Is it really worth investing in a cheap website?


If you run a business, then often that business will need a website built, often businesses will opt for a “CMS website” which is also called a content management system. A CMS website is often built by a local website designer or an agency like CF24.

That’s to say while sipping on that cup of coffee, you may currently be looking for a local web designer that’s based right here in Cardiff?

And whilst enjoying a cup of latte, well, you will see that there are hundreds of different businesses to choose from.

That’s the say there are freelance designers right through to large digital marketing agencies that sometimes employ sometimes over a hundred staff members. That’s to say you may have an agency that employs link builders, content marketing writers, PHP web developers, WordPress designers and also designers that specialise in say Joomla websites as well.

So therefore, as the business owner, you have to choose which company would be best suited to your business’s requirements?

Yet, what can often sway a business owner is price, and this article Is dedicated to explaining why sometimes a cheap website can sometimes be a false economy. That’s to say sometimes when enjoying your coffee you may spot a few local businesses that are offering really low prices, and you think, well, we are a start-up business, that be a good idea right, to opt for the lowest price?

Well, we think sometimes some cheap websites can be waste of time, especially when they have been poorly coded, using PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS and the design of the website looks basic or worse has problems so that the company’s website does not work correctly.

We say that because sure a freelancer or an agency may offer really cheap quotes for say a CMS website- yet will the business incur the following problems from investing in that agency or freelancer?

·        A high bounce rate because of poor website design?

·        A CMS that is difficult to use, i.e the Dashboard is difficult to use or the agency has limited the functionality so that the business cannot even add a new blog post themselves?

·        The website has been coded poorly, using PHP, HTML or JavaScript, that’s to say there’s problems with the PHP or the HTML which is now causing problems, such as the mobile version of the website to not work correctly?

·        Will the agency offer updates? If not, will the website incur glitches, for example could the website stop working on some smartphones in the future because the digital marketing agency is not offering updates?

·        Will the website be really basic?

·        Will your business here in Cardiff need to find another designer in a short amount of time to get the website redesigned?


For example, if you are about to set up a plumbing business let’s say, and you are a sole trader, then you may not want the expense of hiring a large digital marketing agency. That’s to say for a straightforward brochure website, well you may opt for a freelancer.

Brochure websites

And perhaps that freelancer can build a brochure website, that’s designing the site using PHP and HTML to build the site, and perhaps they can do that in a short space of time?

E-commerce website, for example WordPress and WooCommerce

However, on the other hand, if you are planning on setting up a large e-commerce business and selling many thousands different items.

Well, then often you will need a large design agency that employs a team of staff ranging from copywriters right through to web developers.

We say that because all of the work that’s needed, that’s to write all of the PHP, the JavaScript and the HTML that’s needed to build a large e-commerce website, that will most likely take a lot of time, so often a large marketing agency will be needed.

Yes, a freelancer could do this work, yet some businesses may opt for an agency because often there will be so much work that needs to be done to build the new CMS website.

That’s because sometimes a business will require all of these different skill sets:

·        Copywriters to write the content marketing

·        Link builders to help with the businesses marketing

·        PHP web developers

·        JavaScript experts

·        WordPress web designers

·        Marketing experts

·        Logo designers

·        Branding

·        SEO

Therefore, with your cup of coffee still placed firmly in your hand, you have to sift through all the different businesses and also obtain a web design quote from each business that you contact.

However, once your inbox starts to fill with quotes from various agencies, you may spot that the quotes can vary massively.

This can leave some business owners rather baffled, that’s as to why one company may charge let’s say a few hundred pounds to build a CMS WordPress website, and another company may literally quote thousands for the same job.

There are also various companies which will advertise just on price, that’s to say there are many companies that offer really low prices.

And that’s great right?

Well, this depends, if you’re going to obtain good value for money.

Here are some of the problems of opting for a cheap website that some businesses may incur

·        A very basic website may be built

·        Built using a CMS that has glitches

·        The website may have a very high bounce rate due to poor website design

·        The website does not have many pages

For example, a freelancer or a marketing agency which is only charging a few hundred pounds to build a website may sometimes do a brilliant job.

