How much does website hosting cost?


A lot of web design businesses charge a monthly fee for website hosting, and the cost sometimes can vary quite considerable.

Yet here at CF24 we offer free website hosting, that’s for the first year, that’s to say we can offer a web design quote that includes the first years hosting for free.

Then we will charge a fixed fee per year after that, however this does depend on how large your company’s website is.

So, for example, let’s say you run an e-commerce business, and you sell many thousands of products, the cost for hosting this website will be higher as the website is large.

Yet, if your business has a website that has say 20 pages or less, well, the cost to host this website after the first years hosting has expired will be minimal. For an exact cost, do e-mail us.

What does “website hosting” mean?

For a website to work it needs to be placed on a server, the company that hosts the website is referred to as the “hosting company”.

However, as you would expect some hosting is expensive and some company’s may offer cheap hosting, normally this comes down to two factors, that is how fast is the hosting, plus also how reliable is the hosting company?

If your hosting company offers really fast hosting, so in the blink of an eye your website appears, well, normally this is much more expensive. Plus, you will need a reliable hosting company.

Does my business need website hosting?

Yes, that’s because without hosting your company’s website will simply not work, so if you want your website to be live, a website will need hosting.

Can my business find our own website hosting?

Yes, absolutely- most web design agencies, ours included offer hosting, that’s to make the whole web design process easier, that’s because as soon as say your WordPress website is set live, we can manage your hosting for you.

Plus many businesses here in Cardiff hire us, that’s because we can offer an affordable website, plus low cost hosting.

For the majority of websites that we build, we will offer free hosting for the first year, so this is worth bearing in mind when trying to choose which website design company to choose.

That’s because within the contract for some website designers, there will be a hosting fee, sometimes this fee is payable monthly via a direct debit- now the figure may sound rather low, such as £40.00 a month, yet you add this up over the duration that your business has a website, then it might be considered a rather considerable cost.

So what’s the solution?

Well, the solution is simple, if you let CF24 build your WordPress or your Joomla website, we can offer an affordable cost to design your new website, then we can host your website for free for one year.

Then you may wish to switch to your own hosting company after that, or we can offer you a yearly fee.

Our yearly fee is very reasonable, so we can help businesses to own a website at a very affordable cost.

Plus, our website designers here in Cardiff can build WordPress or a Joomla website very quickly.

So you can obtain a new website, and we can then set your website live, and host it free for one year.

Can you offer us a quote?

Whether you require a website to be built that only requires one page, or you own a large business, and you require a large e-commerce website, then why not ring us today?