Why choose our web design agency?


There are many web design companies here in Cardiff, yet with that said we believe we have the edge.

Here’s a few reasons why so many businesses choose us as their web design agency:

Quality Web Design

Whether you run a local construction business here in Cardiff, or you are the marketing manager for an international brand, our web design business can help.

We build quality websites, yet we can also offer your business the following services:

·        WordPress websites

·        Joomla websites

·        CMS websites

·        White hat SEO

·        Content marketing

·        Website redesigns

·        Affordable prices

Many different CMS options

Sometimes when a business requires a new website, they will approach a website design agency, and they may recommend that the company opts for that agencies own CMS, and is this a good idea in our opinion?

Well, we would say that this does depend, that’s because some company’s will have built a CMS, which stands for Content Management System that’s simply brilliant.

That’s to say a web developer may have poured many hundreds of hours into building a CMS for that agency that is simply brilliant, and sometimes the CMS will reduce the time it takes the agency to build a website, so sometimes a less expensive website can be built.

On the other hand, there are so many agencies that build their own CMS, and to put it rather bluntly, the CMS can sometimes be rubbish.

That’s to say some do not receive updates from the agency, so they will quickly incur glitches.

Some others have a dashboard, or an admin login area that’s too difficult for the business to use, for example adding a blog post, that might be difficult when it should be easy.

So we would always recommend every customer that calls us to opt instead for a quality CMS, such as Joomla and also WordPress.

Free Hosting for the first year

Has the web design company that you have asked for a quote now come back to you with a really cheap quote?

Yet, when you start to read through the contract, well you may see that website hosting is charged per month, and the cost is rather high?

Well not with our agency.

We offer the first years hosting for free, this is why so many company’s here in Cardiff hire us as their website designer.

That’s because we have web developers that specialise in building Joomla websites, plus we can also build WordPress websites as well.

Often we can offer the domain name for free for the first year

Sometimes a domain name can be really expensive, that’s to say a domain name that a lot of businesses will want.

However, with that said, we can often offer the first year for free on some domain names, so to see if we can offer your domain name for free for the first year, that’s when we build a website for you, then why not call us.

If the domain name cannot be offered for free, we will be able to offer you a quote.


No matter if your business is based in Cardiff Bay and overlooking the water, or your business is based in the city centre, we can offer your business quality websites, plus white hat seo.

WordPress Specialists

We have WordPress specialists that work for us, many businesses therefore often know that they want a WordPress website, that’s because they may have heard many great things about WordPress.

And WordPress can offer your business many benefits, such as:

·        A very easy to use Dashboard

·        Many web developers specialise in building WordPress websites

·        Free plugins

Quick turnaround

Does your business need a website quickly?

Are the other web design company’s stating that you will have to wait months?

Well, why not give us a ring? We can often build a new website quickly.

SEO and Web Design

Does your business also require SEO, if so we can offer white hat SEO, as well as offering to build your company’s new website.

Content Marketing

No matter if you run a law practice, a plumbing business or a hair dressers, often a business will need content marketing, that’s if the company is to improve its SEO.

That’s to say, many businesses often hire a digital marketing agency, like CF24 to write the content marketing for the business, and we can offer affordable prices.

Experienced Web Designers

Some of our web designers have over 10 years experience building websites, this means that we have highly-experienced web designers that work for CF24 here in Cardiff.


Need a responsive website?

Well, we would say all businesses should now invest in a responsive website, the reason for this is it’s widely believed that over 50% of shoppers now use a tablet or a smartphone, so if your company’s website is not responsive, you could be turning away business?

So why not hire us to build a Joomla or a WordPress website that is responsive?

Call us for a quote:

If your business would like a quote for white hat seo, or a new website, then why not call us?