However, for a lot of businesses that also invest in cheap CMS website, well, we believe this can sometimes be a total waste of money.

That’s to say a business based here in Cardiff may hire a web designer, which builds such a basic website that it is a waste of your time and also your money.

That’s to say the business may have paid so little it may have only had a designer work on building the site for a few hours.

So, the designer will not have had time to write PHP, JavaScript or HTML to make a detailed website, instead the company’s website may look really basic, so the business may deem this investment as a total waste of time?

 And often the website will often need to be redesigned.

We have therefore sat down with our web designers, and discussed why we think cheap websites are sometimes a total waste of time, that’s when you hire the wrong company.

So, after much writing on a whiteboard, and our designers stating why they simply hate low-quality web design, here’s the reasons they came up with why you should avoid choosing a business just on the price that they offer.

The problems with cheap website’s:

The problem with CMS websites is that sometimes they are sold so cheaply that the web designers can only spend a short amount of time building the website.

This simply means that sometimes the web designers will not have the time sometimes to add the following to the site:

·        Meta titles

·        Meta descriptions

·        Content marketing per page may only be a few lines of text per page, which is often not enough

·        The designers here in Cardiff may well build a website using their own CMS, and the Dashboard or the admin area may well be difficult for some business owners to use

·        The website may look basic, meaning the company incurs a very high bounce rate

This means that because the company has only charged a small amount of money, they can only build a very basic website. This is often the main problem with cheap websites, is often the design is very basic.

This often means the following problems for the business could be incurred:

·        A high-bounce rate

·        The HTML or the PHP may well be poorly coded, so the website does not work correctly

·        This could negatively impact the businesses seo

·        The business may need a redesign, meaning additional expense for the company


Why do some web design businesses just compete on price?

This is the problem that a lot of designers have got themselves into, that’s because they have started to just compete with other agencies solely on price. Which often means that only a very basic website is built for the business.

Which means:

·        The web developer will not have much time to write JavaScript

·        PHP

·        HTML

·        So often a really basic website is built for the business

This means that when you compete just on price often the quality of the website is sometimes reduced.

And in today’s age most businesses use their website as the main way of advertising the company, so our question would be, why try and save a few pennies, that’s when the entire website may well need to be redesigned?

That’s to say it’s not like another form of advertising that may or may not work- if you have a really good quality website, with good quality SEO, (White Hat) then this can give a positive impression of your business. Which for some businesses here in Cardiff may well be the only form of marketing that the business uses, that’s to say they may not employ many sales staff, that’s because sometimes their website is so good the products or the services may sell themselves if they hire the right agency.

This is why so many companies come to our Cardiff Bay agency because we can build high quality Joomla and also WordPress CMS websites.

We can offer the following services:

·        Joomla and also WordPress CMS web design

·        Quality SEO

·        Affordable high-quality sites

·        Web designers

·        Web developers

·        We can design high-quality websites built using HTML, PHP and JavaScript

Sometimes some agencies build WordPress and also other CMS websites very quickly, but normally if the fee is only a couple of hundred pound, then normally these WordPress or CMS websites can sometimes be very basic. That’s to say you may end up with a website which has the following:

·        Very few pages

·        Is basic, so has a high bounce rate

·        Not much content marketing, only a few lines of text per page, which may negatively impact the businesses SEO

Instead our agency builds high quality WordPress and Joomla websites, for example we will spend a long period of time writing the text for the website plus building a high-quality website built using WordPress.

We will also discuss with the client which hex colours they wish to use on the homepage, for example on the header and the footer of the website.

We will build a high-quality website for your business.

However, some businesses charge practically no money at all to build the website and this is when a business ends up with a really basic website.

Often the company then needs to have the website redesigned later on, because they find that the website is basic and this doesn’t help the business.

As you can tell, we think that paying a low price for web design is often a false economy.

We think that this most businesses today use their company website as the main way of advertising the business this is why you should invest in a high-quality Joomla or a high-quality WordPress website.

