Our web designers’ top tips when designing a mobile responsive website


Whether your stuck on the train on the way home from work, or simply sat on the sofa looking to purchase an item while watching the T.V, a lot of us now like to make purchases on our smartphones.

Making a purchase on our smartphones simply makes our lives easier, that’s to say on the add break on the tele we can order that new kettle with a few simple clicks.

So it’s an absolute must that whichever web design agency that you do choose, that you invest in a website that is mobile responsive website.

And you may hear your web designer mention AMP websites, mobile friendly websites, mobile responsive websites- so what you must make sure is that you invest in a website that has a mobile version and it is well designed.

Now you may be in a bit of a rush, that’s to say you may just want to understand what constitutes as “good design” when designing the mobile version of a website, so to help you we asked our web designers what they think, then we bullet pointed some of our ideas below:

·        Must have a main menu and website navigation that’s easy to use

·        The website must be quick, some businesses may benefit from investing in an AMP website

·        The website must be tested so that it’s easy to use, for example if you are selling thousands of products, we not make it easy for your customers to sort items

·        The web design company must monitor bounce rates and aim to reduce these

·        A/B or split testing can be used to improve the design of the website on an ongoing basis

What does having a “mobile responsive design” even mean?

Quite simply put, having a website that is responsive simply means that the website will automatically optimise to whichever screen size it’s loaded onto, this means that it will fit that screen.

However, having a responsive website is great, yet this doesn’t mean that the design is any good.

That’s to say, when having a new website built, you may ask your web designers, is the website responsive?

And they may reply by saying yes, but does that mean that your website will have the following features:

It’s kind of like when a business in Cardiff asks some web designers whether basic SEO is included, the web design company may reply via e-mail and say yes, but basic SEO could mean anything, it could mean that the agency has just added a meta title and meta description and meta title to each page.

Now, as any good marketing agency will tell you, to improve a businesses seo, well this is a lot of work, it often means working with an agency for many months, that’s to improve where the company ranks.

However, having said that, if you were to ask most agencies, well would basic seo be enough for the business to break through and to be ranked on the first page of Google, well for most company’s it would not be enough SEO work, it would not even come close.

So, this is like saying is the website responsive?

Well, the web designers may say yes, but this means nothing unless the website is well designed, and the web designer works on improving the design using split testing or A/B testing to gradually improve the design, reduce the company’s bounce rate and to help the company to gain more sales.

So, in short, your website should be responsive, but the design must be good. That’s to say the HTML and CSS and the general design may need to altered as time goes on to help improve your company’s SEO.  

A main menu that’s easy to use

Okay, so your website designer has spent a lot of time writing code, they have coded HTML, CSS and Javascript, and the finished product is a website that looks great.

The homepage advertises your business perfectly, it shows the products that you sell, and it makes the products you retail look as though you instantly want to make a purchase and get the items delivered.

Yet, when your business set’s its website live, you start to get a lot of emails, that’s from customers that cannot use the main menu.

That’s to say the main menu is difficult to use, or it doesn’t load, and this can obviously mean that your website has a high bounce rate.

So, what is our recommendation for this? Well our Cardiff web design agency makes sure that our main menus are easy to use. That’s to say we recommend using drop-down menus, which are easy to use.

However, sometimes when you arrive at a web design studio, you may see your new website on a desktop- and you may well be happy with the design.

That’s to say your about to launch a new Italian restaurant in Cardiff Bay, and you are happy with what the designers have built, that’s to say on the desktop version of the website, it has a good picture of the front of the restaurant, a menu and also it states a bit of history about your business.

Yet, what you should also do is to check the design on your smartphone, that’s to say does the main menu work easily, does it load fast, or are you left waiting a longtime for the pages to load- is it easy to contact the business and to make an order.

If there are any glitches with the design, or lets say Javascript has been used on the homepage, and the homepages design in so complicated that it takes ages for the homepage to load on your smartphone, well could this cost you business.

Could all that coding, all that PHP coding and all of the Javascript be causing the website to load slowly- and could a rival business in Cardiff Bay have a much more simpler website, but it loads quicker, so is that business ranked better on Google?

These are all questions to ask the web developer, as our top recommendation is this, your website must be well designed, but you must also make sure that you also have strong seo for your business, otherwise your competitors may have an advantage over your business.

For example, one Italian restaurant may go to a web developer that builds a website that looks good, but never stands a chance of getting on the first page of Google, that’s because it may be a one page website that’s what SEO consultants call “content thin”- meaning there’s not much information, and the website is basic in terms of what information it offers on the restaurant.

Yet, then there’s another Italian restaurant owner in Cardiff, they choose a digital marketing agency like CF24 in Cardiff, and we understand white hat SEO, plus we can design high-quality websites, so that website will get onto the first page of Google if the company invests in our SEO services, so that can be beneficial to the business.

Yet, for the SEO to be effective, that is to get the business say on the first page for “Italian Restaurants near me”- well the design must be good, so this why its worth choosing a high quality digital marketing agency.

Loads quickly

It’s all well and good e-mailing your website designer and saying to keep adding offers onto the homepage, but what if the homepage then takes ages to load?

What if you have say a slider that your web developer has built, all the coding is correct, that’s to say the HTML and CSS has been coded so that website works, yet it just takes ages to load.

Well, the business is likely to have a very high bounce rate. So, you should work on making your website quick, and your web design company should be able to suggest different ways where they can speed-up your website, and recommend possibly also building an AMP version?


Shopping cart easy to use

Here’s a real common problem that a lot of businesses incur, that’s to say once their website goes live, they then discover that the shopping cart does not work correctly.

It’s really important that your web designers build a shopping cart and a payment system that’s secure yet easy to use.

Your web developer should offer user testing, this is so any glitches with the site are fixed.


So if you want a website that is fast, then you may wish to invest in an AMP website.

AMP simply stands for accelerated mobile pages, which basically means that a simple version of your website is made.

Your web developer will therefore need to design an AMP version of your website, so that it quick to load.

And what are the benefits?

Well, your website may see a decreased bounce rate, this simply means that because your website is so quick, a person may spend more time on your site.

Where this is as opposed to another website, which may take too long to load, the shopper is unwilling to wait, so they leave that company’s website.


Here’s our number one top tip when designing a mobile responsive website, that is make it simple.

No matter how fast data speeds on mobiles become, we always think it is better to have a website that makes things simple.

Not too cluttered, has a menu that’s easy to use, and also instantly communicates in seconds what your business can offer.

So don’t make it too complicated, don’t for example try and cram a lot of different offers on the homepage.

Easy to navigate

This is another super important point, you may have a website that looks great, yet if the navigation is not easy to use, well you may find that shoppers soon leave your website.

For example, lets just say you sell coffee machines, just as an example, but there’s no way to sort the coffee machines, compare facts about the various coffee machines, plus there’s no way to get back to the start and then refine the search on let’s say bean to cup, espresso machines or just a way to sort via price.

So, if you are looking for web design quotes, and you’ve just opted for the cheapest quote, well this could be because important elements, such as allowing shoppers to refine their search for products may well be missing.

So before you opt of a web design quote, make sure that you are comparing quotes that are like for like, so make sure that you set out a specification that you want, such as a way of refining products by price, brand, availability- and make sure that this is costed into the quote.

As if your web design company just places products into broad categories, such as “coffee machines”- well your shoppers may just leave your website.

How our web design company can help:

It really doesn’t matter if you do not know what HTML through to AMP means, our web design agency that’s based in Cardiff will make the entire web design process a piece of cake.

So if you would like a quote, then why not call us?