Why choose CF24 to design your businesses website?


There are now more web design studio’s than you can shake a stick at! That’s a fact, most cities are now jam packed with web designers, some specialise in just one type of website, such as CMS, yet some companies are like us, and can build many different types of website.

Some businesses just build CMS websites, yet some offer a wide range of services, such as content marketing, seo, link building and help with the business’s social media.

Well, we can do all of that, but we specialise in one area, and that is designing high-quality websites, which are designed to have that all important wow-factor.

So, whether you run a car dealership, or you run a hairdressing saloon, we are the web design company that can help.

Friendly website designers

First things first, we are a friendly bunch, some web design studios make the whole process difficult.

That’s to say some may use jargon that simply doesn’t need to be used, some may draw the process out forever and a day, so that the business gets the website months, and months down the line.

However, we are different, we are very different from some web design company’s simply because we make the entire process an absolute piece of cake.

We make the entire process a piece of cake

We make the entire process a piece of cake by offering a lot of design ideas, offering to write the content marketing, and then because we have very talented team, we don’t make our customers wait ages to get their new WordPress, or if they have opted for a Joomla website, no we make sure that the website is built quickly.

Web design and SEO? Why not?

Let’s say your about to start a business, let’s say that you about to start your own recruitment business, and you’ve rented offices in Cardiff Bay, plus you’ve forked out on a new website, and you are really happy with the website.

The website is responsive, it’s built using WordPress, its fast, you’ve also paid more for the designers to make the website AMP.

Great- but is the website drawing in any business for you?


This could mean that the office phone is left gathering dust, and you have all the expenses of an office, web design and staff costs.

So, now you start to think, well how can my business get onto the first page of Google?

And this is where an SEO agency or a digital marketing business can help.

That’s to say here at CF24, we don’t just build websites, that’s because we also offer quality SEO.

This means for a monthly fixed fee, we can build your website, then get to work on improving your businesses seo as well.

We design high-quality CMS websites

If you were to look for “cheap web design” or “affordable web designers”- well you might find a really good company that’s offers you great value for money.

On the other hand, many businesses have forked out for a new website, then found that its been built using the company’s own CMS, and that it cannot be easily edited, is full of glitches, and also the website designers do not offer free updates, so sooner or later, the website is going to develop glitches, or simply not be useful because its not responsive, for example.

So what’s the solution?

Well, we think it doesn’t matter if you run a large business, or a small business, you should invest in a quality CMS, such as Joomla, or another quality CMS would also be WordPress.

Then you will have invested in a good quality CMS, and the best part of choosing these CMS’s is that there are thousands of WordPress developers worldwide, which means that you are not stuck with one website designer, who’s built their own CMS, instead you will be choosing a quality CMS, that thousands of designers use.

We have WordPress experts that work for us

We have some seriously talented WordPress designers that work for CF24. Some of our designers have over 10+ years’ experience, so they have worked for a massive range of businesses, ranging from universities, through to small businesses.

Plus, many customers then employ us to implement quality white hat seo.

We have and continue to work with many Cardiff businesses

Some web design agencies work with businesses across the entire of the U.K, that’s to say some do not offer meetings, that’s to say a face to face meeting to discuss how you would like your website to look.

However, here at CF24, we are different, we build quality websites, plus we mostly work with businesses here in Cardiff.

So if your looking for a local website designer, well why not call us?

Need a new website? But need it built fast?

Let’s say your about to start a new restaurant and bar in Cardiff Bay, and you have bought the premises, hired the staff, and now you have the interior designers in.

Yet, then you want a new website designed, you know how you want your website to look, in terms of the homepage, main pages, and the colours to be used, and you anticipate that it might only take a few weeks to design the website.

Yet, with some web design businesses, it can end-up taking a lot longer. However, when you choose CF24, we can build Joomla, as well as also WordPress websites quickly, so for a quote, an estimate of how long it would take, why not give us a ring?

Reliable hosting

We can offer hosting and web design, often we can offer the first year for free, so why not give us a call?

A wide choice of different content management systems to choose from

We can offer a wide range of different CMS’s, most of our customers opt for WordPress, that’s because the Dashboard is so easy to use, however we can offer different CMS’s as well.

We build high-quality websites

Sometimes a business will obtain a website that’s cheap, built quickly and built using the web design agencies own CMS.

Yet, often a really cheap website will need to be replaced after a short amount of time- and why is that?

Well, often the business owner here in Cardiff will recognise that its difficult to apply SEO to they website, that might be because the website does not allow a blog to be added, neither is there any way to add meta titles and meta descriptions to each page.

Plus, the business owner may find that its very hard to add an alt tag to each page, plus the website has been designed so that text is placed in a section of the website, and that you can only add say one hundred words max to each page.