Marketing Agency Cardiff

Often what is also needed is a marketing agency which can also help the company with its social media, content marketing, SEO, and also link building. We here at CF24 Web Services can offer all of these services:

CMS (Content Management System)

Often when a businessowner is looking to get a website designed, they will not know which CMS the business needs.

For example, if you run a plumbing business, you may just want a smart website for your business, you’re not worried if it’s designed using Joomla or another type of CMS such as WordPress.

However, some designers will have built their own CMS, for those business owners that do not know what CMS means, it simply means “content management system”.

Now some digital marketing agencies will build a brilliant CMS, that’s because they will have web developers that can build a CMS using HTML and CSS and the dashboard will be easy to use.

However, some web designers will build their own CMS, and it will be very basic and it could be possibly difficult to make changes to the website such as changing the text on each page.

Also the CMS which the agency has built may suffer from the following problems:

·        Does not have updates from the agency, so could develop glitches

For example, a web design business may build their own content management system, and it may have a dashboard or an admin area, yet it may be very difficult to make changes to the website such as adding a blog post.

Also, because the CMS has been built by the agency it may have glitches, for example it may work fine to start with, that’s the say desktop and also the mobile version of the website work.

However, a CMS which has been poorly built by the web design agency may include glitches later on, that’s the say for example mobile version of the website may stop working.

Therefore, we recommend that you either opt for a high-quality CMS, such as Joomla or WordPress or another CMS.

Or if you are to pick a CMS that’s been built by an agency during make sure that they have built the CMS correctly and that they have highly experienced web developers which is built the CMS.

Often a business that is offering really cheap prices will have built the CMS sometimes very poorly.

For example some businesses will have a dashboard which is very difficult to use, for example the business may find it very difficult to add a blog post and also difficult to add titles and to do simple editing such as making some of the text therefore we have worked with businesses here in Cardiff, which simply have purchased cheap websites and simply need the hall website redesigned because the website is built poorly built.

When we say poorly built we also don’t mean just the design of the website, we also mean how the website works. For example, it may be very difficult to add a blog post, and business recognises that unless it keeps adding blog posts to its website it will not improve the businesses SCO, so often they will come to our design agency to get a whole new website built for their company.

When they come to our business, they know that the website will be built to a high standard, and that we will use HTML and JavaScript and CSS that will be used to build a very high quality website for that business.

That’s to say we design high quality websites which will look brilliant, but also be built by website developers, which will make sure that we offer a reliable website as well.

Main form of advertising

Often many businesses will not skimp on certain areas of expenditure, for example some businesses will not locate the office premises outside of the city centre, or will not employ staff that have less than five years’ experience for example.

Obviously, this will cost the business more, that’s because more experienced staff will cost more and also locating an office in the city centre will cost more.

So, if the business is not willing to save money on these areas, why would some businesses look to save money when having their website built?

That’s because often the website is the main form of advertising for the business.

That’s to say if you try to save money on having a new website built then this might be a false economy.

For example, when a business analyses how its customers are finding the business, often for a lot of businesses they will obtain their customers via their website.

Therefore, if the website is of poor quality, that’s the say that it has been built so that the company website looks cheap then this might be off-putting to customers. This is why we think cheap websites are often a total false economy.

Bounce rates

This then leads us on neatly to our next point, many experienced marketing agencies will tell you that if the web design is not to a high standard then this can be off-putting to customers, so that they simply bounce off your website.

You may therefore hear your web design business talk about bounce rates, this is simply the percentage of customers that land on your website and then leave more or less straightaway.

Obviously, businesses trying to reduce the bounce rate, because they don’t want to be losing customers on their website, they instead want customers to be purchasing from the business.

This is often why many business partner with a Cardiff web design company in order to build a website but also to lower the businesses bounce rate.

Often it bounce rate can be reduced by improving the design of the website, often many website developers will suggest using split testing or as it is sometimes called a/B testing.

This simply means making changes to the website and to see if the changes have in removed the website in terms of allowing the business to generate more sales.

For example, let’s say that your company sells mountain bikes, and your web design business states that the current website has a very high bounce rate.

