Which Cardiff website designer should we choose?


Here in Cardiff, there are so many different types of businesses that are based here.

For example, we have many retail businesses, manufacturing businesses and also service sector businesses that are based right throughout the whole of Cardiff.

From Cardiff Bay, that’s full of restaurants, bars and clubs, through to the city centre that is home to many large businesses.

However, regardless of whether the business is a massive PLC conglomerate, employing many thousands of staff, in let’s say an insurance company, or a relatively small business that employs just a few people- these businesses will all have a similar decision to make.

That is, which website designer and which website developer should they choose?

For example, each business is likely to ask themselves the following questions:

·        Which digital marketing agency should we use?

·        Which business should we use to improve our organic / local SEO?

·        Which Cardiff web design company should we use to make improvements to the design of our company website?

·        Which business will give us the best service for our marketing budget?

Now, when you go looking around for a web designer in the city of Cardiff, you are likely to find hundreds of different web developers and designers in this city.

For example,

You may have web developers that only work for large businesses, then you may have agencies that offer fixed prices for very simple business websites.

However, our web designers always say this, if the cost is very low, you have to ask will the website be too simple?

That’s to say will an SEO consultant be able to improve the SEO?

Can the design be improved, for example can a website developer add a new page? Or has the CMS been designed by that agency, so it doesn’t have a Dashboard, it doesn’t offer a way for the business to log in and make changes?

Would your business be better off opting for say WordPress? Or would your business prefer another high-quality CMS (Content Management System) like Joomla?

So, it’s fair to say that as a business owner you will be absolutely spoilt for choice in terms of trying to find an agency. And like most capital cities, the city has website designers that are located all over the city. From designers that can design a simple HTML website for a few hundred, through to web design agencies that have highly experienced website designers, that can build e-commerce websites, WordPress and Joomla websites, and these may cost several thousand pounds.

For example, some agencies may specialise in building WordPress websites, and some might just work for businesses in certain business sectors such as car dealers.

Some businesses will only work with company’s that have a set budget over say 5k for a website, some businesses will build really low-cost websites.

However, with that said, this still doesn’t mean that just opting for any web design business will be suitable for your company.

For example, some web design agencies concentrate on just serving large businesses, and if they were to build a website for a small business, it might be extremely basic and the business might end up overpaying for that website?

However, on the other hand, if you want a large e-commerce website built, and you are looking for the cheapest possible quote, and if you were to opt for a freelancer in Cardiff then it might take them a very long time to build the website because there is only one person working on constructing the website.

This may mean that despite how many coffee’s they drink, and how quick they work, writing all that PHP and HTML, well they might not be able to deliver by a set timeframe.

When you imagine that a lot of code often needs to be written, such as HTML and PHP and also JavaScript and CSS, if the website has hundreds of pages, then this might mean that it’s too much work for a freelancer to take on.

For example, you may want an agency that has the following staff:

·        Web Designers

·        Web Developers (PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML)

·        PHP web developers

·        JavaScript web developers

·        HTML web developers

·        WordPress web developers

·        Copywriters

·        SEO experts

·        Organic SEO experts

·        Local SEO experts

·        Cardiff web design business

We say serve your business sufficiently, simply because often many businesses here in Cardiff don’t just want to hire a “web design company”, they instead want to partner with a digital marketing agency, which can offer them ongoing services, such as:

·        Joomla website design

·        WordPress web design

·        SEO

For example, so many businesses here in Cardiff, ranging from sole traders, that run a plumbing business, right through to huge insurance companies, will employ a company to improve the businesses SEO.

For those business owners that know a bit about SEO, they will know that it’s not a one-off process- that’s to say it’s not completed within a few weeks and then that’s it.

SEO is completely different, often you have to partner with an agency, and work with them for a very long period of time on an ongoing basis, that’s to improve the company’s SEO, and to position the website on a search engine in a place that increases your chances of maximising sales.

This often involves a lot of work, so you have to find a business that you want to work with on a long-term basis.

Also, the work must be high quality, so often when you are looking for web design company’s today, you may also want them to offer additional services, such as organic SEO, local SEO and content marketing.

