seo game would be forgiven for thinking that seo is a one off process.

However, organic seo is far from a one of process, and we will explain why.

Every website is ranked according to the strength of the websites “ranking signals”. In total there are over 200 ranking signals.

So, this means that your online marketing business will have their work cut out if they are to constantly be improving these signals.

But this is the real pivotal factor, your seo agency will be improving your businesses ranking signals, but so will your direct competitors also. So this means that the benchmark to beat can be constantly moving, and this is why seo is a continuous process.

  • One
  • Two

Time waits for no man

It’s an old-fashioned saying that time waits for no man, but this saying also rings  true when it comes to how seo works. What we mean by this is that sometimes some companies have such a head start in terms of improving the businesses seo, that it can be more and more difficult to catch up later on. This is why its worth investing in seo now, rather than later.

Not just a wordpress theme. A real design jewel!

Whether you wish to use our team to design a brand new website, or to implement a winning SEO strategy, we can help.We mostly work with businesses that are based here within Cardiff, yet as the agency is expanding we are also working with businesses based all over the place.

We offer affordable prices, and high-quality work, so what you waiting for?