Then the design agency suggests rewriting all of the product descriptions so that a more detailed product description is added to every single mountain bike that your business sells.

Then the marketing company may state that the bounce rate has reduced, and that the amount of sales has increased that’s because the product descriptions have been rewritten.

This is just a quick example of how often many businesses here in Cardiff do not work with a marketing company just to get a website built, instead they work with the business on an ongoing basis in order to improve the design other.

For example, this may include redesigning the homepage for example or it could include the web developer building a new main menu for WordPress website.



A problem that can occur when a business does not pay very much for a new website is that it can look dated even though the website is just been built.

What do you mean by this?

We quite simply mean that often when a business pays a cheap price to have a website built, often the website will look very generic, that’s to say it will look like thousands of other businesses out there, so it can look dated straightaway.

That’s because the website will not stand out, that’s the say it has not been built so that it is the spoke.

Instead it might just look like another template website and it might look rather basic.

Often when a business pays more for a website, they will work with designer to make sure that the website looks the spoke and that it looks unique to that business.

For example often need branding company is also so that the right font, the right colours and the right logos are used.

Then this business can stand out, it will not look like another generic website.

very little time designing the website

some businesses will ask the company to write text for the new website, plus to also have the logo to send over to the web designers and then they just simply add this to a website that ends up looking rather bland.

Instead what often a company needs, is to partner with a design agency which will take the time to learn about your business and to build a website which reflects fully what your company can offer.

This often means meeting with your web designers and discussing the following

·        hex codes, that’s which colours you wish to use

·        content marketing, that’s whether the web design agency should write the text

·        CMS, which CMS your business should use

·        social media, you may ask the designers to set up social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter

·        pages, you should discuss with your designers how many pages are required

·        homepage, how should the homepage be designed

·        mobile version of the website, how do you want the mobile version of the website to look

·        Main menu, how do you want the menu to work

·        blog posts, will the agency be required to write blog posts every month for the business

·        e-commerce businesses, do you require the agency to write the product descriptions


Text is generic

It’s also important to think about whether you wish your web designers to also write the content marketing for your business.

For example, let’s say you are setting up a car dealership, you will have a million and one things to think about, such as sourcing the cars, staff and also where to locate your car dealership.

So, when the web designers ask you to write the text for your new website, you may not have the time writing thousands of words for your new website.

Therefore, many businesses which are based in Cardiff, South Wales therefore choose a web designer which can build the website using HTML and JavaScript and also CSS but also to write the text for the website.

Often when the designer is asked to write the text for the website this can speed up the entire web design process.

Also, many large agencies will employ copywriters, these are employees who can write the text for your website, they should also spend a lot of time learning about your business so that the content marketing can accurately sell what your business has to offer.

For example, let’s say you are setting up a construction business, if the copywriters know nothing about your business the content marketing may sound really generic.

However if the copywriters meet with the business owners, they gain an understanding of the type of construction work that your business wants to obtain and also a brief history about the business such as how was started how many years you have been in the construction industry, all that this information can then be added to the content marketing.

Therefore, we think that cheap websites often do not allow enough time for the copywriters to meet with the business owners and to learn about the business, and then this is reflected in the content marketing.

We therefore believe that it’s important that the designers get the JavaScript, PHP, HTML right, but it’s also equally important to get content marketing right. And we believe to get the content marketing right there needs to be and love of a marketing budget to allow the copywriters to meet with the business owners and for them to learn about your business and to make sure that the content marketing is high-quality when it is added to your Joomla! or let’s say you’re WordPress website.


High bounce rate

If the content marketing is generic, that’s the say it doesn’t offer much information and its appears that is being written quickly then this is another reason why businesses bounce rate can increase.

For example, somebody may be looking for an emergency plumber, because the plumber has only purchased a cheap website the website may not state whether they offer emergency callouts not.

Then when you compare this to a plumber which is paid a marketing agency to build a high quality website, that marketing agency should have spent the time to make sure that they know about every service that plumber offers such as central heating installation, boiler repair and emergency callouts.