If the marketing business does not offer these services here in Cardiff, then it might mean that you have to hire a separate business, which means managing even more e-mails and also calls.

This is something to bear in mind, when looking for web designer in Cardiff.

Which CMS, (Content Management System) are you going to opt for?

It’s really important to think about which CMS your business wishes to opt for. A popular type of content management system CMS is called “WordPress”.

That’s to say many businesses here in Cardiff will have opted to have a WordPress website built. Our web developers here in Cardiff can build a WordPress or a Joomla website for your company.

There are many benefits to having a WordPress website built, for example we think that these are some of the advantages we think come when you choose a WordPress website:

·        WordPress has an easy-to-use dashboard

·        WordPress is a popular option among many businesses in Cardiff, from solicitors through to builders

·        Free plugins

·        Many businesses here in Cardiff will have opted for WordPress

Alternatively, you may wish to opt for a different type of CMS. That’s to say you may wish to opt for a content management such as Joomla? Joomla is another popular CMS, our Cardiff website designers can also build Joomla websites.

Our web developers can build a website using:

·        PHP

·        HTML

·        CSS

·        JavaScript

However, what you have to think about is that if you opt for a CMS website, is that your business opts for a CMS that it finds easy to use. Many businesses find the Dashboard of WordPress easy to use, for example, its easy to add a blog post, or to obtain a plugin.

For example, you may ask somebody within your company to add a blog post to your company website.

Now, if the CMS is difficult to use, that’s to say it’s difficult to add a new blog post the website, then this might be a CMS that your company does not wish to keep. For example, the SEO agency may send you a blog post, and they ask if this can be added to your company website, yet when you go to add the blog post, you do not like the formatting, that’s to say you want to add titles, yet some CMS, content management systems built by some website designers have very limited functionality, in that some do not even allow you to make the font bold.

However, on the other hand if you were to opt a CMS like WordPress, then it becomes very easy for staff members within your company add a blog post.

For example some businesses, for example let’s say solicitors practice here in Cardiff, you might be adding a blog post every single week, therefore you want the CMS to be easy-to-use and that you can add a blog post very easily.

Also, often you will want the staff member to add a blog post and to add internal links, titles and also you may want them to make some of the font bold.

If the staff member has no coding knowledge at all, that’s for example they have no knowledge of PHP or HTML, then you may want to opt for a CMS, like WordPress that has a Dashboard that has a text editor which means that they can edit the text without having any coding knowledge.

Some CMS’s, that’s to say content management systems built by some web design companies, have a very basic text editor, that’s to say for example some may only allow the business to copy and paste text.

Obviously, this is not good if you want to change the style of font, for example you may want to change the font type, size of the text and to make it bold?

Therefore, if you want to edit the text, and you do not employ a web developer in house then we would recommend opting for an easy-to-use CMS like WordPress.

We often recommend to many businesses here in Cardiff, that they should opt for WordPress, WordPress has a brilliant Dashboard, that’s to say you can easily add text, and edit the text to make it bold or to add a title for example.

When you opt for a WordPress web site you do not need to have any coding knowledge in terms of editing the text on the blog posts, that’s because you can add internal links, or external links, make the text bold, and you also you can add titles, such as H1,H2,H3 without any coding knowledge.

Obviously if you were to ask your web developer to edit the text, that’s to make it bold, or to add titles every time you were to add a blog post then this could turn out to be an expensive process, this is why instead many businesses opt for WordPress because you can edit the text without any coding knowledge at all.  

Would you also like the agency to also offer SEO?

We always say to businesses that having a website without SEO is like purchasing a car that does not have an engine.

That’s to say the car is not going to go anywhere without an engine, neither is a new website without SEO.

SEO for those that do not know, is what is used to increase where your business ranks.

So, for example, let’s say that you run a plumbing business here in Cardiff, you would obviously want to get on the first page for “local plumbers”.

Therefore, this is where an SEO agency can help, however, you may not want to be managing two separate companies, that’s to say a web design company, and also an SEO agency, so you may wish to hire a Cardiff web design company that also offers SEO as well.


