SEO & Social Media


There was a time when having thousands of links to your website was the way to get up the rankings of google and co. Not so anymore, with the advent of updates like penguin and panda (don’t ask why) there’s an open competition to get back to the top of the rankings. We believe we have the capabilities to improve your positioning in the major search engines.

Using our tried and trusted techniques, we can’t guarantee you a position one, and anyone who tells you they can is probably not telling the truth, but we can promise to gain you more visability in the world of search. Just think, if you get an offer from a company saying they can get you in the top 10 of Google – and they offer that to 11 companies – how on earth can they do that! Don’t be fooled, we will give you an honest appraisal of what we can do.

With subtle techniques, logic and focus, we will improve your ranking on the search engines and gain you more exposure, so your customers will be able to find you alot easier than before. We also do not hide the fact that this is not an overnight process. This can take a long time to see the results, but with persistance and patience we have the power!

As a case study, one of our clients had no internet presence whatsoever,  and today they head the google rankings in many of their commonly used search terms. This industry was food and as you would expect, that is a very large market. Over time, we improved their rankings to gain the topspots on many of their search terms. The process took around six months but they are still there no matter how much Google messed about with their algorythms and updates.

Content is king, always was and always will be. Search engies are developing and paying more attention to great content and value for the visitor. No longer is search based on links but is becoming based on peoples votes. They say people vote with their feet, but in hyperspace, people vote with their mouse.


Social Media

Are you at a bit of a loss when it comes to social media? What is it? What does it do? Do you need it? These are the usual questions that we are being asked. Basically social media is a way of connecting to potential customers via websites that have many users who express there opinions about things, places, businesses and people. Social media sites are fundamentally sharing sites, sharing opinions, photographs, views and experiences. Can you afford to be without it? Well it’s an open question but we believe every business should be tweeting and liking! It’s imperative to get your message out there and what better form of advertising than word of mouth. Of course like everything there is a pitfall – the reverse effect. If you do something that’s seem to be incorrct then you can be assured there’s a whole community that will know about that too. If you operate a business it will probably make you think about your practices a bit more.