How we ensure our websites are high-quality


There are now so many web designs companies to choose from, that’s to say in each capital city like Cardiff there are normally hundreds of web design businesses.

However, here at CF24 we believe we have the edge over many other companies.

Here are some of the reasons why so many businesses choose CF24:

Free hosting for one year

Sometimes some web design agencies can charge for website hosting every month, when you consider that your company may retain your website for say 10 years, this can therefore accumulate to quite an expense.

This is why CF24 offers a different way, we offer the first years hosting for free, plus our renewal fee is very inexpensive.

So this way your business can renew your domain and your website hosting with us, and this will be inexpensive, helping businesses within Cardiff to save  money.


We are great listeners, we believe this makes us great website designers. We can therefore listen to you and then create a brilliant website for your business.

So whether you’re a builder looking for a new website, or you run a multi-national business, and your looking for a large e-commerce website to be built, quite simply put, we are the website designers for you.

We can build Joomla, and also WordPress websites, we can also offer quality white hat SEO.

So whether your business requires a CMS website, or perhaps help to improve your businesses seo, we can help.

Content Management Systems

There are so many CMS, or Content Management Systems that your business can choose from, yet many businesses hire us to build WordPress websites.

WordPress is great, as it can offer your business the following:

·        Dashboard that’s easy to use

·        Many free plugins

·        Great designs

·        Also an affordable website can be built

·        Many company’s in Cardiff already rely on WordPress

White hat SEO

Many businesses that have hired us to build a website for the company then go onto hire us to also provide white hat seo.

White hat SEO can help to get a business onto the first page of Google.


We always undertake testing, that’s to say when a website is fully designed, we then test to make sure there’s no 404 page errors, no glitches, and we make sure that each element works.


Whether you run a large business in Cardiff’s city centre, near Cardiff Castle, or you run a small business say in Roath Cardiff, we will be able to design a website for your company.

We mostly build Joomla as well as also WordPress websites.

WordPress Specialists

Has your business heard about WordPress?

No, well its more than likely that one of your direct competitors here in Cardiff uses a WordPress website.

WordPress is so popular due to the fact that its so easy to use for the businesses that own a WordPress site.

For example, most businesses now want to add blog posts, or company news stories on a regular basis, say once a week.

Now with some web design company’s even adding a blog post to the businesses CMS took time, and was difficult, sometimes due to the companies CMS having glitches, or the fact that the in-built editor did not allow edits to be made easily.

With WordPress things are totally different, WordPress makes it super easy to add a blog post, plus the editor is really easy to use.

Website Redesigns

There are many businesses here in Cardiff that have been around for a long time, these businesses may have websites that now look dated, and now need replacing.

This is where we can help, this is where we can redesign your website, perhaps converting into Joomla or WordPress, and also providing your business with a high-quality website.

We can register your domain name

We can take care of the whole web design process, this means we can register your businesses domain name, we can build your website, we can write the content marketing and we can offer your business seo, for a quote, why not call us?

Specialise in Joomla and WordPress websites

Have you heard about Joomla, or WordPress, well if you are unsure as to which CMS, Content Management Systems to opt for, well why not have a talk to us, our website developers will be able to recommend a CMS that would be ideal for your business.

Experienced web designers

We have some web designers that work for us that have been building website for over 10 years.

We work with businesses of all sizes

No matter if you’re a sole trader, or you run a large business, we can help.

Affordable prices

We can cater to most budgets, so whether you want a simple website, or your thinking of setting up an online business, that sells many thousands of products, we will be able to help.

We can build 5-page brochure websites, or an e-commerce website that has say 1000 pages, our web design agency can help.

We can write the content for your business

Just starting your business? Well, you may have a million and one things to do, such as finding an office here in Cardiff, find suppliers and also hire staff.

So who has the time to be writing thousands of words for your website?

Well, we do.

We can write the content marketing for your company, for an additional fee we can write the text for each page on your website.

Responsive so your website works on smartphones and tablets

Is your current website responsive?

No, well this is enough of a reason to call us, we can build a website for your business that is responsive, this means that your WordPress website will work on smartphones and tablets.

Now if your current website does not work on say smartphones, or tablets, then this could mean that you could be possibly losing customers, as its thought that now over 50% of shoppers visit a website using a smartphone or a tablet.


Still not sure which CMS you want to choose, that’s after reading online for hours about WordPress and about Joomla, well do not worry as we can tell you the benefits of choosing each CMS, and we can also listen to what you want your company’s website to do, then recommend the best CMS for your business.

How we can help:

If you run a company here in Cardiff, or anywhere in Wales, and you are looking for a website developer or a web design business, then why not call CF24?