It’s really important that you think about how much you want to spend on your new company website?

You may think that this is a really basic point for us to make, however a lot of businesses in Cardiff invest all of their marketing budget into their new website.

However, once the website has been built, for example, let’s say they hired a marketing agency here in Cardiff to build a WordPress website, you may then discover that you also need to invest in organic SEO or to invest in local SEO?

However, the business may not have enough marketing budget to also invest in organic SEO, then this means that the website is not likely to be found.

So, let’s give you a brief example, let’s say that you are about to start a business here in Cardiff, and you are about to start let’s say a construction business.

You want the best CMS website that your business can afford, as you want to secure high-value commercial construction contracts.

However, once the website has then been built, and you are happy with how your new WordPress website looks, you may quickly find that nobody can find your website.

Then you quickly contact the digital marketing agency, and ask how can you improve where your business ranks on Google, they simply e-mail you back, and say that you should invest in organic SEO.

However, once you learn how much “white hat organic SEO” costs per month, you may not have the marketing budget for this.

Therefore, we always recommend to our customers that they think about how much marketing budget they have, and to balance the marketing budget between getting a good website for the business, let’s say a Joomla website, and to also have enough marketing budget to also invest in organic SEO.

Also, as you can imagine hiring two separate marketing agencies, that’s to say digital marketing agency to build a WordPress website and then one to improve the businesses SEO, it may be difficult for the business to manage two seperate company’s in terms of e-mails and calls with say a web design company in Cardiff, and then to manage another company say organic SEO company in Cardiff.

Therefore you may wish to hire a Cardiff web designer that can also offer white hat SEO as well?

We would only recommend investing in white hat SEO, that the SEO work must be very high quality.

There are a lot of agencies here in Wales that can offer white hat SEO- for example there are a lot of agencies in Cardiff Bay right through to Roath in Cardiff, so your business will be able to find an agency that offers white hat SEO, but the SEO work must be high-quality.

We would also recommend not opting for a cheap website, so many businesses opt for a cheap website, then find out later on that the SEO company cannot work with the website because the CMS is just too basic.

Here are just some of the problems that can occur if your business invests in a low-quality website:

  • PHP might not be coded properly meaning glitches may occur
  • The JavaScript may not be coded properly
  • The website may incur a very high bounce rate

For example, you may have opted for a web design agency Cardiff that builds cheap websites? But if the CMS does not allow for new pages to be edited easily, or for a blog post to be added, then some SEO agencies may refuse to work with the business, that’s until they have a higher quality CMS website built.

Therefore a lot of marketing agencies may say that the website needs to be improved before SEO starts, therefore cheap websites can sometimes be a total false economy we believe.


As you can probably gather, from reading this article, we are big fans of WordPress.

Therefore, for a lot of the customers that contact us for a new website, whether they are a solicitor’s practice or a construction business, we normally recommend a WordPress website.

WordPress has a WordPress Dashboard that is very easy to use, so for example let’s say that your company was to change its address or it’s phone number, it is then really easy in the Dashboard to change the company’s (NAP) phone number or your address, when your business has invested in a WordPress website.


How to improve your businesses social media?

Another factor that your business may wish to consider is, whether you wish to invest all of your marketing budget straightaway into having a website designed, or you may wish to leave some budget aside for SEO, and to also have a company to manage your businesses social media presence?

For example, you may wish a business to manage your company’s Facebook or Twitter account?

For some companies, they may add posts to Facebook and Twitter every single day, so that they can promote your business via social media.

There are many companies which specialise in promoting businesses on social media, and can build a website and also offer SEO and also manage your business social media, so that you are then only dealing with just one business, that’s rather than having a Cardiff web design company, a Cardiff SEO company and business in Cardiff managing your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You most definitely need to obtain a clear quotation

What is crucial is that whichever web design business that you contact, that the quote that they send is clear.

A lot of businesses sometimes opt for a low-cost quote, yet then find out that a lot of essential items are then left out of the quotation.

For example, we would say that it is almost guaranteed that all businesses will need a mobile version of their website to be designed.