So when somebody goes that planning website they should instantly see that they offer emergency callouts and this is therefore likely to improve how many customers that that business gets simply because that business has invested in a high quality website rather than a website which has been built cheaply and does not state all of the services that the plumbing company offers.

Look’s cheap

Would you invest in a shop business premises which makes your business look cheap?

Well the many business the obvious answer is no. That’s the say many businesses invest in high-quality property so that it reflects well on the business.

That’s the say often many businesses will locate in the city centre or Cardiff Bay, and have a well-designed shop or office so that it will impress the businesses customers.

While this exact logic should be used when purchasing a new website for your business, that’s to say businesses which are just getting started may think well let’s just get a cheap website for now.


Very few pages

when a business pays a very low price to have a website built, often this is because the website will be very basic.

For example, often the web designer can only spend a very short amount of time building the website.

web developers will often not have the time to add features such as contact us forms

often if the business purchases a cheap website, they will not often have the same functionality that they would if they had paid a agency to build a high quality website.

For example, let’s say that you run a solicitor’s practice, if the solicitor’s practice was to purchase a high quality website then often there is a contact form added to every single page of the website. This is so that the customer can contact the business easily.

However, a cheap website may not have this feature, so less customers may contact the business.

glitches because of poorly coded website

sometimes if the agency has built their own CMS, which stands for content management system it can be built in a way where the website has glitches. For example, the main menu may not work on certain smart phone, and this will obviously cause the business to have a high bounce rate.

Therefore, if you purchase a cheap website, this can sometimes mean that the agency will have less time to test the website.

Therefore, an agency should allow enough time to test the website to test the everything works correctly.

Some businesses then in Cardiff will also hire a web developer so that the contest the website on a routine basis, this is because the business knows that if a part of their website stopped working such as the contact form then this can obviously cost the business money.

This is why some businesses within Cardiff will ask their web developer to regularly test the website to make sure that everything works.

dashboard difficult to use

your business should pick a CMS which has a dashboard which is easy-to-use.

For example, for a lot of businesses that are based here in Cardiff they will want to add blog posts to their website on a regular basis.

As any good digital marketing agency will tell you, it’s important to add good quality content marketing to your website in order to improve the company’s SEO.

However, if the CMS is difficult to use, that’s to save difficult to add a new blog post and to format the writing by making title bold for example, then this may mean that adding a blog post becomes difficult.

Wallet business really needs is a CMS such as WordPress which has a dashboard which is really easy to use.

WordPress is dashboard allows you to add a blog post and also install plug-ins very easily.

hard to make changes to the website

Let’s say that you own a business and it is based in Cardiff Bay, but then you are planning on moving your office premises to the city centre.

Therefore, if you had a CMS website, such as WordPress it would be easy to edit the businesses address.

However, with some websites the address of the company is added to the footer or the header of the website and it can be difficult to change the company’s address without having the help of your web designer.

This obviously means contacting the web designer to make the change, and the business may be charged.

it’s worth thinking about which CMS your business is going to opt for, because some allow the business owner to make simple changes such as the company’s address themselves. However some CMS’s do not allow such simple changes.

We would highly recommend going with a CMS which is easy-to-use, and which will allow your staff to add blog posts easily.


If a web design company builds a website, and then the website does not receive any updates then it may incur glitches.

The web designer will not be able to spend much time offering design ideas

Often a business will approach a marketing agency and not know how they would like the website to look

That’s to say the business knows that it needs a website built, but does not have a good idea of how the homepage should look or what colours the business should use.

Often when you pay for a cheap website, there is hardly any time spent with a web designer discussing how you would like the website to look. This is why we believe it’s worth paying more so that you can meet your web designers and you can start discussing how you would like the website to look in terms of how the homepage to be designed for example will stop

Your website designer should then be able to recommend colours that you may wish to use, how the header and footer should look for example.

For example, you may ask your designer what they recommend in terms of the following

·        how the homepage should be designed.

·        Hex codes

·        which CMS to use

·        how a menu should be designed

·        how the designers come to use HTML, PHP and JavaScript to build the website and also how long this is likely to take

·        where the social media icons should be placed on the website

·        how the logo should look

·        where the logo should be placed on the website

·        what colour the header and the footer should be

·        where the businesses NAP information should be placed

·        whether your business wishes to opt for a WordPress website

·        whether your business wishes to opt for a Joomla! website

·        how the agency can also offer SEO

·        how many pages should the website have?


