How we make the entire web design process a piece of cake for our customers


Okay, so your about to set-up a new business, and now your looking for a local web design business that can help.

But after just a few phone calls, to various website designers, well your now left wondering which CMS to go for, whether you should opt for a responsive website, or obtain an AMP version, plus you don’t know whether you should write the content, or as the various businesses have advised, let them do this for you.

So your now left with more questions than answers, that’s to say, you just wanted a high-quality website, built by a Cardiff website designer, so you don’t know who to choose.

Well, why not choose CF24?

We can offer your business the following:

·        A high quality website that’s built at an affordable price

·        We wont complicate matters by using a lot of jargon, such as talking about HTML, Javascript or AMP

·        We make things really simple

·        Clear pricing

·        We can even write the content marketing for an additional fee

Our web designers can walk you through the whole process

Okay, so sure some web designers here in Cardiff want you to come up with all of the ideas, that’s to say they want you to know what the website should look like, that’s so they can grab a coffee and start writing code.

But what if you are unsure how you would like your new website to look?

What if you are unsure what hex codes to use?

What if you are unsure how the homepage should look?

Well, do not worry, that’s because we make things super simple, we can get to know your business, what you want to do with your website, such as selling products, taking bookings, or selling electronic tickets for gigs in Cardiff, and our website developers can start to build your entire website.

Sometimes an off the shelf e-commerce shopping system may be needed, yet for some businesses, especially larger businesses, they may want a website that is bespoke, that integrates with a database so stock levels can be managed, plus integrate with a courier, so that the customer can get updates on where there product is in terms of the logistics of that product.

And our web designers here in Cardiff can help to build that website for you.

Wireframes and an outline of the design

Okay, so there’s no point in our web designers spending countless hours build your website, writing code, HTML and CSS to design your website, for the final version not to be as planned.

So like most web design studios we will be able to provide you with an outline of what the site will look like, that’s before we build the final version of the website.

This is called building wireframes.

We can build a wireframe of the design that you would like, then once approved, we can add more detail so that we can build the perfect website for your business.

Website design Cardiff

There are now so many web design agencies, not just here in the great city of Cardiff, but also across the U.K.

So with that said, here’s why so many businesses here in Cardiff choose us to be their web design business:

·        We make things simple

·        We can build websites quickly

·        We offer affordable prices

·        Cardiff web design agency

·        We can also offer white hat SEO

Quality websites

We build high-quality websites, we use CMS (Content Management Systems) which are used by many leading businesses, this means that your business will obtain a high-quality content management system.

Range of different content management systems to choose from

Some web design agencies will rail-road you into one CMS, or a CMS that the web design company has built.

However, if the CMS does not receive automatic updates, or updates that the business owner can use to keep the site updated, then the site may later develop glitches.

For example, the website may develop a glitch, such as the main menu may not work on a smartphone, this could mean the business incurs a high bounce rate.

So, this is why we always say that its better to choose a CMS that many thousands of different businesses use, that way you can come back to us for website improvements, but there will also be many thousands of web developers that specialise in that CMS so help is easy to find.

High-quality websites

We only build high-quality websites.

We wont baffle you with long conversations about HTML, CSS or Javascript

We make things simple.

Mobile as standard

Unlike some web design agencies here in Cardiff we do not charge an additional fee for making your website responsive, so that it works on a smartphone or a tablet.

Affordable prices

We offer very affordable prices.

Cardiff web design

We are a web design agency that’s based in Cardiff.

CMS that are easy to use

We only recommend CMS that are easy for our customers to use.

Websites that are easy to add blog posts to

Our websites are really easy to add blog posts, or news articles to.

Free domain name for the first year for most domains* (Does depend on which domain name)

On most domain names, we offer the first year for free, this does depend on which domain name, so why not e-mail us today to see if we can offer the first year for free.

Free website hosting for the first year

We offer free website hosting for the first year.