That’s to say, most businesses will want their company to show up on smartphones, tablets as well as on desktops.

Therefore, if the web design company has not included within the cost to design a mobile version of the website, then there might be an additional fee to design this version of the website?

Therefore, this might be an additional cost that your business has not anticipated, so you should make sure that you get a clear breakdown from your web designers what is included quote.


E-commerce or brochure website?

One of the first questions that your web designer is likely to ask you is whether you require an e-commerce website or a brochure website?

You may not know what a brochure website is or what an e-commerce website is?

For those that do not know, a brochure website is a website which just explains the services that your business can offer, and an e-commerce website is a website which you can sell products and take payments.

Therefore, if you wish to take payments from customers then you will require an e-commerce website.

Normally purchasing an e-commerce website is more expensive than a brochure website simply because the web designers often have to do a lot more work to build an e-commerce website because an e-commerce website is taking a payment.

Able to add pages?

You should ask the web design company whether you are able to add pages to your website. For example, if you were to opt for a CMS website such as WordPress then it’s very easy to add new pages.

However, if you were to hire some web designers they may build the website using their own content management system, which might make it difficult sometimes to add new pages.

This is worth keeping in mind simply because in the future you may wish to add a page to your website, for example a tree surgeon may wish to add a few months down the line a website to that WordPress website which sells logs.

However, once they return to the web designers they may charge quite a high quote to add an additional page to the website.

This is why we always recommend going for a quality CMS website such as WordPress, because there are thousands of web developers you can pick from the can add a page which may offer you a more competitive quote your business.

Also as your business expands you might want to add additional services or products so you should ask whether the website can easily add new pages.

Therefore if the CMS is built just by that web design agency then you might not find his many web developers that can work on adding additional page to the website.

However, if you were to pick a CMS such as WordPress or you were to opt for a Joomla! website for example then there are a lot of web developers which can add an additional page to your website.


Why we disapprove of some companies content management systems that they have built themselves

some companies here in Cardiff can build a brilliant CMS which they have built themselves, that’s the say their web developers have built a CMS which is very good, their views PHP, JavaScript and HTML to build a well-designed CMS.

However, on the other hand we know of web design companies that have built their own CMS, and a lot of customers have then found that the CMS is difficult to use.

For example, when we say difficult to use sometimes a business owners will want to add a blog post or to simply edit some of the text on their own website.

For example the company phone number might change your company’s address might change in Cardiff.

Now with a WordPress, because WordPress has a dashboard where you can edit the text easily then it becomes an absolute piece of cake to normally edit the text on a WordPress website.

However with some web design businesses which have design their own CMS, sometimes it prevents the business owner from even editing the main pages.

The main pages are sometimes referred to as evergreen content marketing, so for example on the about us page you might mention a company director’s name, yet sometimes the business owners might pathways and the director moves on to another company.

You would see them want to update your website to remove the directors name, however if the website has been built by a web design business and the CMS does not allow you to edit the text, then this can mean corresponding with the web designers again to get the change made which might mean additional costs.

However when you do opt for say a WordPress website this has an inbuilt text editor within the dashboard, so by simply logging into the dashboard can often edit a lot of the text don’t any coding knowledge.

Therefore somebody without any knowledge of HTML, PHP or indeed CSS can login to the dashboard of WordPress and make a simple change such as changing the company’s address or phone number.

Now, a business will not change its address and phone number that often, yet when you think that the business might have a website for a long time, when you start to add up all the additional costs because of making simple changes the website, well this is often a reason why some businesses will opt for a WordPress website instead,  because often simple changes can be made by the business instead of having to contact the web designer every time a simple change wants to be made

For the CMS get updated?


Why it’s so important to have a well-designed homepage

We think it’s important to have a well-designed homepage, the reason why we think it’s important to have a well-designed homepage, is because if the homepage is not well-designed your business may incur a high bounce rate.

For example, if you were to opt for the cheapest web design quote, then this might sometimes mean that the website that your business obtains is very basic.

For example, let’s say that you are a electrician, and you pay to have a WordPress website built, yet the web designers only write say one brief paragraph about your business on the home page.

