Can you tell us how does your web design process works?

When having a company website designed there’s a lot for the company to think about, for example the business owner may wish to consider:

·        Which CMS the business wants to use

·        Which domain name the company is going to opt for

·        Whether the business requires SEO

·        Which colour scheme is the business going to opt for?

·        Who will write the text for the website?

Getting your new company website built quickly is often really important for most businesses, that’s because for a lot of businesses, their website is the main way the company advertises its services or products.

So this means that if you were to choose the wrong web design company, well you may end up with a website that doesn’t really convey what your business can offer to your customers.

Yet if you partner with us, here at CF24, well our talented web designers at our web design studio can quickly get the process started on building a quality CMS website for your company.

So, to provide you with a quick overview of what our company can offer you:

·        High-quality white hat SEO

·        Joomla websites

·        WordPress websites

·        Quality web design

·        Content marketing

·        Link building

Here’s how our web design process works:

We listen

Our team will listen carefully to what you want your website to look like.

We can then write down everything that the business wants, and we can start to come up with design ideas for you.

For some businesses they may have a really clear idea of how they want their new website to look, so its just a matter of our website developers listening and making sure that we note down everything that you want.

This often involves us meeting, and our website developers and our designers presenting options on a white board.

Sometimes a business will have a good idea of how they would like the website to look, and then just need us to explain what needs to be done to build that website, and the likely costs.

Alternatively, some other businesses come to us, and they simply haven’t got a clue how they would like their new website to look, they just want something modern, and for us to come up with design suggestions.

In this case, our web design team can offer many different ideas, we can also suggest which features we would recommend that your business invests in, for example perhaps having a website that is responsive, and one which also has an AMP version of the website?

We can also talk you through our various packages that our business offers, so for example, perhaps you would like a WordPress website and for us to write the content marketing, plus also offer a quote for white hat seo?

We can therefore listen to you, and then our web design team can start to make further suggestions for how you may like your new website to look.


Let’s say you want us to  build an e-commerce website, and let’s say that this is a website that sells say over a 1000 different product lines, we can then come up with many different suggestions, such as which card payment system you should use, how the main menu should look, how the mobile version of the website should look, how the content marketing can be used to improve seo, plus help to reduce the businesses bounce rate, we can offer all of these suggestions, when we are building your website

Quality Web Design

Sure, its super easy to find a web designer that offers a really cheap quote, but will your business then want to stick with that website for a long time?

That’s to say, will the website even reflect what your business can offer, or will it make your business look as though you’re just the same as millions of other businesses?

This is why so many company’s hire us, that’s because our web designers will offer many different options.

We only build top-quality websites, and we believe cheap websites, which do not fully reflect what your business can offer are often a false economy, as often the business will be paying for a redesign in a short amount of time.

Instead here at CF24, our design team will be able to suggest ideas for how you may like your website to look, plus which features you may need, such as an AMP version of the website.


Once we’ve gained a good idea of how you would like your website to look, plus the features that you require, then we can get our web designers to start building your website.

It does depend on how much work is required before we can get the website back to you, for a large website, for example an e-commerce website, that has thousands of pages, this will take often many months of work.

Yet, for say a website that has less than 20 pages, then we aim to get the finished website back to our customers in under a month typically.

For an exact timescale, why not call us?

Sketches on paper are fine

Some businesses will have sketched on paper how they would like there website to look, so for example, they may have sketched how they would like the homepage to look, in terms of how the menu should work, how the homepage should look.

And this is a great way for our web designers to know what you would like your site to look like.

It can allow our designers to construct what are called “wire-frames” so that we can start to build your web site, plus we can start to design how the homepage should look, and the main pages, so often in a short amount of time we can get a basic design back to you, that’s to make sure our website designers are working on the right lines.

We can then bring that design to life

The build

Our designers will need to do the following work:

·        Obtain a colour scheme, plus also know which hex codes you wish to use

·        Know how you would like the main menu to look

·        Know whether you require the website to be responsive

·        Do you require an AMP version of the website?

·        How many pages need to be designed?

·        Do you require a Joomla website?

·        Would you instead prefer to opt for a WordPress website?

·        NAP details to add into the footer and the contact us page

·        Text to place on each page and the product descriptions

Final design

Once our web designers have all of this information, they can start to build the website, and then send a link to the final design. We then ask our customers to approve the design.

Are their any websites that you currently like?

This can be a great way of cutting down the amount of time it takes us to understand how you would like your website to look.

So for example, lets say you run a solicitors practice, you may know of another solicitors practice that operates in a different area, and you like how they have built their company website.

We can then discuss with you which aspects you like, then ask our web designers to build those design features into your website.

So for example, perhaps the main menu is very easy to use, or you like the slider on the homepage, or perhaps the website has a mobile version, and you find this very easy to use, we can replicate some of the design features, so that these features are then built-in to your websites design.

Hex codes and colour schemes

If you know which colours you wish to use, then this can help our website designers, if you know which hex codes then this is even better.

Our website designers can then start to use your chosen colour scheme throughout the site, for example perhaps you would like the footer and the header of the website to be bright orange.

Which CMS (Content Management System)?

Often a business owner will have to think about which CMS they want to use, so for example, the business owner may well be weighing up whether to opt for a WordPress website, or perhaps a different CMS.

We can offer many different options, yet if the business owner knows which CMS they want, then this can often speed the entire web design process along.

Content marketing

Each different business that asks us to design a website will have a different set of requirements.

For example, an architects practice may want a website that’s minimalistic, that’s built in Joomla, that’s simple yet a really professional high-quality website.

Yet, the business may only want a few lines of text on each page.

However, for another business, lets say a company that’s sells furniture, well they may want a lot of text to describe each product, so you may wish to hire us to also write the text?

This means for an additional cost, our web design company can also write the text for your new website.

New website? Or do you already have the domain name registered?

It’s most definitely worth thinking carefully about what you would like your company domain name to be.

If it’s too long, it might not be memorable, for example, lets say you need to hire an electrician, and you see a van, and you try to memorise the web address, but its too long, by the time you get home you might have forgotten it.

So often a short domain name is required, yet you should also think of one that is really catchy.

One that is going to be easily memorable.

Require a quote?

If your business requires any of the following services, then why not give us a ring:

·        A CMS website

·        White hat seo

·        Link building

·        Content marketing