You should discuss all of these matters and more with your designer, otherwise if you leave all these decisions to your designer, then you may be unhappy with the final design.

Often therefore the business owners will be asked to meet with the designers of regular stages, that’s to make sure that they are happy with how the website is being built

Also, if the business owners want changes made then often it is easier to make these changes while website is being built, rather than completing the whole website and then altering parts of the business’s website design.

Hex codes

Your designer should discuss with you which hex codes they are going to use, this is really important because the hex codes will dictate what colour your website is.

For example, the hex codes will dictate what colour the header or the footer of the website is full stop

Are the same hex codes should be used when designing the desktop version as well as the mobile version of the website, this is so that they are both consistent.

Often a business will already have a set of hex codes which have been set by the branding company, it is therefore just a matter of sending the hex codes to the designers so that they can make sure that your website is consistent with your company’s branding.

For example, let’s say that you run an estate agency here in the city of Cardiff and you using write yellow coloured to distinguish your business from all the other estate agencies.

You may then wish to use this same hex codes in terms of the colour yellow on your company website so that it is consistent with the rest of your businesses marketing.

mobile version of the website is poorly designed


Sometimes when you purchase a really cheap website sometimes the mobile version of the website can be designed poorly.

for example, the mobile version of the website may be very basic.

It’s also worth remembering that a mobile version of your website will be the version that is indexed first normally.

This is why it’s so important that the mobile version of your website is well designed, as if it’s very basic then your business is likely to incur a very high bounce rate.

Therefore, if you are purchasing a very cheap website, it’s worth checking whether the mobile version of the website is basic as if it is you may wish to use a different agency or pay for a better design.


Menu may not work correctly

You will want a main menu that works easily. If the main menu does not work easily then your business may incur a very high bounce rate.

Let’s say for example that you sell clothing, and someone wishes to buy a pair of jeans in a certain size, if they cannot sort of the jeans by size easily, then they are likely to leave your website.

Therefore, you should work closely with your marketing agencies web developer, so that it is easy for your customers to sort items.

You should work with your web developers, so that your website allows your customers to sort items so that they can find the product that they are looking for easily.


web designer may be expensive when asking for edits

it’s all well and good paying a cheap price to have a website built, but what happens when your business requires edits to the website?

For example, your company may change it phone number, you should enquire how much it will cost for edits to be made to your website

for most agencies they will charge a different rate depending on whether you need a website designer, a website developer or a copywriter. Then normally designers charge by the hour so if it is a relatively simple change like changing the company’s phone number then this shouldn’t cost much money at all. However, it’s worth asking your designers how much they charge for edits as often most businesses will need edits made to their website at least a few times.

For example, if your company changes address, this may require the website developer to change the address in the footer of the website.

mobile version?

Does the quote even include for a mobile version of the website to be built?

Sometimes some companies will offer a really low price, that’s because so much is excluded such as building a mobile version of the website.

For most businesses they will need to have a mobile version of the website built when you ask the designers for quotes you should ask whether this is included in the quote.

As otherwise this could cost more.

An agency could therefore charge extra for building a mobile version of the website.

Will it cut the mustard?

Will the website cut the mustard?

What do we mean by this?

Well, even if your business gets a website designed for a very low price, will it be able to sell products?

For instance, a website can look so basic it may just mean that your company has a very high bounce rate.

Search engine optimisation

Will your business require search engine optimisation, if so you should ask the design company whether the offer this service and whether basic SEO is included in the web design quote?

For example, you should have a meta title and the meta description added to each page.

You may wish to opt for WordPress or another good quality CMS, as if you need to choose a separate Seo agency often they will want to work with a business that has chosen a good quality CMS like WordPress.


Often the main downfall with choosing a cheap website, is that the design will be very basic.

Often for example businesses in Cardiff that have invested in a inexpensive website will have a website that looks