There is also not much information about the different services that you offer, for example it does not make clear whether you work for domestic customers or whether you carry out commercial work as well.

So for example, a company looking for a electrician might not bother emailing to ask whether you work for businesses, they might just leave your website straightaway, this means that your business may incur a very high bounce rate.

Now a high bounce rate may mean that your businesses SEO is negatively impacted.

What do we mean by this?

Well some digital marketing agencies here in Cardiff believe that if a business has a very high bounce rate then this can mean that the business in Cardiff might drop down the ranks.

So let’s return to our previous example? About electrician, let’s say that the business is looking for a electrician, if they leave the website because they are not sure whether you work for companies that will increase your businesses bounce rate.

However, they then go to another website which makes it perfectly crystal clear that the electrician works for commercial customers then the bounce rate might be reduced because the customer might then spend longer on the website for example sending email to that business.

This is why our Cardiff web design agency simply believes that cheap website are often a false economy.

For example, if you were to only pay say a few hundred pounds to have a CMS website built, then this often means that a web developer cannot spend long building the website.

However what most businesses need in Cardiff is to invest in a high quality website, a website which has had a lot of time spent on a writing the content marketing and designing the website so that the website clearly states what the business can offer.

The disadvantage with opting for a cheap website is, often they are built quickly, they might miss some of the services that your business can offer.

For example, let’s say that you run a scaffolding business, the business might just explain that you work for commercial businesses, however it might not make clear that you also offer scaffolding to homeowners that say have a builder doing work on their property.

Therefore you should hire a web designer which understands all of the services that your business can offer and build a website which advertises the services.

Must take the time to get to know your business

Therefore the digital marketing agency that you employs here in Cardiff should take the time to get to know your business and all of the services that your company offers.

Then this information can be given to the web developer so that they can start to build the website using HTML and PHP for example.

Here in Cardiff we mostly build WordPress websites, we also talk to the business owners so that we can get a good understanding of their business and also all the services that they offer.

For example some web design companies might just build a very basic website, for example for a construction business they might just build a homepage and about us page and a contact us page.

However, what is often needed is different pages to explain the different services that the construction company offers, such as building loft conversions, property extensions commercial building work and also offering to date footings and foundations for example.

If the website is very basic, in that your company website does not explain all of the services that you offer, then the SCO company might struggle to improve your businesses SEO.


Must test the website

Let’s say that you opt for a really cheap website, sometimes the web designers will not have the time to then test the website.

This means that they might not have the time to test that all of the code works.

For example, a web designer may spot that during testing that the main menu on the mobile version of the website does not work correctly.

Therefore a high quality marketing agency will spot this problem and rectify it before the website goes live.

However sometimes if you were to purchase a really cheap website and sometimes the business might not test that website and this might mean that clothing glitches.

For example there might be problems with the PHP coding which means that the main menu on the home page does not work correctly.

This might mean that your website incurs a very high bounce rate, that’s because your customers cannot get to the page on your company website that they want.

This is why we think it’s crucial that your web designers test your website to make sure that all of the HTML, PHP and Java quote script and other coding on your website works as it should.

As if there is any problems with the code then this can mean that your website incurs a high bounce rate.

Don’t invest in a cheap low quality website as these are false economy.

We believe that really cheap website, are often a total false economy. For example, many agencies will advertise very low prices to build say a WordPress website, however if the website is really basic then it might not offer value to your business.

What is needed instead is to work with a marketing agency so that they can understand your business and so that they can spill the website which perfectly represents the services that your company sells.

Therefore as mentioned earlier within this article, if a website is really basic then it might incur a very high bounce rate.

There are so many Cardiff web design companies choose from.

It’s fair to say that there are many Cardiff web design companies to choose from, however you may wish to work with a business that has experience of working in your business sector.

Also if you want a WordPress website then you might wish to offer a specialist WordPress web design agency.

That’s the say there are so many web designers across the UK, you are likely to find a designer that has designed a website within your business sector.

For example, if you are a solicitor, then you might wish to work with a web design agency that specialises in building websites for lawyers.


