Why choose our web design agency?


There are so many web design agencies here in Cardiff, so how do you choose between all the various businesses.

It’s as if in recent years us web designers have become a rather generic bunch, that’s to say our business premises have the obligatory table tennis machine, each time pizza is purchased a photo is added to company Twitter feed, and all staff have to have designer glasses, even if glasses are not required!

Yet, with that said here in Cardiff there is a company that breaks that mould, a company that just makes things simple, that’s by designing really high-quality websites, and does not drag the process out or charge sky-high prices- that’s the CF24 way.

So if your setting up a business in Cardiff Bay, and need a new website, or you’re a freelancer setting up a business from your house in Roath, we want to hear from you, we are the web design company that makes things simple, affordable and yet we produce websites which are simply very high-quality.

Friendly staff

“Yeah- you need a website that’s responsive, possibly a site that has AMP, nice slider, social media integration, and yeah you will need organic seo for sure”- lost?

Well, don’t feel lost, its just some web design companies will overcomplicate the entire web design process, that’s so you feel like you do not know what your business needs, and no idea what all the additional features will cost.

Well, there is another way, there are many good quality agencies, such as CF24 which are different, we just make things simple.

That’s to say we can design a quality website, write the content marketing, register the domain name, make the website responsive and even offer SEO, plus our quotes are crystal clear, so when you get a quote from one of our staff, you will know exactly what you need, plus how much its going to cost.


We are experts at what we do, we have SEO consultants that have over 10 years’ experience, we also have website designers that have over 10 years building high-quality websites for Cardiff based businesses.

Our web designers have built websites for universities, as well as leading businesses.

We are experts at what we do.

Web developers that do not use loads of jargon

Hate jargon?

Well, so do we, we think that it just puts a distance between the client and us the web designers.

So instead of using fancy web design terms, we just make things simple, and we do this by asking straightforward questions, such as “do you want your website to work on smartphones”.

This is a question that all businessowners will understand, and then we will be able to know whether a responsive version of your website is needed.

Small and large businesses

Whether you run a large business, which employs thousands of employees here in Cardiff, South Wales, or you’re a small business, perhaps a coffee shop that only has 2 staff members, we can work with you.

We can work with your business to design a high-quality website, and it truly doesn’t matter what size business you run, one things for sure, we will always offer value for money.

That is why so many businesses in Cardiff has chosen us to be their web design agency.

We make the entire process easy

In a rush to design your website?

That’s to say you’ve purchased your new shop, you’ve hired staff, you have your suppliers all sorted, yet you do have a website.

And now your rather confused, you don’t whether you should opt for a popular CMS, such as WordPress, or you should opt for a CMS, content management system that your web design company is recommending instead.

You don’t know where to register the domain name, and you simply have not got the time to be writing thousands, and thousands of words, for the web designer that’s asking have you got the content marketing all sorted?

Well, do not worry, that’s because here at CF24 we are a web design company that can sort everything from start to finish, we can register the domain name, we can build the website, we can write the content marketing, we can even offer top quality white hat seo, so why not call us?

Cardiff based

Is your business based here in Cardiff? Well, we can build a website for you, and it doesn’t matter if your business is not based in the great city of Cardiff, as we can build a website for your business if not based locally to us.

Affordable CMS websites

What does CMS mean?

Well, CMS simply means content management system, and if you choose a quality CMS, such as WordPress, then your business could benefit from the following:

·        Easy to add blog posts

·        Easy to add plugins

·        Dashboard

·        Easy to edit meta titles, and meta descriptions

Quick turnaround times

About to start up a new business here in Cardiff? Yet, when you call a few web design companies they say you could be waiting many months for your website to be built?

Well, why not call CF24, we offer a range of different web design packages where we can build your new company website quickly.

We can offer a new website quickly because we can offer the following services:

·        We can write the text

·        We can offer you many different designs

·        We have highly experienced web designers that work for us

WordPress experts

We are WordPress experts, we can offer many different types of websites, for example we also build Joomla websites.

Yet, for the vast majority of our customers, they want a website that’s responsive, that has a slider, a main menu that’s easy to use, plus they want to be able to add blog posts themselves, and we then recommend WordPress.

Many large and small businesses rely on WordPress, and a high-quality website can be built using WordPress.

Responsive websites as standard

So let’s say your about to start a new business, so you e-mail around various marketing agencies, and you state that you need a website that has the following:

·        Responsive

·        Schema mark-up

·        CMS

·        10 pages

·        WordPress

·        Content marketing written by the web design agency

And you may get a lot of quotes back, and some will charge more for say making the website responsive.

Making a website responsive basically means it will work on a tablet or a smartphone, and sometimes the design agency will charge more for making the website responsive.

However, here at CF24 we are a Cardiff web design company that do not charge extra, that’s to say here at CF24 every website that we build we be responsive, and we do not charge extra for making our websites responsive.

Free hosting for the first year

Some marketing agencies will state a fixed monthly fee for website hosting, yet here at CF24 we do not, we offer hosting for free, that’s for the first year, then after that we charge a yearly fee, that fee is low, so you can have a CMS website, that’s responsive, that’s designed using WordPress, and have hosting free for the first year, so why not call us?

We can offer most domain names free for one year

Some domain names cost hundreds, if not thousands per year to renew, however most are a lot cheaper.

For the  vast majority of domain names that we register, we can offer these free for the first year.

However, with that said, we would need to check how much the domain name costs, if the domain name is more expensive than most domain names, then we can offer you a quote for how much it would cost to register that domain name.

Quality websites

We only build really high-quality websites, sure some businesses opt to be the cheapest, yet we only build high-quality websites, that are responsive, that are WordPress, that are also designed by web designers that have a lot of experience building WordPress websites.

Websites that have the wow-factor

Your company website is like your store front, if it has the wow-factor then your more likely to impress your customers.

However, if your website looks like its been built on a shoe-string, and is difficult to use, your business could incur a very high bounce rate.

You can check what your businesses bounce rate is, by logging into your Google Analytics account.

White hat seo

Did we mention that our marketing agency also offers white hat SEO? Well, now we did, we offer high-quality, white hat seo.

Websites that don’t cost the earth

If you’re a sole trader, or you run a business that employs thousands of people, we can design a new website for your company. We are an established web design company, we mostly work with businesses here in Cardiff, South Wales, yet we can also build a website for your company no matter where your business is located in Wales or the U.K.

Why not give us a call?

Just to recap, here are the services that our digital marketing agency can offer:

·        Joomla web design

·        WordPress web design

·        CMS web design

·        White hat SEO

·        Content marketing

·        Link building