So, basically a really basic website, which the company will often find is pretty much useless if the seo agency cannot easily apply white hat seo.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, some businesses, especially a business that’s starting out often will not have a massive marketing budget, however, you can still obtain a high-quality website, a website that is responsive, that is a CMS, that has many pages, that you can add meta titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and this sort of website need not cost a lot of money, that is why many businesses call CF24, as we can offer affordable websites.

Easy to use Dashboards / Admin area

Some web design companies build a website, and it may look great, yet the website designers may not offer what is called a “Dashboard” or an admin area where the customer can log-into normally using an e-mail address, and a password, and then often the Dashboard will allow the business owner to say change the wording of a page, or to change the meta title or meta description for example.

We are an established web design company

So many web design studios start-up and then quickly disappear, yet we are here to stay.

We don’t believe in charging a small fortune for a new website, or SEO, so if your business requires a new website, then why not ring us.

Here’s how our web design process works:


First things first, we will need to listen to what you want your website to do, for example, are you planning on selling a lot of products?

If so an e-commerce website will be needed, on the other hand you may require a CMS website, that only has a few pages, and is responsive.

We will then need to outline costs, and to see if these costs are within budget.

Design brief

Then it’s time for our website designers to listen to how you want the website to look, so for example:

·        How should the main menu to look?

·        Does the website need to be responsive?

·        WordPress, or Joomla, or a different CMS?

·        Are we writing the content marketing or your business?

·        Which hex colours should we use?

·        How do you want the homepage and main pages to look?

These are just some of the questions our website designers may ask.

Write the content marketing

Obviously a really important part of any website is the text, this is not just important for customers, its also really important if the business is to improve its seo.

However, we know that writing thousands, and thousands of words, well it can be time consuming, so why not hire us to do this for you.

For most businesses, we can write the text, and this often saves the business a lot of time.

Finalise the design

Then once we’ve built the website, and added the text, we can send you a link to your new website.

It’s at this stage that we can set-up your e-mail accounts as well.

Does your business also require SEO?

If your business requires seo, then we can offer a quote for this. For those businesses that do not know, most seo agencies, ours included charge a monthly fee for seo.

We will only ever use white hat methods, so this means that we only use quality seo.

Experienced web designers

If you are looking for a web design company that has many highly experienced web designers, then we are the agency for you.

We can quickly learn from you how you would like your website to look, then we can build a high-quality website for your business.

Web developers

Free website hosting for one year

Some businesses may offer a low initial cost for designing the website, so for example they will state a fixed price for say a CMS website that has 5-pages.

Yet, then there will sometimes be a monthly fee for hosting and also the domain name, and sometimes this fee will be quite low.

Yet, if you consider that some businesses here in Cardiff may have their website for say over four years, this low monthly fee can be quite considerable when added together over the duration that your business has the website.

This is why we offer free website hosting for one year, that’s when we build the website for your company, plus normally we can offer the domain name free for one year as well, that’s for most domain names, but not all.

As some domain names can be more expensive to obtain, so we would need to offer you a quote for some domain names.

Then once the domain name and hosting has exceeded one year, we can offer you a yearly fee for both which is very affordable.

We can build WordPress websites

We are WordPress specialists.

We can build Joomla websites

We can also build Joomla websites.

Does your website need redesigning?

If your company website is looking a bit dated, then why not call us? You may not know how you would like your new company website to look, that’s to say you may just know you need a website that looks more modern.

When you call or e-mail CF24 our team can quickly come up with many different design ideas.

This means we can start to narrow down how you would like the website to look, for example do want a minimalistic website, a website that’s more bold, for example using a bright colour?

Then we can start to design how you would like the main menu to look, the footer and also how the homepage and pages should look, once we then have obtained a good idea of how the website should look,  our website designers can then use that style to build every single page, and in a short amount of time we can offer you the final draft of the website, so your business can give us its final approval.

We work with businesses of all sizes in Cardiff

Whether you’re a sole trader, or you run a large business we can design a quality website for your company.

We can offer:

·        A website that’s responsive

·        Built using WordPress or another high-quality CMS

·        Affordable prices

·        We can write the text for your company


All of our websites are responsive, we do not charge an additional fee for this, this means that our websites will work on smartphones and tablets.

We listen

We listen to you, we can then quickly come up with design ideas, we have talented designers which can build a website that will reflect what your company can offer.

Here at CF24 we make sure that we make the whole web design process very easy for our customers, so for example, where some designers need many meetings, and then ask the business to write thousands of words for the new website we do not.

We often do not need many meetings, plus we employ copywriters who can write the text for your website, and we charge affordable prices for this additional service.

Why not call our web design agency for a quote today?

So if you run a business here in Cardiff, South Wales, and your business requires a website designer, graphic designer, SEO consultant or help writing the content marketing for your company, then we can help.