Make sure that you have enough budget for each area of marketing

Sometimes when a business is just starting up, for example let’s say that you are about to start a new restaurant here in Cardiff, you might have in your business plan an allocated amount to spend on marketing budget.

Now, you don’t want a cheap -looking website, too may spend all of your marketing budget getting your website design.

However, then some businesses here in Cardiff then quickly realise that all of their marketing budget has been spent, and they have no further marketing budget to spend on SEO.

Now, as a lot of business owners will know, having a website without SEO is like purchasing a card with no engine, it’s not going to go anywhere.

Therefore you might wish to keep a bit of your marketing budget back to spend on organic SEO. It’s worth knowing that organic SEO is a slow process, and that often you need to invest every single month.

This is worth keeping in mind if you are just setting your business up in Cardiff, because you don’t want to spend all of your money on having a website designed.

If you have no further marketing budget to spend on organic SEO then you might not be able to drive customers to your website.


Does the agency need to be in Cardiff?

Also a lot of businesses look for a web designer by looking for web designer plus the name of the city in which they are based.

However you might wish to ask whether you need your web designer based in the same city as you.

Example, you might find a web design business that specialises in building website for your industry, for example website for restaurants, in the, if you feel that that company would offer you better value then you might wish to partner with an agency that is based like you further afield yet has more expertise in building website your business sector.

For example, it might be an agency which specialises in building website dentists.

Why we recommend asking for a list of recent clients

Sometimes even web design companies will only show examples of their work on the website which are quite all.

That’s the say the may have built the website a number of years ago, you should ask the agency agency for which website they have built recently, this will give you a good idea of the quality of their work, by evaluating the most recent website here they have built the businesses within Cardiff.

For example you might own a used-car dealership here in Cardiff, yet the web design agency might not have handed to their website a website that they have built for a similar company. Yet when you ask them for a list of recent website the built you might see that they have built a website for a similar company to yours.

Therefore you might wish to ask the business for a list of recent website to the built, so that you can evaluate quality of the website that the website designers are building.

easy-to-use dashboard?

We think it absolutely crucial that whichever CMS, that is content management system that you opt for that you find easy to use.

That’s because most businesses these days want to update their website themselves, that’s the say they want to add blog posts the website themselves, they want to add content marketing to the website. So for example let’s say that you run a solicitor’s practice here in Cardiff, to improve the businesses SEO, that is search engine optimisation you might want to add blog posts the website itself.

Obviously there would be a delay if you are asking say the web designer to upload these articles for you.

So you should pick a CMS, such as Joomla! we might wish to opt for WordPress that you can upload the articles yourself.

Now if the company does not employ a web developer, that’s the say somebody with knowledge of PHP or JavaScript, and has no coding knowledge whatsoever, then you may wish to opt for a WordPress website that has a dashboard as most business owners find the dashboard very easy to use.

For example you can simply log into the dashboard on WordPress add a blog post, this takes a matter of minutes.

You do not need any coding knowledge, you do not need any knowledge of HTML or PHP to upload an article to a WordPress website it is very easy to do and this is why a lot of businesses opt for WordPress.

Our web design company mostly build WordPress websites for businesses

Why we would recommend hiring a agency that as professional copywriters.

okay, let’s say that you are about to start a business right here in Cardiff, let’s say that you are about to start a construction business and your business is based in Llanishen Cardiff.

Now, because you are starting your business, you will have 1,000,001 things to do, for example you might be out pricing work or simply managing the business day today.

Therefore you realise that your business needs a new website, and you want a WordPress website, but you simply do not have the time to write the thousands of words that are needed for your new website.

Therefore you may wish to hire a Cardiff web design business that can also write the text for your business, to write the text for your new website the marketing agency normally has to employ copywriters.

Copywriters can then write the text your new website. The text can then be passed to the web developers, they can add this to each page on your website.

The web developers can then mark up the text, for example if a title needs to be marked up using a bold font then the web developers can do this.

So a copywriter can often speed up the entire web design process, that’s because instead of the business owners or the businesses employees having to write the thousands of words of text, instead the copywriters can write the text for you.

So for example let’s say that you run a construction business, the web design company can often take a few details about the business, such as when it started also the types of construction contracts that your business want, and then the web design company can then often just write the text for the business.

Therefore the copywriters can start work on writing what is called the evergreen content marketing, now because often thousands of words need to be written, this means that the copywriters will sometimes have to spend many days writing the text.

This is especially so if you’re going to have an e-commerce website built, because your business might retailing hundreds of different products, therefore product descriptions, meta titles and meta descriptions need to be written,, so you should ask your web design business whether included in the quote is copywriting or not.

The vast majority of businesses, they will charge extra for writing the text for your new website, however if you have not got much time to write the text for your new website and you may wish to hire the copywriters.

Why your website needs to be high quality

We think it’s crucial that you invest in high-quality website, when you think about how most businesses advertise their services or products today, a lot of them do it online, some businesses here in Cardiff the only way that they will advertise their company is online, that’s why it’s so crucial that you invest in high-quality website.

If you do not invest in high-quality website on your website might incur a high bounce rate.


there are a lot of digital marketing agencies here in Cardiff, therefore you may wish to seek out a business that has experience of building website your business sector.

For example normally there will be a business that specialises in building WordPress websites, there is sometimes also businesses which specialise in building website for a certain business sectors such as dentists example.


web designers

there are many web designers here in Cardiff, however a lot of businesses choose us because we can build high-quality websites for any company quickly.

Our business can also offer organic SEO.

Digital marketing agency

our business is therefore a digital marketing agency, we can design a logo for your business, we can build websites we can offer content marketing we can offer organic SEO and also local SEO as well

Sandbox periods

it’s worth quickly mentioning about the sandbox period, for example some companies when they invest the website they want to also invest in SEO, however it’s worth bearing in mind that often takes a lot longer to optimise a new website.

That’s because a brand-new website, often will not have any backlinks, and also as most digital a marketing agencies will tell you SEO normally takes longer with brand-new website.

This is worth bearing in mind, because some businesses here in Cardiff falsely believe that when they start investing in SEO, once they’ve had a brand-new company website built, that the agency can get their company onto the first page in a matter of weeks, this is often not the case and it normally takes a lot longer so this is something worth keeping in mind when you are investing in SEO


Bounce rate

We work with many businesses in Cardiff

we work with many different types of businesses here in Cardiff. For example some businesses here in Cardiff will ask us to build a CMS, WordPress website and then will not require any of the services from us other than the main name renewal and also hosting.

However the some other businesses here in Cardiff, they will ask us to build a CMS website, plus also to offer domain name renewal and hosting as well as organic SCO every single month.

We therefore work with many different types of businesses here in Cardiff ranging from lawyers, dentists right through to construction businesses.

We therefore offer the following services

  1. WordPress websites
  2. Joomla! websites
  3. organic SEO
  4. local SEO
  5. PHP web developers
  6. CSS web developers
  7. JavaScript web developers
  8. HTML web developers
  9. content marketing
  10. Affordable WordPress websites
  11. Cardiff web design
  12. High-quality websites

Therefore some businesses here in Cardiff just ask us to build a website, yet some others work with us on a monthly basis in order to improve the businesses organic SEO.

So we can therefore help drive more customers to that company’s website.

We only offer high-quality white hat SEO, so we can help to improve where your business ranks.

We have also worked with a wide range of different businesses, for example we have worked with small businesses, such as construction businesses right through to large solicitor practices.

Therefore our web developers have a wide range of experience of working with many different types of businesses.

For example some have wanted a relatively straightforward WordPress brochure website built where some other businesses wanted large.

We can therefore offer a wide range of different services.

A lot of companies partner with this also because we are a Cardiff digital marketing agency, which means that we can offer everything from logo design right through to building websites and also offer content marketing.

A lot of businesses like to work with digital marketing agencies because they can work with one business as opposed to working with a lot of different businesses, for example a lot of business owners don’t want one company managing the SCO and another managing the businesses web design.

A lot of businesses here in Cardiff want all of the services under one roof and that is exactly what we can offer, we have web developers with a huge amount of experience.

For example some of our web developers have been building WordPress websites for over 10 years.

Therefore our web developers have a huge amount of coding knowledge so they can hold PHP, JavaScript and HTML.



Does the agency mostly work for large or small businesses?

We work with a diverse range of different businesses, we can will be very large businesses, and also work with small businesses as well.

Therefore we can work with many different businesses and many different marketing budgets. For example you might have a small marketing budget just to have a WordPress brochure website built and we can build this for you.

On the other hand you might be a large business and you want a large e-commerce website built, all the copywriting written by us and for us to also improve the businesses organic SEO.

We can improve your businesses organic SEO and we can also offer WordPress web designers well.

Will you get one point of contact?

Often a business doesn’t want to be dealing with many different employees within our company, for example they don’t want to be dealing with a copywriter, it web developer, a web designer and then also and organic SCO consultant.

Often the business owner wants to deal with just one person, that’s the say one person who is managing the account, therefore we will assign one person to manage your account to are only dealing with one person when you contact our marketing agency.

This makes it a lot easier, for example instead of writing emails to many separate different employees, you can write your email to your account manager annual account management manage your account for you.

So for example you might want to increase your SEO budget for that month, therefore if you email this to your account manager they will then make sure that they allocate the work to the SEO consultant and to the copywriters so that we can increase the level of work that we deliver for SCO for that month for your business

Why we always recommend opting for a WordPress CMS website

As you can probably gather from reading this article, we are big fans of WordPress.

We have built many WordPress websites for many businesses here in Cardiff stop for example we can build a WordPress website for anything from a scaffolding business right through to a solicitor’s practice.

We always offer cost-effective ways of improving your businesses marketing. Therefore if your business requires any the following services we can help.

  • Website design
  • Joomla! and WordPress website design
  • White hat SCO
  • Organic SCO
  • Local SCO
  • Cardiff website designers
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • WordPress web design
  • Web developers
  • PHP web developers
  • JavaScript web developers
  • CSS web developers

Why you should opt for a CMS website

We would highly recommend that your business opts for a CMS website, a CMS website means that you should have a logging password to get into the dashboard. If your business is looking to invest in a CMS website then for the vast majority of our customers we build WordPress website.

WordPress has a very easy-to-use dashboard, for example you can update your plug-ins add blog posts and also update WordPress very easily.

WordPress is also used by many businesses throughout Cardiff ranging from independent coffee shops right through to very large plc businesses also use WordPress.

If your business does not know how to use WordPress is dashboard then we can offer WordPress training, we can therefore train you on how to add blog posts update your businesses plug-ins and also how to make edits to say the meta titles and meta descriptions for example.

The vast majority of websites that we build for businesses here in Cardiff we build WordPress websites.

Why it’s important that the web designers quickly respond to emails

We are a digital marketing agency in Cardiff, we therefore make sure that we reply to all of our clients emails quickly. We have heard from many of our clients that they have got frustrated with previous web designers simply because they have taken a long time to get back to them via email. Line our business is completely different, we will email you back within 48 hours normally.

We think this is important, as the most businesses there website is their most important way of marketing the business.

Therefore doesn’t matter if you run a small construction business you run a solicitor’s practice that is employing hundreds of staff, normally the main way that the business will get new customers is via its website. So therefore when you email our marketing agency we always get back to our customers as soon as possible. Line for example the customer wants their business address changed we can therefore task this to our web developers they can make the edit to your website normally within a few hours of us being emailed.

We are a white hat SCO company and also we build high quality websites. We offer no obligation quotes, so why not give our business a ring.

Therefore whether you run a garage or you run a large plc company, we can build the website your business, we have copywriters, web developers, web designers, SCO consultants the work agency we can therefore build a high quality websites your business.

All of the work will always be white hat and we work with many different types of businesses here in Cardiff ranging from construction companies, right through to dentists and also solicitors practices here in Cardiff. Therefore, if you want to work with a well-known web design agency then why not give us a ring?

Our business can help

If you would like a quote for Cardiff web design or you would like a quote for white hat SCO then why not give our business a ring